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  1. Don't over think it. Micheal is gonna start and Rawls is questionable. So he is a lock for me. If Charles sits you start Ware. Then Riddick, Coleman, Sims and Langford for me. Help with mines please.
  2. ok... I agree with iamkoza. Help with mines please! https://forums.footballguys.com/forum/topic/748501-trade-for-dez/
  3. Who are your QBs and tight end? Maybe you hold on and trade to strengthen those positions. It is too early--looks like u have survived the injury bug so far, but that can change everything. That being said, its hard to ignore a first round pick....but I would wait a week or two. Robinson's value will increase.
  4. Ive been offered Dez for McCoy. My team feels shaky! Or should I just stay put and see how things pan out a bit? WHIR. QBs- Cousins, Brady RBs- McCoy, R Mathews, McKinnon, C. Micheal, Ajayi WRs - Allen Robinson, Cobb, Dorsett TEs - Julius Thomas DEF - Bengals K- Bailey Redraft, PPR, 12 teams. (1-1).
  5. Hightower and Karlos. Zach Ertz or McFadden in the flex? PPR.
  6. Landry! McFadden or Ertz in flex?
  7. Which one! PPR!
  8. Brees! McFadden or Zach Ertz in the flex? PPR.
  9. Which one do I start? Anybody starting Brees?
  10. Gurley and Ivory Sanders, Hurns, Stevie. Help with mines please.
  11. Ben. Help with mines please.
  12. Ware. Help with mines please.
  13. Buck and Ivory. Help with mines please.
  14. Folks! Can i get some feedback! lol! I'll help with yours!
  15. I guess Cleveland. On the topic of defense --- Rams or Broncos this week?