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  1. When in Feb? I generally stay away from Breck as it's not my favorite mountain in the area but I do try to go once or twice a year. If I'm there, I'll buy the first beer.
  2. Went to Austria last month for vacation and stayed in Innsbruck. 9 ski areas supported by 1 very big ski town. Unfortunately, it was June so no snow but my wife and I have already decided a trip there is going to be my son's high school graduation present (10 years away still). That's the dream for me now.
  3. Man... I'm glad my wife can do sh!t. She's currently putting fake wood floors (vinyl plank) throughout her mom's old house so she can then act as a realtor and sell it to save them on commission.
  4. Why would the Unibomber be in the Top Gun sequel? Dude was living as a hermit for decades. He's got to have no charisma. No way they cast him. C'mon, man!
  5. I was in the shoe store the other day and realized I hadn't bought shoes in over a decade. My wife always gets tired of my shoes being old before I do and buys them for me. I had no idea how expensive shoes were and I was at the Nike outlet store. Can't imagine what it costs retail.
  6. The wheels have come off this thread.
  7. We haven't been camping in a few years and my 8YO doesn't remember ever going. I took him out with my brother, two cousins, and all their kids this last weekend and he loved it. The last day he and I were both up before everyone else and had this conversation: KanilJr: Dad, I really like camping. We should do it more often. Me: Oh really? What was your favorite part? KanilJr: It's just nice to not have any responsibilities. Me: you're right bud. You're right.
  8. Extremely proud. If you filter out the vocal minority on both sides, you get the greatest country on Earth.
  9. Killarney, Ireland Most beautiful place I've ever been. Loved it there.
  10. It's pretty normal to be losing the possession battle 40-60% and up 2-0, right?
  11. Surprising too. Lots of good chances, just couldn't finish. Closest 3-0 win you'll see.
  12. FYI - You can start your own playstation chat party (from the playstation menu, not in game) and you won't hear any of the in game chat if you don't want to.