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  1. Would you feel these groups are too thin? TEAM A RB Jones/Mack/Coleman/Hunt/Breida WR Moore/Westbrook/Davis/MVS/Brown TEAM B RB Jones/Coleman/Barber/Breida/Duke WR Edelman/Davis/Robinson/MVS/Z.Jones
  2. I have been mock drafting selecting Kelce in the late 1st and Mahomes early 2nd and I actually really like the team I've been getting. QB Mahomes and TE Kelce RB1 Freeman or Jones WR1 Edelmen You can skip Edeleman and pick 2 RBs in 3 and 4 and still end up with a decent WR group. With the #1 QB and #1TE all your waiver moves can be spent on fishing for RBs and WRs. Someone talk me out of this...especially in short bench leagues.
  3. I don't see this as a clearly as the announcers are talking about it. Maybe I'll just a nervous Pac fan who's seen him get screwed in the cards. Thurman but enough clean power punches to make me.nervous.
  4. You can tell Zach Lowe is just as fed up with Simmons as we are. Again, I don't listen to any Simmons podcast unless it's with Lowe or an athlete. Sadly no more Haralbob.
  5. Enjoyed this season much more than GoT.
  6. I think Cousins can still be effective in the league. Last year he was working his way back into game shape and what we saw in the playoffs was sad, but it was due to injury. He may not be a franchise cornerstone, but he's still a starter.
  7. They were #3 last year, but both LAL teams got waaaaay better and Utah as well. I love Dame, but it's more to do with the rest of the conference.
  8. Definitely below Jazz and Denver. 1. LAC 2. LAL 3. DEN 4. UTAH 5. HOU 6. GSW 7. POR 8. SAS I'm comfortable saying the Top 6 will make it. Spurs missing a MVP caliber player and Portland defense holds them back from serious contention. SAC and DAL have a chance, but that's thinking the young players will improve which isn't guaranteed. The West is crazy deep....really injuries is what will determine who makes it the 2nd season.
  9. Boogie ain't gonna play much. They'll have plenty of minutes for someone to chase PGs around.
  10. Curry/DLO/McKinnie/Draymond/Looney Dame/CJ/Bazemore/Collins/Whiteside Looking at the starting 5 (Jacob Evans, GR3, Burks, and McKinne will be battling it out for starting SF), I'd still take the Warriors over the Trailblazers. Offensively there's not much separation. Defense is where the Warriors are better. Draymond is a DPOY and Looney is a plus defender. Whiteside is block chasing big and makes bonehead plays. Bazemore is a solid defender, but that's pretty much it. Hood/Hezonja/Skal Vs Glenn Robinson 3/Alec Burks/WCS I mean the bench is what it is. Both have inconsistent wings and a big. Hood is the best of the bunch, but I think GR3 or Burks can provide 80% of what Hood does. Myers has done a great job filling the rest of the roster.
  11. Blazers are not better than the Dubs. Curry > Dame CJ > Dlo Green >>>> whoever. The rest of your list I agree with.
  12. Lacob ####ed up. Even though they didn't need him, they should have kept him around so be couldn't help another franchise.