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  1. I don't take a probiotic pill, but do eat the fermented foods and changed to a near vegan diet, based on whole unrefined foods, which added lots of other foods that nourish the gut bacteria I do have. One of my favorite things on a cold winter day or when I'm sick is a bowl of kimchi soup from the local Korean restaurant.
  2. Name: ummich10 leagues 5 & 8 - in for both. Will give one up if you need a spot for someone.
  3. In, can start the draft anytime.
  4. Just the usual, take your kickers and defense early in the first few rounds.
  5. In, can start the draft anytime.
  6. Can I buy you a fish sandwich?
  7. League 8 ummich10. In League 10 ummich10. In
  8. Breakfast at home - omelet with hot dogs and 'Murican cheese Breakfast on the road from the local gas station/convenience store - Mountain Dew, slim Jims, donuts or honey buns, cigarettes
  9. No mention of Hardee's/Carl's Jr.? The smoked sausage biscuit with egg and cheese is about the best thing I've ever eaten at a fast food place (and I ate myself up to 337 pounds for a 5'9" guy)
  10. I usually hate when people say, "this used to be great, but now it sucks." But Jesus ####in' Christo, I got one of these several months ago and it was not nearly as good as I remembered. The Spicy Chicken used to be my go to. I also hate the CFA spicy chicken, which sucks. Rirruto likes his chicken spicy.We can land a robot on a ####in' asteroid, but we can't make a decent spicy chicken sandwich. We should execute one scientist every hour until there is a decent spicy chicken option. About 4 packs of their chili sauce is great on this sandwich, spices it up nicely. I've always been disappointed with KFC. You'd think a chicken place could make a decent chicken sandwich, but every one of them is crap.
  11. "You put your turn signal on too early, car behind will think you're turning into Arby's instead of the bank." Arby's is right next door to the bank.
  12. funniest part of the CBS sports article - sitting on Jake Roberts during a match then farting on him.
  13. Melissa McCarthy is a lot funnier in the movies she's done. The TV show is terrible, she's stuck in traditional sitcom writing.
  14. My wife was sick, so I went shopping to pick up tampons for her. I had to take a picture of the box and text it to her to verify they we're the right ones.