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  1. Charlie Harper

    Terrarium TV

    Cinema has been working great for me.
  2. That's the way of the league until you find a stud QB. Tom Brady has played with how many different teams? Drew Brees has played with how many supporting casts? Baltimore has rebuilt the defense how many times? Seattle is going through the same thing with Wilson. Teams have windows. The Raiders had their studs on cheap deals...but by the time is came to pay up, McKenzie failed to build a championship team around them. So rather than resign and lock the franchise into mediocrity at best, sell them for picks, and it's time to restart all over again. Sucks but what can you do.
  3. Charlie Harper

    UFC wagering: KOotY -- we have seen it.

    DJ is one of the smallest fighters at 5'3. Dom Cruz is the tallest in bantam at 5'8. Most fighters between 125-153# are 5'4"-5'6". Sure the smaller guys currently walk around lighter, but it's because they're fighting at a super light weight class for a grown male athlete. They can easily add more mass. Will they be as dominant? Who knows, but it's not something to cry over IMO.
  4. Ah. If that's this draft picks offered, I would have done that as long as it isn't heavily protected.
  5. As is..but you add Jimmy and they're just as good as last year. Ariza was a huge loss.
  6. Jimmy being able to take a backseat will be what decides if this deal works. However, Simmons needs the ball in his hands and so does Jimmy. Butler is decent enough that he can play off the ball, but again...that's only if he's willing.
  7. Charlie Harper

    House of Cards on Netflix

    Yah last season was dumb. I just forced myself to finish it.
  8. It was good, but I liked S1 and S2 better from what I remember. There was just too many boring episodes this season to start. Kingpin was great as always, but I think next season will be better. Definitely the best of the Marvel series.
  9. Charlie Harper

    UFC wagering: KOotY -- we have seen it.

    As someone who is 5'6" and 148#....I don't see it as a bad thing 125# is going away. Anyone professional fighting at 125# can easily make 135#. They probably walk around at 150# anyways.
  10. Bucks are the exact type of team that can stifle the Warriors much like the Thunder with Durant. Long and athletic. Going into the season I thought the Celtics and 76ers had the best chance from the East vs the Dubs, but the Raptors and Bucks are ready NOW and have the length and athleticism to make things hard for the Dubs.
  11. Charlie Harper

    Le'Veon Bell

    The headline report is misleading and flat out wrong. People have been saying for weeks that Bell doesn't need to play at all this year because if he's franchised for a 3rd time it will be QB money. Bell and his agent actually have stuck to their (Bell's) plan all along. Sit out the year, pass on 14.5 million, and become a free agent HEALTHY for a larger guaranteed deal.
  12. I'm with Kaso. It sucks as an East Bay native that they're tanking the last two years in Oakland, but seeing how bad this team is right now shows that was never a championship team. Playoffs...maaaaaybe? Mack is worth maybe 2 wins? 2016 was a mirage. We won so many 1 score games that I was not surprised by 2017. I had hope for 2018, but again wasn't holding my breath. The salary cap is starting to impact the NFL like it impacts the NBA. You have certain windows and ceilings based on the talent and their contracts. You either want to be a contender or tanking...being in the middle is no man's land. An NBA All-Star on a rookie deal is gold. The NFL equivalent is an All-Pro QB on a rookie deal. If you have that player, you have the best window possible as you can spend money to beef up the roster. Once that rookie deal expires and you pay your QB/All-Star player the franchise's ceiling is based on how good that player actually is. Drafting well has more importance because the the roster needs cheap productive players. Right now the Raiders are taking the sensible step and tanking. Yah we traded Mack, but trades like that happen in the NBA all the time. Kevin Garnett couldn't win in Minnesota so they traded him and blew it up. Prior to The Process the 76ers had an Igoudala led playoff team, but declined to resign him because they correctly assessed the team had reached it's ceiling as 2nd rounder team at best. Looking what's happening Mack alone couldn't get this team to the playoffs. Now it's time to see if Carr is worth building around. I don't think so and all those draft picks can help us find a QB that we can. Even if Gruden thinks Carr is still the franchise then all the high draft picks can help add real talent to this team. This season is a lost season for sure, but it's the correct direction to take.
  13. Charlie Harper

    Dynasty & Redraft- Keke Coutee, WR, Houston

    I think it's a good thing still. DT is toast. Keke will still get his.