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  1. Yeesh.... http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/24773922/49ers-fear-jimmy-garoppolo-tore-acl-loss-chiefs
  2. Ok thanks, wonder if uts just how the game is going and Gurley is just gassed
  3. Todd Gurley jogged to locker room on Redzone. Anyone watching the game have any cause for concern?
  4. I have Stafford as backup but still rolling with Rodgers.
  5. I'm one of the 12 that had both.....I did make it through this week but only a matter of time.....
  6. Seahawks' Doug Baldwin (knee) practicing in full for Week 1 Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Doug Baldwin (knee) is practicing in full in preparation for Week 1 against the Denver Broncos. WHAT IT MEANS: Baldwin sat out all of the preseason with knee soreness, which he expects to stick with him all season long. There wasn't a doubt he would play in Week 1 and his practicing in full on Wednesday cements that. Baldwin will have a tough matchup against a stingy Broncos defense in Week 1 though. numberFire's models project Baldwin for 4.9 catches, 71.4 yards, and 0.4 touchdowns for 11.7 FanDuel points in Week 1 against Denver. Source: John Boyle, Seattle Seahawks http://www.numberfire.com/nfl/player-news/96935/seahawks-doug-baldwin-knee-practicing-in-full-for-week-1 https://www.cbssports.com/fantasy/football/news/seahawks-doug-baldwin-full-practice-wednesday/
  7. So look many versions this year, not sure I'm very happy in the end as I feel every year RB kills me but it's an all or nothing strategy. Good luck to everyone! QB - Matt Ryan - ATL/8 - $13 QB - Derek Carr - OAK/7 - $9 QB - Joe Flacco - BAL/10 - $5 RB - Todd Gurley - LAR/12 - $37 RB - Saquon Barkley - NYG/9 - $28 RB - Alex Collins - BAL/10 - $21 RB - Peyton Barber - TB/5 - $8 RB - Jeremy Hill - NE/11 - $3 WR - Amari Cooper - OAK/7 - $23 WR - Jarvis Landry - CLE/11 - $19 WR - Keelan Cole - JAX/9 - $7 WR - John Brown - BAL/10 - $6 WR - John Ross - CIN/9 - $5 WR - Courtland Sutton - DEN/10 - $5 WR - Taywan Taylor - TEN/8 - $4 TE - Greg Olsen - CAR/4 - $20 TE - Delanie Walker - TEN/8 - $17 TE - Nick Vannett - SEA/7 - $3 PK - Dustin Hopkins - WAS/4 - $3 PK - Adam Vinatieri - IND/9 - $3 PK - Cody Parkey - CHI/5 - $2 TD - Green Bay Packers - GB/7 - $4 TD - Tampa Bay Buccaneers - TB/5 - $3 TD - Indianapolis Colts - IND/9 - $2 Total value: 250
  8. I have Gurley, Malcolm Brown and Kelly and have been closely watching this and all signs lead to Brown being 1st up if Gurley goes down. Brown has gotten the first team reps when it mattered but kelly has has a good camp. From what I have read it may come down to pass pro where Brown has a clear step up on the rookie. Brown is only on a 1 year deal so it would seem likely they use brown for that year and after a year of seasoning then Kelly will get that chance to take the #2. For what its worth Brown ran very well last year when he was healthy with 4 games of 10+ touches and 45+ yards down the stretch keeping Gurley fresh for the playoffs.
  9. Or Christine Michael......
  10. Generally we don't see the roster submissions this early by hey it's a thread about the contest strategy and even if just posting a roster without any notes you can still look at roster makeup. Personally I try to see as many other rosters as possible before final submission. Call it kind of a mock draft if you will. I doubt anyone posting a roster in here this early is done, so it's kind of a growing living type of thread.
  11. Yup I have refrained from checking at work as much as possible so I don't get in the "Zone"...lol!
  12. A day in the life of a Subscribers contest addict: 8pm.....look at roster, change 1 player. Have $$ left, ok change another player. But if I drop this defense or this kicker then I can upgrade to this player..... 8:45pm......for the love of Fantasy football can't I just go back to the 7th version I had yesterday..... 9:33pm.....room is spinning....pretty sure I just took Tyrod Taylor as my QB1.....wait I have $1 left.... 10:01pm.....ok blew up entire roster - started again.....I like this one.....but I have $2 left over....hmmm 10:22pm.....all hope is lost - just have a team (that I think will get bounced week 6 like usual).....I give up....until tomorrow and the vicious circle starts again..... The time of our lives.....where is the Whiskey....
  13. On about version #12 now....of course it will change daily if not hourly, but so far: 24 total QB - $25 RB - $79 WR - $76 TE - $51 K - $11 DEF - $6
  14. Been an off and on subscriber over the years (up until the last 5 or so years and now renew every year) and found pretty consistently when I subscribed I generally finished top of my league or very close. The 10 second feature often helps in a situation where I may be on the fence especially in IDP leagues where often I find the difference makers to win a matchup when off players are closely rated. I read the IDP articles/features religiously during the season always trying to find that next player that time forgot or future gem often scooping them a week before they blow up. As others have said I find the price of the subscription is worth the subscriber contest alone. Not to mention it's not one but 2 contests when you add in the playoff challenge. I generally look at a handful of sites during the season for variying opinions/rankings but most times FBGs is my first stop and IMO the content here is always better that what I can find elsewhere. I can't imagine NOT being a subscriber now so please keep up the good work Joe and co!! Edit: forgot to add about the shark pool - I like to combine what I read in the subscriber content with what fellow SP contributers talk about on players. It gives some context to the stats, and data presented in the content. Kind of a boost to what is written in the content and sometimes the context is close to my league set up or a way I'm thinking on something particular.
  15. Great update so far. Imported earlier today and there were lots of IDP players that needed attention, but just deleted and re-imported after I saw some additional updates and everything looks good. Just a few things I have noticed: Tackles for losses isn't supported as of yet but I do understand the 5% rule and it's not a huge issue. The my fbg link doesn't work off the homepage once clicked then try to edit/link/modify leagues. Can someone place the link listed in this thread There - then we don't have to come back to the thread to then sync rosters and such? Both minor issues overall incredibly happy with the new roll out!