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  1. Thanks John and thanks for getting me to the my league's championship game in just my 2nd year in an IDP dynasty league.
  2. I think that means Norton hadn't completed them yet. It's up now (except H.Smith...see my thread)
  3. He'll be back on preinjury snap count today I would think. Start him with confidence.
  4. Yeah it's fair. I would prefer the Brees and Welker side. But only because the Colts are having issues.
  5. 2 if you can pull it off
  6. Andre Brown would start Shane Vereen.
  7. See of he'll reach. Make him overpay.
  8. Or Wilson and Jennings for Jackson.
  9. See if you can get Gordon and Trent Richardson and roll the dice that Indy really is going to run more like they said they were. Or, if you think he'll do it, go after a better WR.
  10. Andre Brown or Thomas. With it being PPR, I'd go with Thomas.
  11. Dude also is hurting at RB. Why not dump Jennings on him?
  12. If anybody is crazy enough to give up a QB in a league where you can start 2, do it.
  13. Would you give up Charles, AJ Green, and Jason Witten for Adrian Peterson and Jimmy Graham? PPR. I would be the one giving up Charles, green, and Whitten. I'd like to upgrade the TE spot, but I don't know if I want to give up Charles and green. ADP is not making it easy to decline. My other WRs are A. Brown, Steve Smith, K. Wright, Percy Harvin, Brian Hartline...not fantastic. My other RBs are Bush, Vereen, A. Brown, McFadden I just don't think upgrading from Witten to Graham is worth the loss of Green.
  14. Graham is on a level Davis can't reach. If you have 5 (FIVE???) 1st round picks think of it as drafting as sure of a sure thing as there will ever be in FF.