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  1. Howard is a genius....I still think he is hilarious...I already have my sirius...Ive bought stock in Sirius...I will be there Day 1...and can hardly wait! If you dont get it by never will...unless of course you pay for sirius and see the new Stern, just like the old Stern. There is not a better interviewer in the world. Hes not an easy interview which is what makes him great. He finds out what we all what to know and askes the questions no one else would dare to ask. I agree he has been a lot weaker lately than a few years ago, but that is not his fault. He has been restricted more than any other entertainer in the history of any medium. Once he gets to Sirius he will once again change the face of radio. If you dont have Sirius now but are at all a fan of Stern, I guarantee you will be buy Sirius within the next two years. We are willing to pay 40-60 bucks a tank for gas, but cant spare 12 bucks a month for quality radio?? This my friends will change. Satelite radio is the future and Howard will be the main reason why.Everything O&A does was once done by Howard....and a lot better I might add.The most recent theft of Howards influcence is that "Everyone Hates Chris" show. Howard has been talking about his "Howard Stern: The High School Years" for years. Chris was fortunte enough to be free to get the show going...mainly due to his lack of work.His influences are endless...