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  1. After years of watching DMC and Latavius crumble after arm tackles, it's refreshing to watch Jacobs run through anything.
  2. Next sign of growth. Destroy a team we're supposed to.
  3. How did he look today? And how many targets after Brissett went down?
  4. Clippers are my pick to win it all (hot take I know). They got 3 point shooting and toughness over the Lakers. They have a PG3 player that Milwaukee can't match. The 76ers are interesting, but barring Shaq like dominance from Embiid I'll take the 3 point shooting of the Clippers.
  5. Exactly. Rarely do players finish contracts at the exact terms when they signed.
  6. He's an addict. I'm pulling for the guy, but that's a life long battle. It's smart of the Raiders to protect themselves. Even if Waller does relapse and #### up, I'm damn sure Mark Davis will try get him the help Waller needs. They won't leave him out to dry completely.
  7. Dubs missed a lot of open 3s. They won't be this bad every night. However, if their jumpers aren't falling they have no defense at all to make it a game. Good news is that Looney hit a 3 pointer. Hopefully he can get healthy and become a 3 point threat because having Draymond and Looney play big minutes together is the only way to give the Dubs a chance a stringing a few stops together.
  8. Wow! Crazy how good the run game can be. The O-Line is straight mauling!
  9. Steelers or Denver? The Den/Jax has a O/U of 38 and PIT/CIN is O/U 45. I think Minshew is legit, but is this the week DEN finally gets some sacks? PIT doesn't look like a very good defense...but seems like Dalton is a good source of potential INTs.
  10. That KO broke the tie. Manny stands no chance against either of these guys.
  11. Ubud is cool. Seminyak is the more upscale beach city with big beach clubs and major hotels (Honolulu if you've been to Hawaii). Canggu is smaller, more laid back, surfer town (North Shore vibes). I didn't go to Uluwatu or Sanur so couldn't tell you. Though I know Sanur is probably the least touristy of the cities you mentioned.
  12. KC made Jax look like swiss cheese. HOU then got shutdown by JAX D. So while Raiders played was against a historically great offense. The not good takeaways is that Carr doesn't take shots down the field. Consider the game out of reach if we get down 2 TDs.