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  1. Just snagged him at 1.08 in a 16 team TE PPR IDP league (not mandatory to start a TE just higher PPR). Had the choice between him and Fant and as we have 3 taxi slots for rookies that once they go on can stay there for as long as I felt he was a better long term prospect. I'm sure Fant may have better 1 year numbers, but in the long run I'm excited.
  2. Baldwin had no more guaranteed money in his contract but by being cut instead of retiring he will not have to pay back any of the $7 million in bonus money received in a four-year deal he signed in 2016. He will end up not playing the final two seasons of that contract, years in which he would have made $9.25 and $10.25 million. However, per the league’s collective bargaining agreement, he should get $1.2 million in an injury protection payout for the 2019 season.
  3. Sent Gurley & Malcom Brown Recieved James Conner and 2.14 Prolly gonna get roasted but I really think Conner can equal the workload Bell did in his good years in Pitt.
  4. Saw this on MFL: (RotoWire) Gurley (knee) is expected to be available for the start of the Rams' offseason program April 15, Gary Klein and Jeff Miller of the Los Angeles Times report. Analysis: The status of Gurley's left knee will probably be the biggest story line surrounding the Rams' offseason and that narrative appears to be starting on a positive note. Head coach Sean McVay declined to comment much on the subject at this week's NFL owner's meetings and specifically didn't touch on whether Gurley is dealing with arthritis or not, but he did mention the team has a plan in place to manage the running back's health going forward. Joining him in offseason workouts will be Malcolm Brown, who Los Angeles effectively decided to re-sign over C.J. Anderson. Would be rather nice to see him participating in some form. The signing of Brown over CJ is also interesting, although it was much cheaper than the tag they had used on him so it was rather a no-brainer. #nervousgurleydynastyowner
  5. Seahawks will most likely trade out of first with only 4 picks this year total I would expect them to trade back and get more picks. 4 of the last six years they have traded their first either on draft day or prior. The other 2 years they still trade their pick but just dropped back in the 1st round to very late picks. So it would not be surprising to see them move back or completely out.
  6. We have used it in my dynasty league for going on our 3rd year and yes there are some fees associated. As a commish I like that it's a quick payout (last 2 years was a few days after Christmas) and it all is self contained. From the site: Paying in: E-check only: All owners can make free payments via E-check (an electronic transfer from their bank account). Credit/Debit or E-check: Owners can pay via credit or debit card, or via e-check (electronic bank transfer). A 4% processing feeapplies to all payment options with this option selected. And of course if you have any funds already in your account (from winnings) you can apply free. For withdrawing funds: What are my payout options: LeagueSafe offers Members a variety of methods for the payout of funds. The costs associated with each of these options are outlined below... Virtual Visa Prepaid Card (Tango Card) Winners get a prepaid Visa card through Tango prepaid cards Claim code is delivered in an email from Tango Once you click the redeemable link it directs you to Tango's website where you can choose to receive a physical card mailed to you (at a cost of $3.00), or a virtual card to use online (that is free) Once this transaction is processed and the funds leave the Fanball Wallet system, we cannot do anything to change, alter or help with the prepaid cards You can contact the Tango prepaid card customer service by the following methods. Phone Monday — Friday 7:30am — 5:00pm PT 1 (877) 558-2646 (Messages will be answered in one business day) Email Customer Service: Gift Card Option (also administered through Tango) Much like the prepaid Visa, users get a claim code to select a gift card via an email Click the claim code and are sent to Tango’s website where they can select one of dozens of gift cards (Amazon, Best Buy, etc.) Again, we can’t help with funds once they leave the system. Tango's customer support (listed above) is your best option. Printable E-Check (Deluxe) COST $3.00 This is a paper check that a user can print from their own printer The delivery of said check comes in the form of an email from the Deluxe corporation The check is written out in US currency User receives a file and can print and cash the check at most banks Be aware that there are a handful of US banks that won’t accept these checks Paper Check (in the mail) COST $4.00 This is a paper check that is delivered via the US Postal Service Paper checks are processed on the next business day (if you make a paper check withdrawal on Friday, it will mail out on Monday). It usually takes about 7 days for a paper check to reach a member in the US It normally takes an extra week to reach Canadian members We do not have the ability to track the whereabouts of mailed paper checks Electronic Transfer (ACH) COST $5.00 This is an electronic transfer to a US bank account, these transactions cannot be performed internationally It usually takes 4-5 days for the transfer to complete This payout method is only available to members who only use LeagueSafe Hint: if you use Fanball, CDM or NFC you can receive ZERO FEE WITHDRAWALS FOR LIFE. I live in the UK so had to contact customer service and they sent me a paper check and it cost me $4. Hope this helps.
