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  1. PPR league.... S. Watkins @ Den. Watkins has been coming on lately...but there are a lot of mouths to feed. D. Thomas vs KC. Thomas has been getting the targets, but KC pass defense is bad and Den has to throw to keep up. Which one am I playing.... Thanks!
  2. PPR Scoring....need 2 of the following.... J. Howard @ Det....good matchup D. Baldwin vs issues? L. Fitz @ Was...better numbers at home J. Nelson @ Car...great matchup but will Rodgers be rusty?
  3. I'm debating Powell or farrow in ppr I don't have forte...but if I did, there is no way I'd play him.
  4. I read a stat that he was on the field for like 80% of the offensive snaps week 1. Until he banged up his ribs, he was on the field seemingly every offensive play and was getting targets. Ill pick up any 3rd WR that plays 80% of the time. I only need him a couple times as a possible bye week filler, so why not pick him up and stash him.
  5. Is there a way to sync the old version of the Draft Dominator with the new version of the draft dominator....or do I have to redo all my league settings for all my leagues?? The greatest thing about the old version is that I set my leagues years ago and only had to update the program. Now it seems as though I have to start all over again. Does this new version of the Draft Dominator need to be connected to wifi during the draft or is it like the old version where wifi was not required?? I loved not having to be on wifi in order to draft. While everyone was dealing with slow internet due to the large number of devices connected, I didn't have to worry about it at all. Thanks!
  6. Ive downloaded the new Draft Dominator and there are two error codes....what am I doing wrong? The first says invalid team name: Los Angeles Rams and the second is: Subscript out of range. It still has Calvin Johnson at #7.... Any insights into whats going on would be greatly appreciated.
  7. My thoughts exactly! At one point in the second half I thought Woodhead must have been injured. Then he comes in on the last two drives has 6+ catches and scores 2 TDs. WHY DONT THEY USE HIM ALL GAME!!!!!!
  8. I asked him and he said "shell out the $20 to find out." Im a premium member and I cant seem to find his rankings. I even search the articles. Can you help a fellow member out to find his rankings?
  9. There wasn't any additional coverage, he was spending more time blocking. He was the only skill position player not named Peyton Manning to be in on every single offensive snap. Even if the defense adjusted, it went toward him leaving the WR's to do damage. At the begining of a game if the defense plans for JT in a similar way, the WR's will benefit forcing halftime adjustments in that direction giving JT one on one in the second half.Plus, in the second half , Manning was desperately trying to get DT and Decker more involved. On DTs first TD, JT was wide open running down the seam.....easily could have been his third TD.
  10. Every year Howard tries to stick to a 4 hour show...and it never holds up. At least he is still broadcasting! I dont care if he only does 3 days a week...I dont care if he takes off one week a long as he is still on the air.
  11. Mine was in the early 90s when he came to LA. I still remember the ad they put in the Sports section of the LA Times.
  12. Seriously. Gilbert was out of control....which gave Artie the impression he could go biserk. It was a total mess. BUT...Artie and Lou going at it was hilarious!
  13. So he works more hours than her in one week than she does in a year and hes being hypocritical....I dont get it.
  14. I don't know any specifics of his deal with sirius but if it involved any stock incentives he's going to need to keep shilling. The price has dropped down to 60 cents a share.First off...I dont think hes lost interest at all. I just think hes getting older and is at a point in his career where he has the power to take time off when he wants. I dont fault him at all. Hes been getting up at 4:30 am for what 20+ years now...give the man a break.Secondly...those companies arent paying HIM...they are paying Sirius.
  15. The Hieniken Light commerical. "Its love...its love...lalalalala its love."