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  1. Agreed I got my 2020 free subscription last week, just takes time but they will get you sorted!
  2. Best: Just before week 3 in my 16 team Dynasty league when we really didn't know how the season would turn out: I gave Teddy Bridgewater (who I had just spent $10 of $100 in FAAB) and my 2020 1st (I speculated I would do well so be a later round pick) I got the other team's 2020 1st (His team had Brees and only Joe Flacco as a backup so he was desperate and I felt he would be a high pick) Turns out he didn't win a game all season so I got 1.01 after going undefeated myself and winning the league...... Worst(ish) Just after the AJ Green injury I bought him for Devonta Freeman and a 2020 2nd round pick. He sat on my bench sucking up space (We don't have IR Slots) and I never got to use him. Freeman turned out to be a moderate bust, but I still could have used him on occasion as a flex, and the 2020 2nd turned out to be 2.16. I still plan on using Green next year fingers crossed.
  3. I have Jones and Dhop and if I was offered that trade I would seriously consider it as McCaffrey was huge points scorer in our .5ppr for RB's league. A.Jones does concern me as much of his scoring was TD dependent, but he did get some good games yardage as well. It really comes down to will you be happy with Woods as your WR1 as I'm sure Dhop is your WR1 now. If it was me I would take the trade for the value of McCaffrey and the volume he has in that offense.
  4. Didn't advance and honestly with only max 2 per team in the SB should they get there it wouldn't matter anyway - best of luck to those still in the running!
  5. You said Krieg and I immediately had visions of a soapdish!
  6. I'm in the high Sea ownership camp and because I took NE in the AFC I have 1 or 2 players from there should I get to the dance. Sitting at 32.8 but have a chance with 6 players counting today: I have my pick 2 from 9 Sea players (Russ/Homer/Metcalf/D.Moore/J.Brown/Hollister/L.Willson/Myers/Sea D) both Pack K and Def counting and in the AFC I have both the Chiefs and Texans Def So hopefully the cutline doesn't move too much and I can catch up! Should I get to next week I will have 6 players/Def going....Gould SF, D.Lewis Tenn and G.Joseph Tenn still alive. So I really need my Hawks to continue the magical journey so I at least have a few decent dawgs in the fight... GO HAWKS!!
  7. With 11 counting this week I'm hopefully safe. But always am worried that if I don't have 7-8 in CC ship week then it's tough to get into the finals. I have 5 for sure based on matchups but if SF wins it would be 6 so I'm worried there isn't enough meat on the bone there. 2nd round always seems to have a decent cut off but often the 3rd round can seem pretty high too! Still an awesome contest to try and survive!
  8. Wilson, Homer, Metcalf, J.Brown, D.Moore, Hollister, L.Wilson, Myers and Sea D. Maybe will just have to see.
  9. Any chance we can move on from the conspiracy theories and actually talk about the contest going forward? This thread is always really pretty great to talk strategy and see how teams do after lock but it has seemed to turn rather dull. Can we make this thread great again? Unfortunately for me I had Sea/NE SB. I still have a few AFC teams with 2 players each to go along with my 9 Seahawks so even if I make it I'll Prolly finish out of the running. At the rate teams fell last weekend never know how things will shake out.
  10. Sorry to bump this, just curious if any winners had been notified yet. I want to make sure I didn't miss an E-mail Somewhere.
  11. Steeler - can you post the link again when it's up? Cheers!!
  12. Who would have thought Winston would make his own 30 for 30..... 🤣
  13. Luck.....lots of luck. First time making the top 250 and did it being injury/suspension/drama free for the most part but in the last week lost Cook, Godwin, Gordon, and Jacobs so I'm just happy to still finish top 100 or so and get a free subscription. Some years I went studs/duds and seemed to flame out like week 7. This year I was more of a Meh roster and hit on nearly all my players. So luck really seems to be a huge factor...
  14. Why is this even an issue if 3rd place is for a payout? If there was nothing to play for maybe, but they are still trying to get a competitive advantage over their opponent for a possible payout. if your toilet bowl was the loser has to get the sacko type of punishment then I would even say the same thing. #1 obviously is just sour...