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  1. Was Tamme available as a FA?
  2. At least I know it was ok not to bother fishing for Tyrell this week.
  3. Abdullah over a late 1st. A top 5 pick over Abdullah by a lot.
  4. Long term he's a bit of a tweener. Too small to be a TE. So is Jordan Reed. But I don't know if Burton is good enough to make up for his lack of size. He is a good receiver though. He will make some catches while Ertz is out. But I don't expect him to be startable.
  5. You can take any strategy to extremes (and RB-RB-RB-RB-RB was meant to be a parody of the other extreme). I assume your OP was referencing Siegele's article.( Not that it is necessarily gospel but he spelled it out as Also if he says Gio is the best Zero RB target for 2016 I think that means guys in late 5th (FFC has Gio at 5.11 in PPR) are fair game for the strategy, at least according to his interpretation. Part of the strategy has to be if you have stud WR/TE you don't need to waste picks on WR/TE when all the Zero RB targets are still on the board.
  6. David Johnson was the only guy drafted as a RB1 who finished in the top 12 week 1. A lot of guys drafted as RB1s are iffy starters going forward. Part of the strategy of Zero RB is to get high floor RBs in PPR leagues. Guys like Riddick, Woodhead, Sims, and Gio who always seem to get you 10 points. You are not always shooting for Ware (who when they fail are unstartable handcuffs). Sometimes you shoot for good enough. If you look at Siegele's top 15 Zero RB targets for 2016 you'll see that mix. There's guys like Chris Thompson - never going to be a RB1 but should be baseline most weeks. There's guys like Coleman and Gordon who could be studs if the stars align. It was published in July so some of the whiffs are date dependent. He picked Smallwood, maybe if he picked Barner it would have looked better. He picked Buck Allen, maybe he picked the wrong Raven. There are a lot of RB who are going to be relevant. As long as fantasy players look for studs first and foremost, it will undervalue guys like Riddick who give you good production with low variability. Yes Zero RB is more work. But landing on someone like Hightower who wins the league for you is part of the joy of it. It is not more risk. There is no more risk in the Zero RB's WDIS questions. He is picking between sleepers and baseline performers. It is a hard question but provides +/- in both possible decisions. Simultaneous to Siegele's first article (2013) on the matter there were articles about going RB-RB-RB-RB-RB by Matthew Freedman to start off your draft with all RB to account for risk. They are yin and yang strategies. If you believe RB will fail at a higher rate, how do you not blow your draft? Part of the point of Zero RB is the value available later. More RBs get touches now, and PPR changes how we value those touches. Take advantage when constructing your roster.
  7. 40 of Crowell's 62 yards came on 3 rushes on the last drive as the clock was running out. Before that he went 9 for 22. So I wouldn't start Crowell any time soon regardless of QB.
  8. A few QB missing. I know the end of bench QB are kind of a worthless proposition but weird some guys are listed but other guys aren't. Thinking NR on Cardale is an oversight. He is behind Tyrod for the foreseeable but a lot of guys listed are buried. I'd also rank Foles somewhere as his contract with KC is essentially "show me you're better than Alex Smith" with a huge 2nd year team option. Worth a roster spot in some leagues. Getting a decision point on him at the end of the year is a positive as you don't have to hold and hope like Brissett or Hundley types. A guy I think increased in value as a project QB is Tom Savage. He was rumored when Minnesota was looking. Beat out Weeden to be the backup. O'Brien drafted him and developed him. Would definitely add in Superflex. Boykin played well enough for SEA not to bring in a veteran backup and would put up enough rushing to be startable. Stanton has a verbal contract to be the ARI starter after Palmer, which is worth about the same as most verbal contracts, but is something compared to most 3rd stringers. Could see adding Glennon or Nassib given they are FA in 2017 and could be bridge starters next year. The spread from Brady/Brees/Palmer is interesting to me. They are similar guys with different degrees of HOF eligibility and all-time-ness. FFC has Brees as QB5 in redraft, Brady as QB7 and Palmer as QB8. I think Brees is too low in your rankings given he should be great this year (if Brady is tier 4 so should Brees), and Palmer is too high but just my opinion on him this year after a dumpy preseason (if Brees is tier 5, Palmer isn't).
  9. I won't shed any tears for not having Turner on the team, but I think he earned the spot. Treggs is mostly a special teams player with some poor man's Chris Moore. Given the team has a lot of returners on the roster (Barner, Huff), and Turner is at least better than Greg Lewis at returns, why make the move. They only have 5 WR on the roster now and one of them is Treggs who doesn't know the playbook and is hurt.
  10. Schwartz is a better DC than Billy Davis by a factor of at least 2. Change in scheme on defense to 4-3 should be better fit for most personnel. Change in scheme on offense should alleviate pressure on the defense. Addition by subtraction for a couple bad signings. DL + S should be very good. Didn't add anyone on DL, but Curry and Graham may both excel in 4-3. They signed McLeod who has played great since he got here and Watkins has done much better since switching to S. Main weakness is CB. If DL plays great, it can mask some weakness here. But a lot of stud WR in the NFCE.
  11. Where do Eagles send thank you cards to Pat Shurmur? He's the QB coach for the Vikes and has to be a big reason why this trade got done, was OC for Eagles last year (and interim HC). Supposed he and Bradford had a great relationship, Bradford wanted Shurmer to be HC. The only negatives for Eagles is you just spent $11m for a 1st round pick, which seems like a lot.
  12. I love hording QB in 2QB but never have gotten a payout that high.
  13. Not the worst trade but I would look for a better RB for Maclin even in standard. Ivory is like a short term RB3 to me, and his production is easily replaceable with guys like Rob Kelley who will show up and start a couple games and probably outscore Ivory those weeks. If I'm dealing Maclin, I'd rather get an older higher upside guy like Forte/Foster or get a pick added to a riskier guy like T West. Don't make the same mistake the Jags made, IMO.
  14. I would take a liberal stance on what he's said, but I think part of the narrative has to be that he was probably done with this career months before he decided to take this stance. I think most QBs in his situation work something out with the Broncos. His motives seem to be to get his full paycheck for this year and move away from fb. He is more of an opportunist than someone with courage (again from a liberal but jaded viewpoint). If he can paint the picture as he was blackballed from the NFL, he can continue his celebrity without playing, similar to what Michael Sam did as the first openly gay (but still not a good enough player) to play in the NFL. I see non-fb, left of liberal friends of mine posting about him, and I cringe a little because he's not the best person to champion. It's possibly he's intentionally sabotaging his career more so than sacrificing.
  15. Also a high likelihood one of the 3 gets hurts and he bumps right into high relevance again. Will be hard to start him during the first 4 weeks anyway due to the suspension.