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  1. Standard league I'd gladly pay a 3rd.
  2. I like that he only has one IDP spot and two team defenses.
  3. Dak was #10 QB in PPG. He had 30 total TD and 8 turnovers. I expect Dallas to remain run first and continue to be a good offense. TD production should be consistent, passing yards might go up a little, but 4000 seems like a soft limit unless/until he develops a lot. I don't expect him to break out into the elite tier, it's possible but hard. I don't see any reason to pursue a sideways deal for someone like Mariota or Carr but I would prefer those guys. I think Matt Ryan is an elite QB going forward. Fantasywise the biggest difference from previous years is 38 TDs, but his performance was up across the board. Maybe it is a career year, but I still think his expected production is high. I would favor 5-8 years from him over 5-15 years from the 22-25 year olds I don't see the same ceiling from. I have no doubt in Cam bouncing back next year but I view his age as less important than mileage and accumulating wear. I would take Rodgers, Luck, and Ryan over him. I have a little more confidence in Russell's floor. I would tier it Luck Rodgers - Ryan Cam - Treat him more like he's 32 than 27 due to injury Wilson - Cam still has more upside but tempted to prefer him - Cousins - Volume + wins = more volume coming Mariota Carr Prescott Winston Stafford - Unexciting but safe for long time Wentz - Big question is can he throw downfield if his WR improve - Roethlisberger - Expect 3-4 elite years Brady - Expect 2 elite years Brees - Expect 1-2 elite years Garoppolo - Feels like a better gamble at this point than Goff and Bortles - Dalton - Worse version of Stafford Tyrod - How many more years does he get to start Goff Bortles Rivers Flacco - Low ceiling but safe QB3 or serviceable QB2 Smith Tannehill Lynch Romo - Savage Brissett Bradford - Gets one more year to dink and dunk Glennon Osweiler Cutler - Can be high volume QB if he finds good home outside of CHI Kaepernick Petty Palmer Bridgewater - Boykin Siemian Geno Hundley Cardale Hackenberg Kessler Foles Barkley Moore RG3 Stanton
  4. Actually I disagree a bit. People know ACL is recoverable. Even at 27/soon28 he'll be back. He doesn't have multiple knee injuries to compound risk. An ACL tear only temporarily dips his value. An ACL tear to a prospect makes that player less desirable than next year's prospects. No longer has the new car smell, and new players have come in with more hype. Consider Doctson's value right now, or White's. If it's a foot injury to his reconstruction, then it could have a major impact on his value. But you could say the same thing about Williams's back or Fournette's ankle.
  5. 12 team 0.5 ppr start 2 rb, 2wr, 1rb/wr, qb, te, d, k Team selling off a bunch of picks to try to be more competitive, only one of these was with me 1) Doug Martin, 2.1 for Blount 2) 2018 1st, Bortles, Marshall for Dak 3) 2018 2nd, Graham, Cutler for Tyreek, Jacquizz Rodgers
  6. Maybe instead of monitoring completed trades, you should monitor trade offers. Sometimes you don't get a deal done, the real crime is not trying.
  7. Didn't think about that, but Philly would be a good fit because they love gadget plays, and he could have a Tyreek Hill type season there. They seem focused on building through the draft, so he could be a decent low cost option. Who knows. Most of local media is focused on Kenny Stills though.
  8. I would trade 1.5 for Watkins without really thinking about it too much. I could see risking a higher pick up to 1.3. He's a better player than Williams. Yeah he gets hurt a lot. So far. He's also 23. Only what 16 months older than Williams.
  9. Great chance to showcase Garoppolo for trade value
  10. Kelly made a lot of terrible decisions in PHI. The Eagles best players right now are Graham (Reid pick), Cox (Reid pick), Jenkins (Kelly signing), Peters (Reid trade), Lane Johnson (Kelly pick), and Wentz (Pederson pick), so not a lot due to Chip. The prevailing opinion here is that the Eagles are worse because of the Kelly tenure - removing skill players he couldn't manage, multiple 1st round busts (Agholor, Marcus Smith), multiple blown picks on Oregon players and PAC10 players he faced, trading what became a high 2nd for Bradford, using only one high pick on secondary (Rowe, who magically developed as soon as he was traded). The situation was made worse because Kelly butted heads with Roseman (and everyone else) so badly that the team's first goal after firing him was to get rid of everyone linked to him, both his guys like Alonso, and guys who were miserable because of him like Murray, Maxwell and Rowe. His interpersonal skills are zero which is fine in a dictatorial situation like college. This void in emotional intelligence is rammed down PHI's throats as a key reason for the Pederson hire, which could be another negative. In other words Kelly was pretty toxic to the Eagles.
  11. Seems like a fair deal to me. I would probably rather have a team with Green and the 2 RB2, but I am not surprised to be in the minority. Having one of the 3 elite RB is definitely a big plus short term and no guarantee Green is relevant longer. But for Green's side, he actually led the league in PPG PPR if you throw out the game he got injured on the first series. Not sure DJ's 20 TD or his 80 receptions is sustainable, although I expect him to still be elite and put similar or slightly more points to Green. Ultimately I have slightly more confidence Green will have more elite years.
  12. I would probably trade 1.1 for him if I was rebuilding (earned the 1.1). I don't feel confident about any of the WR. Why not secure a safe player and go from there. I like that his stats this year are basically a carbon copy of 2 years ago before the shoulder injury, same rating, same avg yards per attempt, slightly higher %.
  13. Seems more reasonable in this format 10 team non-PPR than in a 12 team full or half PPR.
  14. Were any of these firings mistakes? Billick Baltimore 2007 Fisher Tennessee 2010 Del Rio Jax 2011 Coughlin NYG 2016 Would the Bengals be better or worse off firing Marvin Lewis? Payton in NO? Few coaches are afforded more than 2 bad years in a row. Cowher famously one of the only ones (the only one?) who won a Super Bowl after bad stretches.
  15. But, but, but he challenged a 2 yard gain that was meaningless! How could he not be terrible? As I alluded to the most successful coach in recent Philly history was also a bumpkin. It is easy to be skeptical of Doug for the same reason people were skeptical of Charlie Manuel. It could work out, but it doesn't feel great waiting, especially if, like, the better Gruden actually comes to the Rams.