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  1. Not claiming that race isn't a compounding factor, but many poor whites do not feel they are safe when stopped by a policemen or believe they are treated well by police in general.
  2. I order take-out an delivery quite a bit, and I go to the restaurant's site to see if it has its own online ordering system or at least a link to its postmates/grubhub etc. page. If not though, I will order through the app, and the restaurant gets hit with the big fee. I will do my best to help out the local folks (e.g., tip in cash when I order thru an app that requires the tip to be entered upfront and thus uses that to manipulate the delivery fee offered to a driver on a given order), but making a phone call is asking too much from me.
  3. Link been posted several times thus far. January 2018 is similar to non-COVID-19 April 2020. Googling indicates flu was especially rough back then. I would be curious to see this data over a longer time period, and how common it is for these bumps to occur. Certainly seems intuitively likely that the current excess is due to under-counted COVID-19.
  4. There is also the aspect of deaths due to illness that would have occurred in later months but were accelerated by COVID-19. No overarching point here, just another ingredient in the soup to consider.
  5. It shows my paypal balance as $20 less, but the payment is not showing up in my activity.
  6. I have no problem with people charging whatever the heck they want for a luxury service, regardless of any external factors.
  7. I wear my full furry get-up when I watch internet porn just in case one of these is legit.
  8. AC Green, Barry Sanders and David Robinson
  9. I PMed him last night to tell him I was covering an entry fee for him, and being the gentleman he is, he refused. So, next time I play (possibly tonight, but I'm sure sometime this week), I am just going to throw an extra $20 into the pot for the winner.
  10. I would imagine I timed out every hand. Sorry about that. I guess the tourney must have been available for sign-up late Friday night/early Saturday morning, and I signed up. Was definitely blazed out of my mind at the time.
  11. That's crazy. I definitely didn't play and wasn't on Stars all day, so I must have blinded out. Wonder if I could have possibly signed up the night before for the next night's tourney? Oh well. I'm sure it's my fault, so I'll definitely send you $20. Where do I send? You can PM if you prefer.
  12. Oh, I didn't play in any tourneys last night @comfortably numb
  13. I was looking for whom I should pay, so I posted in this thread.