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  1. This might affect the Barry Sanders and David Robinson mentions. Full video --
  2. Nadal vs. Federer in Wimbledon semis tomorrow morning. Rafa the slight betting favorite. Feels like a match for 2nd place. But if somehow Djokovic loses the early semi, we would have another legacy match at hand.
  3. I bet he walks around in the summertime saying, "how about this heat?"
  4. I just don't know about this one. Granted, I spent too much of my college years smoking weed and watching daytime TV instead of going to class, but this has a Springer-esque vibe to me.
  5. As a Thunder fan, I am very happy with the move. Gotta get off Russ' deal this year or next (and I truly hope he gets to a contender, as I do love the guy), but the combination of cap space and picks to play with would be rather impressive going into 2021 off-season. And PG and Kawhi carry above-average injury risks. I am certainly not rooting for anything to happen to them, but that has to be considered with the pick equity. While it will certainly be disappointing to see this run come to a close with only one finals appearance to show for it, the future is bright after a couple of upcoming "trust the process" years.
  6. I'd like to see the Thunder deal Russ to the Mavs for Courtney Lee and Tim Hardaway, Jr. Thunder books completely clear for the 2021 off-season, and Mavs go to war with Russ, Staps and Doncic.
  7. I'm always very conflicted on topics such as these. My first thought is that the NFL is a billion dollar organization, and a dude with some data analysis techniques isn't going to beat the system. Then I see teams punting on 4th-and-1 on the opponent's side of the field and I re-think that notion.
  8. Scroll down to the "The Gender-Theory Backlash" heading.
  9. Nonsense name with no connection to my life. Think I was stoned and had Rikki-Tikki-Tavi on the brain when I came up with it.
  10. As a regular reader of the forum, one thing I particularly dislike is when a poster "demands" a response. Bump in case you missed it. Care to address this? Bump for the 3rd time. Quoted again, as I see you have posted elsewhere and still haven't responded to my question. If you don't answer, I will ascribe to you the response of my choosing. I believe people should be free to engage as they fit, and this type of behavior makes me more sympathetic to BGP's contention that direct replies should not be allowed. I wouldn't want to go anywhere near that far, as voluntary, thoughtful back-and-forth between intelligent posters can be quite compelling. But I very much dislike it when posters act as if they are due a response. Just my humble half a cent here. Don't @ me
  11. The quintessential Metallica cover is Breadfan, IMO. I remember the days of Z Rock, when that was #1 on its countdown show for something absolutely silly like 20 straight weeks.
  12. I don't necessarily disagree with you, although I'm probably higher on Countdown and Youthanasia than you are. I think Countdown is pretty dang good, all things considered. Megadeth was in a spot where the cash was there to grab, and MTV was ready for them with a slightly more melodic and formulaic album than their previous efforts. I'm not going to begrudge Dave for taking the money, and thought he did a good job of still keeping some heaviness intact.
  13. Megadeth's first six is pretty strong. Rust is one my favorite albums by any artist. Killing Is My Business... and Business Is Good! Peace Sells... but Who's Buying? So Far, So Good... So What! Rust in Peace Countdown to Extinction Youthanasia
  14. Woodland getting respect in live betting odds, even with Koepka right now at +125 on Bovada. I'd think Koepka to be a noticeable favorite at this point.
  15. Cowboys must actually like this guy a decent bit. Gonna pay him $5 million this year that they could have avoided with a $1.25 million cap hit.