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  1. not the time to challenge over 10 yards, but tomlin is dumb
  2. sanders running out of bounds was jax time for a fg
  3. bills spiking the ball with 36 seconds and a time out left before the half
  4. yup...The Patriots are so good running in that situation. Spread them out and run it
  5. that's what you get when you don't run the ball...dumb
  6. stupid if they don't run once to kill most of clock
  7. nothing to do with it..this story just stinks of a money grab
  8. and the one with AB in his underwear and Taylor in the same bed?..Not sure what she is wearing..could be a towel.
  9. she stated their relationship was that of a "brother-sister" type. Did you get that impression after watching those videos?