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  1. Facial Cues The eyes: Someone who is lying might stare or look away at a crucial moment, says Glass — a possible sign they’re moving their eyes around as they try to think about what to say next.  The research conducted by Geiselman at UCLA corroborated this, finding that people sometimes look away briefly when lying. The 2015 study conducted by the University of Michigan also found that those who lied were more likely to stare than those who were truthful — so much so that 70% of the clips of people lying showed them staring directly at the people they were lying to.  There is still some debate over this, however. A 2012 study published in Plos One debunked the concept that people look in a specific direction when they are dishonest. And while there is a possibility of reading too much into someone’s mannerisms, Glass maintains that there is some truth to be gleamed from the eyes. So if they stare at you or look away they're lying. Guess he's lying.
  2. He put in a lot of hard work and made tough decisions. His wife did what any great spouse would him 100%. Nothing unusual and nothing out of the ordinary for people married to entrepreneurs. Sure NP isn't perfect, but CYDY is where it's at because of him.
  3. I felt shrugging off Mexico was a show of strength/belief in LL in the US. Now going to the UK paints Mexico as another failure by CYDY. Still holding out until results, but really considering decreasing my position if it ever gets back to $6.
  4. How are you ever gonna tell it's working if there's no controlled studies? I'm fine with what they're doing right now. If b the m/m hits ANY of the endpoints and they don't approve for EUA, then I think that's a legit gripe.
  5. Can't speak for TDA. I use Schwab but for brokerage so not sure what the fees are like with ROTH. However when you open a Schwab brokerage you get a checking account that has no ATM fees world wide. Perfect for travel abroad (whenever we do that again) or strip clubs.
  6. Well it's a negative piece. If you're holding now, I doubt you jump ship so close to the m/m study results regardless of the article (seems like nothing damning). If you have no idea about CYDY unless you found this magic message board or sifted through the crap on Yahoo! boards it would be very hard to invest in this company. Hell there's people here who know the backstory and still have doubts.
  7. Got out of SE cause it was sitting in the 110s range and wanted a quick resolution in CYDY. DOH. Any reason for this latest bump up?
  8. I was debating this and then I read someone re-frame it this way: Would you take out a loan to invest in the stock market? If you are comfortable with that leverage, then put a lower down and invest the rest. If you would never take out a loan to invest in the market or don't have a specific plan to use it then put 20% down.
  9. The SAEs on the placebo arm show the impact of COVID because like you said placebo is just sugar. Basically they weren't being treated with anything. So having LL decrease SAEs is a good information for us.
  10. Man I hope we have the right read. If I didn't have this thread I can see how AF can steer people away.
  11. Don't think there was ever a call today, CYDY was supposed to meet with the FDA today for interim analysis on S/C with a decision "in a week". Whether that's an actual week or a NP week, I don't know. It seems like the ball is in the FDA court right now.....if there was actually a meeting today. I get the shorts. Too many IFs in regards timelines with NP.