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  1. no koolaid here, more like pre-preseason price, 2 4ths for an old handcuff
  2. Long term mediocrity vs. short term upside, I will take Fleener and the RB.
  3. I don't know how much of this is true or applicable. First you're comparing Al Davis-era Raiders to anything else in the NFL. Al Davis defined DHB's leash. There's few other situations where someone with a 22% catch rate would continue to start. Second the Raiders did give up on DHB. They cut him before his contract ended. And this is after he actually seemed like an NFL WR (975 yards in 2011 and 600 in 2012). Why? Because Al died, Hue was fired after 2011, and the staff at the time liked Rod Streater more. They gave him an astronomically long leash until the guys that drafted him were no longer there, which isn't that different of a story.
  4. I've offered similar trades (RB + Brown) to get worse WR (White? Parker?) and not gotten a counter. Seems this needs 2 late 1sts or 1 early one to be fair.
  5. Def take Luck if he makes it to you. If Beckham goes 1st, take Luck. You can draft a RB equivalent to Elliott next year. There's at least two of them. If Luck goes first, I would probably agree about passing on QB to take Beckham. There are guys with both short and long term upside like Tyrod, Winston, Mariota that could still be there at 19/22. QB scoring drops off around QB24. Make sure you get 2 good starters.
  6. All Eagles fans are adding hope to the equation because we just survived 3 years of a "culture" HC who got rid of legitimately good players for guys who suck but will practice hard and toe the line. It seems likely DGB is still spoiled and wasn't going to toe the line for a tough minded coach. So he was let go to give hard workers like Turzilli a chance. "Workable NFL player" is subjective. He is not workable for Mularkey because he doesn't fit the culture. The hope is that a team=family head coach like Pederson will be a better fit for DGB. I think it will be, and the Eagles may be able to get more out of him. The failure risk is still high, but it is a better personality fit.
  7. DGB is more likely to be on the field than those players. They may be the same guy but his opportunity should remain higher, at least for most of this season.
  8. That's revisionist on Mallett. They drafted Garoppolo in the 2nd and put him higher on the depth chart than Mallett, THEN traded him for a conditional 6th. They pulled a DGB on him, I think.
  9. I think almost every scout has said yes. PFF said to avoid Prescott and tabbed him as a 3rd day pick. Most places put him in the 3rd-5th. The success rate of late QBs is terrible. I think it's more likely Wentz was overvalued because of his size/intelligence despite the resume than it is that Dak was undervalued because of the DUI or anything else. Dak was a flawed prospect going in. Wentz's main flaw was experience, or so they thought.
  10. It's weird the reports on Dak were pretty negative until the Blue/White game, recently. Clearly he benefited from playing with the 1st team OL and WR. The pocket was pretty clean for him all night, and one of his negatives from the scouting community was handling a rush. He did show timing and accuracy though, which I don't think you can say for Wentz who seemed to sail half his passes high. Cardale and Trevone Boykin also showed well.
  11. Brooks seems like a PS player all the way. Didn't play much at Clemson. Hasn't practiced much in TC. Doubt he plays this year. CM's path out of town is the fact that he never played special teams. If Collins is clearly better than him, they'd want a STer there as the 3rd RB. He'd really have to earn that spot for SEA to look past that.
  12. I wonder how his contract was structured. I assume a lot of his guarantees go away? Tunsil was there at 8. Wonder how the team would have looked like with Tunsil at 8 and then a QB next year.
  13. I have a ten team with a 6 QB limit and even that changes the strategy some. Developmental QBs are nil. The consistently good teams have more good QBs, but you can win with garbage at QB or stud+stream by getting lucky.
  14. Funny story, the guy who traded DGB then took Tajae Sharpe at 2.6.
  15. superflex started aug 2 EE, Shepard, Treadwell, Coleman, Thomas, Henry, Wentz, Goff, Doctson, Dixon, Prosise, Howard, Perkins, Booker, Smallwood, Boyd, Lynch, Carroo, Fuller 0.5 ppr started aug 1 EE, Coleman, Shepard, Henry, Treadwell, Thomas, Doctson, Boyd, Booker, Fuller, Perkins, Dixon