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  1. I also should make sure to mention that we have a Footballguys Players Championship early bird promotion. Anyone that registers for a team by June 30th gets a free 1 year Footballguys.com subscription. Anyone that registers for a three pack by June 30th gets a free three-year Footballguys.com subscription.
  2. The 2013 Footballguys Players Championship prize structure has been officially announced. The Grand Prize will match the FFPC Main Event and clock in at an industry-record $250,000. It doesn't stop there. Cash prizes go down to 100th place, free $350 teams go down all the way to 200th place, and Footballguys lifetime and three year subscriptions take us all the way down to 400th place. We have also juiced up prizes from 2nd to 20th place. That's a lot of jack to take down on just a $350 investment. Here is the 2013 Footballguys Players Championship Official Prize Structure 2013 Footballguys Players ChampionshipOver $1.2 million in guaranteed prizes!Grand prize of $250,000!League prizes are $2,000. $1500 cash or 2014 Entry into FFPC Main Event valued at $1650 | 2nd - $500 cashThe Championship round pays cash down to 100th place.2nd place is $35,000, a 100 times return on a $350 entry fee.2014 Footballguys Championship teams are awarded from 101st to 200th place, a $350 value each.Lifetime Footballguys.com subscriptions from 201st to 280th place.Three year Footballguys.com subscriptions from 281st place to 400th place.Daily drafts from July 27th through September 5thAll prizes held in our industry-exclusive attorney escrow account.This contest is powered by our friends at Real Time Fantasy SportsThe entry fee is $350 per team and three teams for $1000 2013 Footballguys Players Championship Registration is now officially open. We do suggest that players again enter early and often for their preferred draft times and dates. As draft times fill up, we add new drafts, but there is a limit to how many drafts can go off on certain times and dates. On behalf of David Dodds and Joe Bryant at Footballguys.com and the FFPC, we want to thank everyone for their participation in making this the largest, most exciting online fantasy contest on the planet. And let me extend congrats again to reigning champion Joseph Paigo in winning $150,000 in last year's contest. Check out the new prize structure for the 2013 FPC Championship Round (Weeks 14-16):1st - Overall Champion $250,000 + custom Titlecraft trophy2nd $35,0003rd $15,0004th $12,0005th $10,0006th $9,0007th $8,0008th $7,0009th $6,00010th $5,00011th $4,00012th $4,00013th $4,00014th $3,50015th $3,50016th $3,50017th $3,50018th $3,50019th $3,00020th $3,00021st $3,00022nd $3,00023rd $3,00024th $3,00025th $3,00026th $2,50027th $2,50028th $2,50029th $2,50030th $2,50031st $2,00032nd $2,00033rd $2,00034th $2,00035th $2,00036th $2,00037th $2,00038th $2,00039th $2,00040th $2,00041st $1,50042nd $1,50043rd $1,50044th $1,50045th $1,50046th $1,50047th $1,50048th $1,50049th $1,50050th $1,50051st $1,50052nd $1,50053rd $1,50054th $1,50055th $1,50056th $1,00057th $1,00058th $1,00059th $1,00060th $1,00061st $1,00062nd $1,00063rd $1,00064th $1,00065th $1,00066th $1,00067th $1,00068th $1,00069th $1,00070th $1,00071st $1,00072nd $1,00073rd $1,00074th $1,00075th $1,00076th $1,00077th $1,00078th $1,00079th $1,00080th $1,00081st $50082nd $50083rd $50084th $50085th $50086th $50087th $50088th $50089th $50090th $50091st $50092nd $50093rd $50094th $50095th $50096th $50097th $50098th $50099th $500100th $500101st to 200th 2014 Footballguys Players Championship Entry ($350 Value)201st to 280th Footballguys.com LIFETIME Subscription281st to 400th Footballguys.com 3-Year Subscription