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  1. I'd sit Hyde for Lewis and definitely go Cooks and Westbrook
  2. I don't care what the weather is 100 percent Drake!
  3. Collins and Smith Keenan Allen obvious lock and Evans
  4. I realize Carlos Hyde seems like the obvious choice but Tennessee is very tough against running backs. For me juju is my choice and a game that could see close to 100 points.
  5. I have to completely agree with above and sit Diggs.
  6. I'd stick with Kirk cousins at home unless the weather gets bad then I'd go with Jimmy G.
  7. I voted Buffalo Bills as the Dolphins don't like the cold and I'm confidently using Buffalo Bills DST in one of my leagues.

    Pick 5

    For me it's easiley your first five guys!
  9. Not sure how many you need but I rank Birkhead the highest Davis if healthy Jay Lewis
  10. Very close call but I feel Collins has the slight edge over Williams. But don't think you can go wrong with either of these two guys. Can you help with mine?
  11. #1 Rivers Ryan or Goff? My opponent has Russell Wilson so Perhaps Goff will have to throw and try to keep up? Philip Rivers is hot but always worry about that rivalry tough place to play in Kansas City. Matt Ryan has great match up on Monday night but just worried they may run and somehow bucks are decent at home against the pass. I'm leaning towards Philip Rivers on @ KC on Saturday night #2 .5 PPR flex Kareem hunt or Jamall Williams? Total coin flip here but slightly leaning to Hunt. - Your assistance is greatly appreciated so leave A question and I will be happy to give my input.
  12. YES, in my .5 ppr (3RR) redraft started Bell, Gronk, Demarrias Thomas and I took Hunt at 4:01 and Hill at 5:10, Mixon at 6:01 and Diggs at 7:10 so I'm very excited!
  13. I think he is listed a DOUBTFUL for this week but would like to hear any update on him.
  14. Strange thing is someone dropped DMC in our 10 team re-draft league last Friday after ankle report on Friday.I'm trying to decide between picking up DMC or D Wilson.Currently I have DMC as my #1 priority and D Wilson as my #2.I figure the risk/reward is there with DMC and I don't see Wilson repeating anything like he did last week. Besides he doesn't play the Saints every week, right?Any input on which is best RB to own for rest of ff playoffs?