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  1. I've always wanted Footballs Guys official messages to stick to sports, so same applies to sports presenters.
  2. Ben's done much worse off the field, so an on field infraction seems perfectly plausible.
  3. An owner who lies and a franchise that moved cities. Yeah, Indy can't complain about getting some of that back.
  4. I never had much regard for Lynch but my respect for him has gone up with him trying to protect his cousin.
  5. If Mixon is allowed into the league, Gordon should be.
  6. His years in Tampa proved Gruden isn't good with QBs. Why take on a team with a bad QB?
  7. Bucs hire Mike Smith as DC. Tampa Bay Buccaneers ‏@TBBuccaneers 3m3 minutes ago BREAKING: Mike Smith will be the Bucs’ next defensive coordinator.