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  1. I don't think you're supposed to say "period" three times when you're trying to emphasize that it's the end of the statement.
  2. On a higher plane of discussion, that would be absolutely fine. And by higher I don't mean better, just different; more disconnected from semi-literal connotations. The wording you used can be easily interpreted as pretty dang offensive in the context of conversation here. People like to make a big deal about the notion of Trump not lasting very long here without being banned, but the same concept applies to Christopher Hitchens.
  3. Is there any sort of test forum where we may experiment with potential phrase translations?
  4. Lying dog-faced pony soldier
  5. If the 30% number for conversions from the 5 yard line is roughly accurate, that should be the default choice, with the 1 or 3 only being selected if the particular game situation dictates. Will be interesting to see the decisions made.
  6. Big fan of this already. Love the additional opportunity to mock coaches for making probability errors.
  7. Point spread and over/under being a part of the score banner is a nice touch.
  8. Pete getting ratioed here tonight. Not pretty.
  9. Bruce, you posted, "Gosh, I wonder why victims of sexual assault are reluctant to come forward." 33 times in the thread. %2Bassault %2Bforward&page=1&author=Bruce%2520Dickinson&search_and_or=or&sortby=relevancy Believe me, that in no way excuses the absolutely atrocious comment you received on your blog. And if a comment on this board was a callback to that, it is certainly disgusting as well. But addressing the notion that your personal history may color your assessments is not inherently awful behavior. It is very difficult (if not impossible) to delve into deep (and more importantly disturbing) topics while remaining pleasant and deferential. This forum is in an extremely tough spot of attempting to balance casual politeness with deep discussion. I say this as one who did not post in the thread and hasn't engaged the topic at all on this board, or any other for that matter.
  10. What are your thoughts of the Teddy bear?
  11. Well of course it's not, but we are discussing this particular act, and in totality it was likely a very good thing.
  12. 538 model has OU a 2-1 favorite to make it over Utah if both win.