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  1. Cory Lidle bone crib?

  2. I felt bad for Sal. Poor guy. I wonder how they're going to work in him and Joan now that they're gone or if they'll just be passive characters going forward. I think both characters add a lot to the show so I hope they keep them around.They may just fade them out. People come and go.
  3. He was but then said "you people" as in "If I was you and a chick (client) hit on me and what it took to make her happy and keep account was to bang her I would" yet Sal said his client was a bully.Yes, Walton. That's why I said "guess not."
  4. After the first episode of this season, I'd figured that Don's feelings towards Sal (and homosexuals in general) would be laissez faire. Guess not.
  5. It's evidence in support of global warming. Among the effects humans have had on climate change are an increase in extreme temperatures in both directions, as well as increased severity of storms. In the long run, temperatures are rising, and the time between winter/summer and summer/winter is shrinking. Record lows this time of year and early snowfalls indicate a shorter timespan between wummer/winter.I'd like to thank shining path for teaching me this. Seeing your ignorance on this board makes me miss shiney even more.
  6. Went to the Pres. Cup yesterday. It was a blast. Saw Tiger's wife IRL as well. On a scale of 0-10, she's like a 14.
  7. Hamm is great at that. In the last EP Francine the neighbor says something to Don in the kitchen about being tired from their trip to Rome (alluding to them having lots of sex). Don gives her this great look like 'really?'Exactly. And the more Hamm interviews I see, the more I appreciate his acting. He doesn't come across as charismatic at all in his interviews. I don't mean he's a schlub, but his actual personality seems a lot different than Draper's.That's called "acting".My mind is blown.