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  1. Let me know when he plays D and distributes the ball like Draymond.
  2. I'm starting to get a Stephen Marbury vibe from Kyrie. Hopefully he matures into a leader. After what's going on in PHI any smart GM will stay far away from Butler. He wants to be a #1, but you're team ain't gonna be a contender if he's your #1 option.
  3. Charlie Harper

    QB Kyler Murray Oklahoma

    Plenty of NFL running backs are in that range or shorter and take more hits than QBs.
  4. I haven't read the comic books, but it seems like we might be nearing the end. Maybe 1 or 2 more seasons? Google search "cinema apk".
  5. Anyone still in? I just finished Season 3 and I enjoyed it. It's out there and it's nice to watch a show that doesn't take itself so seriously. I never feel the need to watch it weekly or as soon as it's available, but whenever I remember a new season's out I plow through the episodes.
  6. Dry fire the #### out of your gun. Really helps improve.
  7. You have failed as a father.
  8. Charlie Harper

    Terrarium TV

    Just finished up Season 3 of Preacher on Cinema.
  9. I hate the feel of a Glock, the square grip is just way too uncomfortable for me. I hate the triggers on the M&P, way too mushy. The XD is my pick of the 3. I'm a CZ guy myself (I have a PCR, can't own a P10C in CA) because it fits like a glove. I'd also recommend testing out a HK VP9. The modular grips will ensure it feels good in your hand and also John Wick!!
  10. Charlie Harper

    Terrarium TV

    Works for mma, nba, boxing, mlb, etc....
  11. So you're saying they'll be ok then?
  12. It's only January but I am a little worried that the Dubs are losing these nationally televised/big games. We all know they coast during the regular season, but losing on Xmas Day and tonight at home are typically games they would get excited for in the past. Again, maybe any regular season game doesn't come close to playoffs so we'll see. The ball movement, TOs, and perimeter D will tighten up come playoff time...but rebounding and interior D will be a problem if Boogie can't fill those in.
  13. I was just about to say that an Embiid and AD fit isn't any better due to what we saw with Cousin and AD. The Countdown crew had great insight last night and frankly one that's super obvious. The difference between Harden and AD is that Harden has the ball in his hands the entire time, so that's why he impacts the game more. The key to unlocking the Pelicans is not whether AD plays center or not, but he needs to become the primary ball handler. Harden's USG% in HOU has only been below 30% during his first two years. The Brow has been above 30% USG just once in his career and this season AD is at 28.5% USG compared to Harden's 37.4% USG. Granted Harden and AD play completely different styles, but AD probably needs to rock more in NO. To be fair Greek and Durant have similar USG to I guess his USG% is not out of line with other studs bigs. However, looking through stats I did notice something crazy..... only 34.8% of AD's FGM this year (career high) were unassisted. Compared to the other top scorers in ppg : 85% of Harden's FGM are unassisted. 43% of Curry, 57% of Durant's , Kawhi 67.8%, LBJ 69%, Embiid 48.8%, Giiannis 53.7%, Dame 67.2%, and PG 55.4%. So either AD is incapable of creating his own shot or Alvin Gentry just needs to give AD the damn ball. You decide.
  14. Charlie Harper

    Transgender People - The Basics

    Just had a class at work on this after a coworker became transgender. There's 4 components... 1) Sex assigned at birth: based on genitals at birth 2) Gender Identity: what the person feels, try are. Whatever a person tells you is their identity, is what they are. If your sex assigned at birth and gender identity match you are Cisgender, if they are opposite you are transgender. 3) Gender expression: what they choose to LOOK like. A Trans person can choose to keep their sex assigned at birth. 4) Sexual orientation: who they want to sleep with in relation to your gender identity. So a person who is male at birth, who gender identifies as a man, and expresses his gender as a man, and is sexually attracted to females is a cis hetro-sexual. If that same person is sexual attracted to other men, he is a cis homo-sexual. Now if that same person is a male at birth, presents as a male, and is sexually attracted to females BUT gender identifies as a female...she is trans homosexual or trans lesbian. If that same trans person is sexual attracted to males she would be a trans heterosexual. So really it's just a more detailed way to describe a person. Outside of athletic competitions I don't see the issue.