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  1. Any recommendations for storage? Just moved into a home in Commiefornia. 1 AR 1 AK 1911 CZ PCR. I'm thinking the CZ PCR will be my home defense so I'll be keeping that in the night stand and the rest can be stored in a bedroom closet, maybe the garage (weary bc there's a window). Not looking to add anymore at the moment....maybe a shotgun and/or a non-glock striker fire. I've researched online, but I value the opinions here.
  2. LG CX vs Samsung Q90T This is probably the best comparison video I've seen of the best OLED vs best QLED.
  3. I doubt it. If it was good news, he'd tell us today because for once he'd fulfill a promise. Tuesday is another puff call to keep investors hooked. He's a master at dangling the carrot. How he handled the m/m... building it up, trickle truths with the results, saying they applied for EUA and then saying they never did. I used to believe him. He had reasonable doubt with me for awhile, but that's long gone now. I lost money selling today, but I hate being invested in a CEO I don't trust. I believe CYDY has potential so I'll be looking to jump in before the S/C is finished.
  4. Another country could grant EUA, but we've been to Mexico and England so far. Philippines is next tour spot.
  5. I sold. Figured it'll go down and I can buy back in the next few months.
  6. Damn. This thing going to tank. Classic NP carrot dangle. How low are you guys expecting? I said I was holding until interim analysis. I'm still down so I guess I'll need to hold until trial completion. The science is still there.
  7. It's crazy all these pauses lately. Really speaks about the safety of LL.
  8. Yah another "application" for approval. Hoping the rest of the week is better.
  9. Sorry I suck at explaining. The "TV area" will be the left side of the room (the right dining area). LEFT wall will be about 7' from TV center. RIGHT wall will be about 19' from TV center. Sofa positioned 13' in front with 4' behind. From your explanation it seems like the asymmetry between the left and right walls will be an issue.
  10. We are actually facing the short wall, but what I mean using 1/2 the room is the TV/couch will be "centered" to a 17'x13' area to the left. So the right side would be 26' feet away. Would the sound bar still provide symmetrical sound in this case?
  11. I definitely agree with direct speakers being best, but I definitely enjoy the simplicity of a sound bar. Hell I'll be happy with just a 5.1 setup as long as it was wireless. I was just wondering if the Sonos Arc would be worthwhile with the room dimensions/TV setup.
  12. I wondered why people were down on Ruggs when we drafted him after reading and watching tape. Elite speed. Insane hops. Huge hands. Ok. I get it....physical traits aren't enough. It has to show up on the field. 3 drops in college. It was common to see Cooper drop 3 in 1 drive (ok maybe a game). 24 TDs in 98 receptions. Big Plays. All done playing in a big time college conference. I get the allure of a route god, but watching Tyreek destroy our defense I realized the gravity of speed. Last year we couldn't score TDs, because we couldn't get chunk plays. Now we can and it makes everything easier. He's a stud and the true key to our offense. I know Carr supporters like to point to this game that Carr is a franchise QB, but to me this proves my point that he NEEDS everything thing to be PERFECT to perform. He needed his stud WR and he needs a killer Oline to make plays. Sure every QB would be better with those things, but Carr needs everything fined tuned in order to have a chance to win. He's good for now, but I'd be open to upgrade. Great win. Gave the Raiders no chance because of how terrible our defense has been. Pleasant surprise. However, it's easy to play up to face the defending champs....a lot harder to do that week to week. However as long as Ruggs is on the field our offense can compete with anyone.
  13. Question about buying a soundbar and bouncing off walls etc. The main living area is basically one giant rectangle (17'x26'). So the TV and couch will be in 1/2 the room. The ceiling is low throughout. Will a soundbar for something like dolby atmos be wasted in this space since one of the walls is so far away? Do I need something with dedicated rear speakers in order to create the best listening environment?