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  1. Wow. How on earth can a dude who makes money off his body let his feet get that bad?
  2. These two points were precisely why I pulled the trigger. Appreciate the validation.
  3. I'm with ConnSkins up-thread - on most points. Just dealt Jameis Winston and a 2020 2nd for Cam Newton in a 12 team Superflex. Think Cam is still a better bet and more trade-able asset over the medium term, even though Winston may be lights out this year. Not really worried about Cam's shoulder and still think he can get better in that offense.
  4. At first I didn't like it but in the short term, White's role is reliable and I think the fact it's superflex makes that 2nd a bit more valuable as some talented players can fall if the QB's (great or not) go a bit earlier than expected. Good move if you needed another RB - i've been trying to deal for one in a new startup as I punted in the draft and so far the prices are too high...(or i'm too cheap!)
  5. @Andy DufresneI have four buddies who I've never met face to face but with whom I've played dynasty for almost ten years now and we email each other with trade situations to get a read from other owners we respect. We call it the tribal council and I swear it has saved me from a few rough trades, or short-sighted one's because i was bored. I hear ya brother...this is a dangerous time of year for NFL'ers with off-field challenges and equally so for dynasty die-hards who are in overdrive between the draft and training camps. And I can't even make you feel better because i still find myself shaking my head on the Joseph Addai for Cam Newton AND a 2nd gem i offered and made in Cam's rookie season...time doesn't heal all wounds i guess... For now, go get some ice cream or a handjob or something.
  6. Appreciate the feedback. And I like that deal for you. Cheap for Gurley
  7. 12 Team Superflex TE Premium start 1Qb -2 RB - 3WR - 1TE - 1SFlex - 1Flex Gave: Matt Ryan, James White and a 2020 1st (mine which i hope is mid to late - think i have a playoff team) Got: Dalvin Cook, Jameis Winston My starting backs before this deal were Kenyan Drake and James White with Lamar Miller on the bench so was really needing a top RB and I hope Cook is it. My QB's are now Winston, Rivers, Darnold and Lock. I also still have 2 other 2020 first which i hope are early to mid so felt like i could trade that first for the RB upgrade and to get a bit younger.
  8. Picked him up in the 10th round of a recent 12 team startup as my RB3. Very happy to have grabbed him there and agree that he is perpetually undervalued. Couldn't wait any longer as I punted hard on RB early and needed another starter and a later RB run had started.
  9. Same league - just dealt Courtland Sutton for a 2020 1st. Leaves me with 3 2020 1sts and no starting players moved. Now i just have to try and hold on and not deal these picks away too soon...but
  10. Early to mid but that’s at best a guess. You could be right and that was my main worry. Although I am trying to acquire ammo to get another star table RB 2-3 type or consolidate to an RB1 and Haskins is my best chip to fill a position of need. This may not be the end of the line but the first step toward that. I’m not sure if the value you describe would have played out in this league. First year startup and first year dynasty for some guys and they undervalue QB’s so far so don’t think his value would climb as high as two firsts. Appreciate the response.
  11. Just dealt: Dwayne Haskins for 2020 1st. 12 team Superflex PPR , took him at 1.6 in our rookie draft and I considered him a luxury as I still have Ryan, Rivers, Darnold and Lock. Pick could be anywhere but I’m happy either way as I made the pick on value not because I love Haskins. First year of this league fwiw.