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  1. Kanil

    This Person Does Not Exist

    Apparently a bunch of those Instagram models are fake people too. Some computer nerd is making a bunch of money "modeling" shoes and crap for Instagram.
  2. Yeah...if you like steep and deep, Utah is amazing.
  3. How's that keep your ankle monitor from getting wet?
  4. Come to Colorado for a long weekend. But just FYI - Skiing in jeans is looked down on here. Figured you're a Raiders fan so you must be 100% jeans on the slopes!
  5. We have evidence of the sun, planets, and stars, along with the scientific reason for why they're "all just hanging out in space". What we don't have evidence for is an omnipotent, omnipresent creator. Just because you don't understand something, or do understand it an think it's amazing, doesn't make it a creation of god. You're going to need to bring actual evidence to change my mind.
  6. Bring some actual evidence to support your claim other than "it's amazing". The science of how our solar system was formed and exists today is out there. Just because it's amazing, doesn't make it god.
  7. Kanil

    14-Day MetaMucil "cleanse"

    Cleanse is a 100% marketing word. You "cleanse" your body by having functional kidneys and a liver.
  8. We can agree to disagree on the death of those religions. It's entirely possible I end up being wrong. As for the second part, you're bias is showing. You're stating that it can't be explained until you accept the fact there was a designer but it's been explained without one. You don't have proof of a designer, just faith that one exists. Faith does not equal evidence.
  9. 39 - Hurt my knee tying my shoe. Didn't fall or twist it or anything, just bent my knee too far and now it's hurt for the past 3 days.
  10. I could be proven wrong but so far 99% of the religions throughout history have died. It will take a long time and wont be during our lifetimes but history has shown it's highly probable that Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddism, etc, will be relegated to mythical status someday. As for DNA, there are far more qualified people to teach you how we evolved from nothing to what we are today. I'm in now way an educator nor am I a biologist but I do trust science and scientists. Science is what tells me there's no proof of god, it's not just someone's personal opinion. Also - Gospel music sucks. Bad.
  11. Hitting Vail next month (16th-21st) during my kid's spring break. Anyone going to be around during that time?
  12. I don't understand how the question applies. I'm not arguing that people don't believe in the Christian god. I'm arguing that the Christian god doesn't exist and someday that god will be in the same mythical category as Zeus.
  13. Kanil

    Best/Worst Commercial Jingles

    Does THIS count? NSFW language.
  14. I forget where I heard this but I think it applies here. Zeno and I are fairly close to each other when it comes to religion. Of the ~3000 gods to have been worshipped, he believes all but one don't exist. I am only 1 god ahead of him. Some day his god will be looked at the same as Zeus is today, but for now he's in the same boat the Greek's were in 2000 years ago.