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  1. Bump for any new info. Going in a couple weeks with the GF. 4 Nights Tokyo 1 Night Otsu for Ryokan/Onsen 3 Nights Kyoto 2 nights Osaka 3 nights in Tokyo before we leave. We got reservations at Jiro's son's Roppongi restaurant and a kaiseki meal at Nakamura in Kyoto. Also booked at a kobe beef steakhouse. Definitely hitting up the markets and any street food. I want to do the samurai museum in Kyoto and my GF is making us do DisneySea. Unsure if I want to Robot Restaurant. We're foodies and don't want to plan too much of our vacation, but would love to hear your recommendations. Travel tip wise....we got JR pass, set up a pocket Wi-Fi, plan to get a Pasamo? card, know to bring trash bags, hand towels, and coin purse. Anything else?
  2. Good. Didn't like Championship Woodley...he became too safe and boring. Usman just destroyed him.
  3. Yah sucked. Was shaping up to be a good fight. Completely understandable from Herb. I thought Lawler was out.
  4. Owed 1k less in taxes this year AND refund was only $300 less. Had to take the standard deduction this year. So guess I didn't have to be worried too much.
  5. You'll pay for the Costco membership with gas savings alone. Everything else is gravy.
  6. Any gas station EXCEPT for those attached to other supermarkets or club stores. Also generally pay for it at the pump or they might classify as a convenience store purchase.
  7. Air fryer is pretty much just an oven. Waste of space.
  8. Securetabs worked, but use a credit card you don't mind closing/switching numbers. Had an authorized small charge pop up after I placed an order. The V tabs themselves work well....I always get the 100mg tabs and take a quarter to a half depending how drunk I am.
  9. I think she's the worst of all his GFs honestly.
  10. Seems like it'll be more ensemble then anything. Lip and Deb are definitely gonna take bigger roles, but they just have to raise Liam, Frannie, and Xan? The series maybe has 1-2 more season post-Fiona I'm guessing. Just wondering if the show will give them all happy endings. I kinda want to see the Gahllegers get a break.
  11. Mirotic was a great move. Gasol was as well, bc the Raptors needed someone to bang with Embiid that won't clog the paint on offense which Marc can do with his jumper and passing. Hayward will make no difference this playoffs. He's still rehabbing pretty much.
  12. The amount of calories to maintain =/= same to lose. Once you reach your goal weight, slowly add 100 calories per week. Also don't worry about first couple of pounds added after you slowly add calories back, that's just your glycogen stores refilling after being depleted. Then if you're just as disciplined adding calories back, you'll notice your weight will plateau where you are adding calories, but not weight. That's point will be your "new" normal. If you're not happy with the amount of calories then you just need to increase your activity level/muscle mass in order consume more food. You've done the hardest part in creating a new habit (tracking food and budgeting calories), now just need to apply it in reverse and with a little more leeway (maintenance is a lot easier and more fun than cutting). Congrats and good luck.