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  1. Last night I was talking to my son (8yo) about how he did a good job putting in effort in school the first quarter. Part of the conversation: Me: Your effort is what's going to make you successful. You're a very smart kid and if you keep putting in this effort, you'll be able to do whatever you want for a living... KanilJr: *happy smile* Me:'ve got a very smart mom... KanilJr: *agreeing smile* Me: …and a very smart dad... KanilJr: *skeptical/questioning look* Me: … *wtf* OMG WHATS THAT LOOK? KanilJr: *sympathetic skeptical/questioning look* Me: What's that look for? I'm very smart!!!! KanilJr: *gives the so/so hand tilting back and forth* "mehhhhhh" Me: You're grounded until you're married.
  2. HAHAHAHAHA Neighbor mowing their grass naked, and making a huge mess, the neighbor yelled, "I've got a gun!" The young boy who lives in the next house was in the next room, so he thought he better run outside. The neighbor saw the gun and immediately took it from him. He said, "What you do that for?" So, now the neighbor mowed his grass, took the gun from him and yelled at him, "Why'd you have a gun?" The boy said, "I didn't have a gun." The neighbor said, "I got a gun. And you better take it from me." Then he shot him with his own gun. The boy survived, but the neighbor died, and he died in the hospital. We have this law, that if you commit a crime, you get a bullet in the head.
  3. Neighbor cut down our tree. A few minutes after he posted his video, the owner said he had called the city, who said the man was in the wrong. "I think people have to be aware of what they're doing," said Sondra K. Wills, a member of the tree-planting committee. "They need to make sure that they're not cutting down trees illegally." Ms. Wills said she has never seen such a problem before. "This is the first time it's happened to us," she said. In the meantime, the group will work with the homeowner to find a solution. "We will look for a compromise," Ms. Wills said. "I think it would be great if we can work with the owner on this issue."
  4. If you don't have the arrow, check which side the gas handle is on in the little gas tank picture.
  5. Take some of that $4k to the local junk yard and buy some cars to put on blocks in the back yard right next to the property line. That'll show him!
  6. In the meantime, maybe you could post a picture of you and your neighbor next to a penny (for scale to determine who is larger) so we can determine whether or not you should punch him in the face in front of his wife and kids.
  7. But have you considered that we don't appreciate having to wait for updates? That won't fit into any cost/benefit model you're working with because our time is INVALUABLE.
  8. The other guy comes out the real winner here. He was the first to offer to pay the bill so he gets the "baller cred" but doesn't have to pay the bill. What a great play by this guy.
  9. Was talking to my neighbor yesterday who has a 5 year old son. His son is just starting to play video games and has started playing the latest Spiderman game. He's also apparently been watching his dad play because he's trying out trash talking the bad guys also. He relayed two experiences: The first isn't that great but it's really funny if you know the kid... Neighborkid: *as he beats up a bad guy* Take that and put it in your booty!!! The second: Neighborkid: *as he's beating up more bad guys* You're all a bunch of f u c k i n s". MrNeighbor: What did you just say? MrsNeighbor from the next room: Yeah, what did you just say? Neighborkid: uhh… f u c k i n s. MrsNeighbor: f u c k i n s? Like.... starts with fffffuh? Neighborkid: Yeah! MrNeighbor: *knowing damn well he's responsible for that one* Ooooh buddy, you cant say that. It's a bad word. Neighborkid: OK MrsNeighbor: *as she stares at MrNeighbor* Where did you hear that from? MrNeighbor: *thinking ooooh no.... I'm busted... how do I get out of this?* Neighborkid: I dunno MrNeighbor: YES!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. It's been a long time but I used skype with my little brother. I'd imagine any of those web meeting things would work (webex, GoToMeeting, etc...) as long as he has an internet connection. Also, have him ask around. I'm sure other guys in the unit are having the same problem.
  11. I was 10 living in Denver. Used to go down to Colorado springs and stalk this model and her loser BF all the time!
  12. Hill over 5.5 for sure. Even though he'll have Harris on him all night, Harris is not playing his best this year. Don't sleep on Hamilton this week though. I think he's going to have a game tonight. I'd bet the over if it was double that. Kelce over 5.5. Broncos haven't covered a tight end since before Gates was in the league. Love McCoy over 14.5 receiving.