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  1. Tough call, but the weather will be a factor in KC.
  2. The broken thumb scares me and JimmyG has the Falcons...
  3. Looking forward to the update. 55 and may be needing this sooner rather than later, unfortunately.
  4. Any recommendations on a good drone in the $300 range? Not for professional use, just fun.
  5. It worked for me about 2 hours ago on tablet and phone.
  6. 5 years seems about right for that. He wouldn't serve it all behind bars anyway, though he should.
  7. I'm going to try to make my first batch this weekend. I've never had them, but I see them all over social media BBQ sites these days. They look pretty f'n good...
  8. Watching Paul manipulate everyone is how I imagine a cult leader with his sheep. He said to do something they jumped. I can't blame him, at least for that. Those sheep gave him the power he has and he's using it to his advantage. But I swear that as I was watching that last night I envisioned Manson as he was instructing his followers to go kill the people in Hollywood.
  9. Exactly. It wasn't even a baseball stadium. It was an Olympic Stadium retrofitted to some semblance of a baseball stadium. While it wasn't horrible, the new stadium and surroundings are light years beyond what Turner Field ever was or would be.
  10. Went with golf. I was never good, but I didn't completely embarrass myself, for a while, shooting in the mid-90s. Again, not good, but I usually wasn't the worst on the course. Then one day I was. I shot 140 something. An aberration, I thought. Next time out - high 130. I gave it one last shot and was in the 140s again. I totally lost it. Not that I ever really had it, but it went real bad real quick.