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  1. Did you check and see if your apps are reloading from the market? When I just installed Liberty a week or so ago , all the apps reloaded from the market. The contacts , if your using a google account will resync when you set up your phone
  2. Over the last two months read the "Codex Alera " series by Jim Butcher - excellent fantasy series for those waiting for the Martin to finish or the new Erikson novel to come out. Six Books in all , I enjoyed every one . Reading the "First Law Trilogy " by Joe Abercrombie - Another excellent series so far- halfway through book two . Also starting " Clemente: The passion and grace of baseball's last hero by David Maraniss- I thoroughly enjoy books about the older era baseball players ever since I read Cobb by Al Stump Planning on buying a Kindle with winnings from football , then I will probably rarely ever watch tv..
  3. Currently reading "Memories of Ice" by Scott Erikson- Book 3 of The Malazan Empire Series. If you of a fan of epic fantasy these books are excellent.
  4. Caw Cawwow, she's actually pretty hot. surprisingly with that voice.