  7. I had him for parts of the season and saw him play live in London this year. He had his hot and cold periods and was very TD dependent. He was a big redzone target and one of the reasons Brandon Marshall was released. The Run first offense has pretty much narrowed to Lockett on big plays and Baldwin in more of a posession role in the passing game. Moore was that wild card but there wasn't alot of mouths to feed when you run that much. That being said I had him on my dynasty team and dropped him for other more consistent pieces. He is on the short list if we happen to increase roster size this off-season but right now he wasn't a hold for me, even though he is a rookie and has a ton of potential. IF Baldwin moves on somehow then I could see him opposite Lockett for a few years to come and Wilson showed him some love quite a bit especially when Baldwin wasn't much of a factor. It wasn't a surprise when Baldwin started getting productive the last 3rd of the season that Moore fell off a bit.
  8. Obviously homer speak, but Pete Caroll won 10 games with a NEW Off Coord, NEW Def Coord, and NEW OL coach. In all, eight assistants were fired or told to find jobs elsewhere, six new coaches were hired, two others were reassigned within the organization and three new positions were created. Thats a ton of turnover and needing new coaches to assimilate themselves to the program and schemes. They also lost a ton of players through either FA or Injury before the season started. And not just fringe players either - big pieces to their Defense. Of their 7 losses (counting W/C game) they never lost by more than 8. The teams they lost to - 5 of the 7 losses were to playoff teams. They were 4-5 after 9 games and then won 6 of last 7 to get into the playoffs. They won 10 games with a youthful roster of forgettable players who everyone counted out given the transition the team was in this year. Alot of teams came out of nowhere and others exceeded expectations so I doubt he gets much of a look here, but to do what Pete did with such a huge turnover of staff and players was simply amazing!
  9. @Steeler - I see some players next week in my Calcomatic, however missing is: Taysom Hill, QB, NO A few also missing from this weeks games: Dalton Schultz, TE, DAL J.D. McKissic, RB, Sea David Moore, WR, Sea (although didn't garner any points and doesn't matter going forward) Mike Badgley, K, LAC (already identified earlier above) And thank you again for putting forth the time to do this!
  10. Went Sea/NE Super bowl QB - Tom Brady - 24 QB - Philip Rivers - 18 QB - Russell Wilson - 14 QB - Taysom Hill - 4 RB - James White - 18 RB - Lamar Miller - 17 RB - Chris Carson - 16 RB - Jordan Howard - 14 RB - Rex Burkhead - 7 RB - J.D. McKissic - 2 WR - Julian Edelman - 19 WR - Tyler Lockett - 14 WR - Josh Reynolds - 10 WR - David Moore - 4 WR - Jaron Brown - 2 TE - Rob Gronkowski - 14 TE - Nick Vannett - 4 TE - Dalton Schultz - 2 PK - Stephen Gostkowski - 11 PK - Mike Badgley - 8 PK - Sebastian Janikowski - 5 TD - Los Angeles Rams - 9 TD - Seattle Seahawks - 8 TD - New England Patriots - 6 Total value: 250
  11. If (And my strategy is bold both on teams for SB and the outliers players to help get there) things go to plan: Round 1 - 9 players counting Round 2 - 12 players counting Round 3 - 7 players counting SB - 16 players counting 25 total players rostered ($250)
  12. Seattle has a few: 80* Steve Largent Brought out of retirement for a portion of the 2004 season for Jerry Rice. 12* Fans/The 12th Man Retired in 1984 in honor of Seattle Seahawks fans. 71 Walter Jones 96 Cortez Kennedy 45 Kenny Easley
  13. Luck McCaffrey/Cohen D.Adams/Cooper Ertz Flex - Gurley (I have Baldwin as a late game Injury fill if needed) Rams Gostkowski Facing: Mahomes Gordon/Chubb Brown/Edelman Kittle Flex - Samuels Bears Vinatieri Should be a good game,just wish there wasnt the concern with Gurley....
  14. You have to think he may get another shot with Washington next year - all their OL will be healthy, and with Guice having complications with his surgeries, they will literally be in the same boat they were beginning of the year. When the OL was healthy and they had a QB that was keeping defenses honest AP was a pretty good play. Will have to see how things shake out, but I do think he plays next year.
  15. Had the highest scoring team in a 16 team IDP/ppr (.5 RB/1 WR/1.5 TE) Dynasty league. My roster featured: Rodgers, Gurley, A.Jones, M.Thomas,Hopkins, Diggs in my line-up and IDP players all top 5 In their respective positions. Lost in Semi-final this week as nearly all my studs had meh games.....sometimes I hate this game..