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  1. I agree with the majority here so far on this deal but my guess is he is banking on new coaches to give Njoku the chance he didn’t get with Kitchens, at least this past season. I've been trying to buy Njoku cheap myself as I think he go doghoused and am hopeful his talent didn’t just up and leave. This was not a buy low however.
  2. I've got Fitzmagic in over Brees right now. Just never been a fan of the Saints offense on the road. Plus the Cinci run D is terrible and Fitz is the leading rusher for the fins.
  3. 12 team TE Premium Superflex Team A got four 2020 1sts (ranging from picks 8-12 most likely) Team B got Christian McCaffrey and a very early 2020 2nd
  4. Great timing on this thread and cool idea. Just today, I dealt 4 2020 1sts (likely all between 8-12) for CMC and a very early 2020 2nd in a 12 team Superflex. I’m now rolling out CMC and Cook at RB. I like acquiring studs as they can be such weekly difference makers and this is a weekly game after all. i know it is a lot but with them all being likely late and a chance to get another true stud at RB I wanted to roll the dice and see if I can make a run in the first year of a startup. Plus my team is young and i will have an even stronger team next year just from likely progression.
  5. Back in those days????? What about red heads????
  6. Agree. And just dropped him in redraft yesterday but still value him quite highly for his potential ceiling in dynasty and am willing to wait for consistency and availability because I think it’s clear he has the talent and instincts to succeed, he just needs to do it, a lot hopefully.
  7. Agree with ConnSKINS here. I'm in 4 dynasty leagues and only 1 of them has salary and contracts. Both are fun, but the salary contract league adds more complexity as we also have free agency once each players 3 year contract runs out. Again, in my experience it simply depends on how engaged you want to be in your dynasty league experience. I like the 3-1 ratio for my style and i really think 4 of 4 salary/cap dynasty leagues would be too much.
  8. Also thought I read somewhere that both players were cut candidates so this simply helped each team avoid hoping for a waiver claim.
  9. 14 team PPR IDP Superflex, start 2WR. Reigning champ looking to repeat. Sent DJ Moore and a 2020 1st (likely mid to late) for Julio Jones and a 2020 3rd. Was going to be starting Nuk and TY Hilton, which I was fine with before Luck retired so am glad for the upgrade.
  10. I feel the same way but for some reason, i keep coming back. It's like this is somehow the only team in the universe that goes against the truism that "nobody cares about your FF team"!
  11. That would be gross and a severe over reaction. It’s way too early for that kind of panic move. (Not that a panic move is very often the right move...)
  12. Not getting his Raider career off on the right foot...
  13. Wow. How on earth can a dude who makes money off his body let his feet get that bad?
  14. These two points were precisely why I pulled the trigger. Appreciate the validation.