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  1. I love hording QB in 2QB but never have gotten a payout that high.
  2. Not the worst trade but I would look for a better RB for Maclin even in standard. Ivory is like a short term RB3 to me, and his production is easily replaceable with guys like Rob Kelley who will show up and start a couple games and probably outscore Ivory those weeks. If I'm dealing Maclin, I'd rather get an older higher upside guy like Forte/Foster or get a pick added to a riskier guy like T West. Don't make the same mistake the Jags made, IMO.
  3. I would take a liberal stance on what he's said, but I think part of the narrative has to be that he was probably done with this career months before he decided to take this stance. I think most QBs in his situation work something out with the Broncos. His motives seem to be to get his full paycheck for this year and move away from fb. He is more of an opportunist than someone with courage (again from a liberal but jaded viewpoint). If he can paint the picture as he was blackballed from the NFL, he can continue his celebrity without playing, similar to what Michael Sam did as the first openly gay (but still not a good enough player) to play in the NFL. I see non-fb, left of liberal friends of mine posting about him, and I cringe a little because he's not the best person to champion. It's possibly he's intentionally sabotaging his career more so than sacrificing.
  4. Also a high likelihood one of the 3 gets hurts and he bumps right into high relevance again. Will be hard to start him during the first 4 weeks anyway due to the suspension.
  5. People are dumping on Drake. He is being labeled a special teams player at this point. There's a lot of confirmation bias that because he already has had an injury during camp and they signed an old dude to take any role he might have, that he is what the post-draft naysayers thought he would be. His value is closer to Tyler Ervin at this point. Do you believe or are you hanging on to last threads of draft pedigree? I had a couple drafts right after the Foster signing where I took him in the late 2nd because he seemed like an okay value as last of the tier. But his real world value has only dropped, at least until Foster gets hurt again.
  6. Same guy in 3rd and 4th leagues, I'm guessing people rejected his initial offers so he went totally HAM. Why didn't he just draft him in the 3rd every league? 12 team Standard Lamar Miller for Dak + 2017 2nd 12 team PPR Hurns + Mariota for Dak
  7. 12 team 0.5 PPR Braxton Miller for Terrance West
  8. Same guy different league 12 team PPR (nmt) Cooks for D Parker + Prescott Needed him more in this league (Romo/Ryan QBs, good WR depth)
  9. 12 team PPR (nmt) Duke Johnson, Ryan Tannehill for Dak Prescott Guy getting Dak is huge Cowboys fan. Has Rodgers and enough RB depth to survive.
  10. Eagles play Browns and Bears W1&2.
  11. Eagles, especially if the Chiefs or Chargers cut anyone. They basically have Ryan Matthews and 4 3rd down RBs, and they plan to run a lot.
  12. You could have added Malcolm Brown LA and Kenjon Barner PHI as repeats too (although Barner was mentioned by someone else). You know Brown isn't going to start barring injury but he continues to play well. Barner will get an opportunity on a team that should play ball control. There's also a rookie in WAS no one is paying attention to Rob Kelley. Will start tonight with Jones out.
  13. no koolaid here, more like pre-preseason price, 2 4ths for an old handcuff
  14. Long term mediocrity vs. short term upside, I will take Fleener and the RB.
  15. I don't know how much of this is true or applicable. First you're comparing Al Davis-era Raiders to anything else in the NFL. Al Davis defined DHB's leash. There's few other situations where someone with a 22% catch rate would continue to start. Second the Raiders did give up on DHB. They cut him before his contract ended. And this is after he actually seemed like an NFL WR (975 yards in 2011 and 600 in 2012). Why? Because Al died, Hue was fired after 2011, and the staff at the time liked Rod Streater more. They gave him an astronomically long leash until the guys that drafted him were no longer there, which isn't that different of a story.