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  1. I try to grab picks during the season. That's when they are the lowest cost, generally. Then once the NFL draft is over, the price for current picks start to go up because of rookie fever. That's the time to trade back and/or accumulate extra picks for the next dynasty draft. I track ADPs leading up to our dyno draft and use them to see if I can trade back and still hit the players I am targeting several picks later. I've traded out of the first round the last two drafts and have traded one of my firsts this year already. It's pretty simple and effective, IMO.
  2. Isabella's official is 4.31...
  3. Where are you guys getting the WR bench totals from? This is definitely a WR class.
  4. So if the criminal justice system was wrong with Left Eye way back when it has to be wrong from there on out to what, appease your line of reasoning? Two wrongs will eventually get it right?
  5. Yup, a lot had to go my way in order for Chubb to fall that far. That is why I feel lucky.
  6. Snyder's going to have to fire Bruce Allen and then back off and hire a true GM if we are going to improve. It's sickening to think we had both Sean McVay and Kyle Shanahan on our staff at one point and we're stuck with Jay Gruden.
  7. No, it is a straight PPR league. It was in May and Chubb kept slipping because of the backfield in Cleveland. I wasn't upset about it. Here's the link to the draft:
  8. I was gonna take him at #2 in dyno last year before the backfield he landed in. I traded the 1.02 for Mixon and then was able to grab Chubb in round two. Things worked out pretty well. I like watching him as an RB and I think he is in a spot that could flourish for the next few years.
  9. My keeper league has bonuses for longer TD receptions. Cooks is a safe pick in that league as my WR2 behind OBJ.
  10. I've had the 1.02 on the block for almost a month and no one has offered anything. Right now it seems like it's Barkley or bust.
  11. Rankings are always important in finding value. So take advantage.
  12. I'm holding because I have D Walker in both leagues I have Eifert.
  13. I like when it goes this way. Makes it easier to grab those players in my leagues. It's an obvious advantage to pounce on 'groupthink'