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  1. Hightower and Karlos. Zach Ertz or McFadden in the flex? PPR.
  2. Landry! McFadden or Ertz in flex?
  3. Which one! PPR!
  4. Brees! McFadden or Zach Ertz in the flex? PPR.
  5. Which one do I start? Anybody starting Brees?
  6. Gurley and Ivory Sanders, Hurns, Stevie. Help with mines please.
  7. Ben. Help with mines please.
  8. Ware. Help with mines please.
  9. Buck and Ivory. Help with mines please.
  10. Folks! Can i get some feedback! lol! I'll help with yours!
  11. I guess Cleveland. On the topic of defense --- Rams or Broncos this week?
  12. Hoyer...at the end of the Saints game with Washington, radio announcers were calling Kurt Cousins an "elite quarterback..." smh. QB against Saints is money. Help with mines please.
  13. I think Pitts will still move the ball against Seahawks. But Cooper probably has a better chance to score. Cooks should get is. Cooper/Cooks. Williams over Murray mos def though. Help with mines please.
  14. I would go with Gates. Gilmore not a bad choice though. Help with mines please.
  15. Thanks --- yes, my playoffs are week 15-17. Defense counts very big in our league.