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  1. Have been pleased with Hooper and picked Henry up off of WW this week. Was fishing a little for Kelce early in the year, but backed off since I'm getting good production there.
  2. Yeah, it was far from a blockbuster trade. I like Corey Davis, too. The QB/offense in Tennessee is gonna throttle him.
  3. Traded Corey Davis for him this week. Neither have done anything so far. Hoping for better production in the coming weeks.
  6. I've taken my shot with Campbell in dyno. In two years Hilton will be 31, turning 32 during the season. Luck the same. I want Luck's possible new #1.
  7. I got lucky, he wasn't on my radar in last month's rookie draft. Once he started getting buzz and I went to search him, he was already rostered. Then, the owner dropped him and I pounced. He's now tracking at 27 on MFL since June in PPR leagues.
  8. Chubb can catch, they just need to use him that way. Check the over the shoulder TD...
  9. Own him as a handcuff to Gurley in dyno. It's sensible insurance even though I think the hype for him is wild right now.
  10. We drop 5, draft 5. Every draft pick transaction includes a draft pick from the trade partner to ensure only 5 picks per team.
  11. To be clear, I do not have JJSS, he was taken in the 2nd after the following WRs: Corey Davis(1.06), John Ross(1.08), Mike Williams(1.09), Zay Jones(1.10). I took Samaje Perine the pick before JuJu. It hurts less to miss on a 2nd than a 1st obviously, especially when you have 3 in this hypothetical from OP.
  12. All leagues vary, those are just examples from my own. You can use this tool: to see where those and other guys eventually planed out in those years. If you do a deep dive into the ADPs, you'll see where a lot of potential is waiting in the 2nd and beyond.
  13. Two other things that help me decide to trade back: 1. I follow MFL's ADPs for rookies regularly as my draft approaches. If a player I want, Fant, for example, is tracking around 8-10, I am not taking him at 1.03. I had that pick and traded back to 1.10, also picking up the 2.02. Fant went at 1.09 and I missed out, but I netted Parris Campbell and Andy Isabella with those picks... 2. I use this as a guide, always have a current value for the players/picks in your league. It helps to keep your objective: If the offer you received nets you a positive on your scale above, you can accept the trade. Anyways, it's worked for me the last couple of years and I have a pretty good bounty of future firsts.
  14. He was falling pretty hard after Cleveland took him. People were thinking the backfield was too muddled and they didn't know when he'd get his shot. I was surprised he fell that far, so I pounced.