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  1. Because network TV is free and there's a larger number of networks. I can't imagine HBO cutting something like Mindhunter after 2 seasons. It just seems to cheapen the brand if Netflix is constantly cutting their headline shows early.
  2. Then tell showrunners they have 2 seasons to tell a story. I'm fine with that.
  3. This is what's gonna kill Netflix. They keep shutting down series before giving them a final wrap up. Eventually people will stop watching shows if they never finish. Netflix has burned me on Marco and Mindhunter.
  4. I still watch the Warriors and now that football season is over I still listen to NBA podcasts, but for the life of me I can't want any other regular season games. I worked Christmas Day so I couldn't watch any of those games and now that I think about it last non-Warrior game I saw this season was first meeting between LAL and LAC. I guess I'm no longer a NBA fan. I'm just a Warrior fan until the playoffs. The regular season doesn't mean much and a mid-season tournament wouldn't change things.
  5. C+. Terrible dialogue and the serial episodes cause rushed pacing. The episode helping the villagers was the worst. If it continues as 8 episodes for 30-45 minutes each I can stick around. Not too much of a time sink.
  6. Just here to rave about the show. Really enjoyed it as a 30 something who read the graphic novel, appreciates it's place in comic book history, but found it didn't love up to the hype for me.
  7. Yah read the JuJu thing and every FF article predicted Ramsey shadowing Lockett.
  8. What's everyone doing with Lockett this week? His ineffectiveness lately is troubling (but it can be rationalized with injury/flu), but it seems like he'll be matching up with Ramsey. Russ isn't a QB to force things and Seattle scored plenty off points last week without Lockett. I'm leaning towards benching Lockett, but who knows.
  9. Starting Powell over Lockett and Laird.
  10. Seems like we're just splitting hairs on what to label Carr (franchise QB vs Average to Above Average) but we're on same wave length. We both agree Carr isn't a top tier QB like Brady, Wilson, Brees, and Rodgers. We also agree that the Raiders in the upcoming draft need to focus on DEF and getting a stud WR as well. Only draft a QB in the first 2 rounds if they really feel like he's the BPA and will be better then Carr right away. I'm fine with Carr, but I'm more than happy if an Alex Smith to Patrick Mahomes type transition happens because we both acknowledge Carr ain't at that level. And Gannon >>>> Carr.
  11. What's the point of these statistical comparisons? To say that Carr is in the same realm as Brady? Really? Cause I love stats as much as the next guy, but the tape and results show very different things. Carr looks great statistically cause he gets rid of the ball quick and checks down all the time. This leads to his completion % to be higher and keep sacks to a minimum. We end up behind the 8 ball so Carr has to throw meaningless passes to accumulate yards and 4th quarter comebacks. That's why Carr always look great on paper. However, when you watch the game he doesn't let plays develop or he locks into a receiver based on the pre-snap coverage and we end up missing huge plays or those back breaking INT he tosses. There's a huge disconnect between the stats and the player I see on the field. Tom Brady and Drew Brees don't scramble, but they have great pocket presence, evade the rush, step up in the pocket, and always have their eyes downfield. That's the polar opposite of Carr. The fact that you put Matt Ryan and Eli Manning in the same breadth as Tom Brady and Drew Brees...makes sense considering you think so highly of Carr. Ryan, Eli, and Carr are the same type of QB. Good to very good, but not great. You could win a Super Bowl with them, but you won't be a Super Bowl contender because of them. They're not the worst QBs, but you could replace them and I wouldn't mind.
  12. Tim Brown and Rice were nearing 40, but regardless Gannon extended plays with his feet. A franchise QB HAS to be able to extend plays in his feet. Carr can't do that.
  13. I agree with you that we don't need a QB and it's not all on Carr, but he's not a franchise QB. We don't need to reach for a QB, but if Mayock loves one enough then so be it. Carr will need a strong defense and weapons to lead a team. Have Russell Wilson and Carr swap and no way is Seattle 10-2.