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  1. I'm a heavy buyer on Aiyuk, long-term. Ride out the ground-and-pound years and hopefully reap the rewards if SF comes up with a talented passer down the road.
  2. As was said earlier, Steelers are almost exclusively 3-wide and there might be some weeks in which they deem Washington to be a better fit in the game plan... maybe. I'm trying to temper my hopes here because I am pretty dang excited about the kid. My imagination is kinda running wild at the moment.
  3. There sure are a lot of boomers using two spaces after a period in this thread. It's 2020, boys.
  4. Bills make a lot of sense to me.
  5. Not picking Kyzir White back up after week 3 is causing me physical pain right now. Drafted him and Micah Kiser in back-to-back rounds as my "Kaiser Bros" a couple years back and have dropped and picked them up so many times (especially Kyzir) after they aged out of rookie taxi. Luckily I wound up with Micah going into the year (although Reeder going buck wild this week in his stead was less than thrilling). Tonight watching him lined up at Mike and making a million tackles 7 yards downfield brought back memories of Hardy Nickerson. Maybe he'll lose snaps for the umpteenth time to make me feel better, but not feeling too hot now. After week 3, picked up Pierre-Louis and Eric Wilson while continuing to hold Anzalone and Jewell instead of another go-round with White (although certainly can't complain about Wilson and Jewell at the moment). Of course the SD LB meme is well known here. We all thought that we had a Derrick Brooks that put up volume tackles with Jatavis Brown, among all the other crap.
  6. With Burrow putting up good yards and AJ staying healthy, the lack of production has just been a gut-punch.
  7. In a real life draft of NFL players to start a team from scratch, he goes #3 behind Mahomes and Lamar, right? Maybe you could even make a case for him above Jackson, although that might be pushing it.
  8. With as quickly as the kid has shown some ability and how Allen looks like he very well may be a long-term huge-armed franchise QB, it's hard not to get a little excited here.
  9. Not sure whether to sell high in leagues I have him or buy low in leagues I don't. Has the feel of a fluky game with top targets being out, but it does look like Rodgers likes this guy. A couple of those catches were pretty dang nice.
  10. Kyzir White is guaranteed to be a stud for the rest of his career since I decided to not pick him up for the 7th time after his week 3 outburst.
  11. Corks in whiskey bottles. I'm a from-the-bottle drinker. I'm gonna take another drink soon, and it's too much effort to pull out for every drink. Can't leave it out, because I will knock the bottle over at some point. Leaving it partially in is the best choice, but too easy to accidentally pick up by the partially-inserted cork and there it all goes.
  12. Eh, logically that makes sense, but I look at sports as an outlet to express faux tribalism. Hate them, cuss at them within the context of sports, but no hard feelings IRL.
  13. AJ is my boy. All in with him across leagues. Such an incredibly skilled player with good athleticism when healthy. Fingers crossed that the stars align this year.
  14. CeeDee Lamb and A.J. Green both finish as top 5 fantasy WRs, and the Cowboys face the Bengals in. . . week 14 of the regular season.
  15. So if things work out right, Fournette will make twice as much money as he would have and compete for a Super Bowl. Maybe a little LeGarrette Blount action in play here?