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  1. Karch222


    So, the selfish owners would rather see the league disband and have no team vs a loaded team. Dumb owners. At least you tried. I Commish 10 leagues. Have a few openings if ur interested, Email me at
  2. Karch222


    Why disband? Just start the league over? With me, you had 8 owners. Four more.
  3. Karch222


    Hey, How does the dispersal draft work? With over half the owners leaving after last year, better to start from scratch. I see a couple of very strong teams that will be very tough to beat if the worst teams only are in the dispersal draft.
  4. One spot left. $20 entry. 100% payout.
  5. I have one spot left in a $20 entry fee redrafter. We use Please Email me at
  6. I have openings in three 12 team redraft leagues. Entry fees are $20, $20 and $40. Email me at
  7. I have some openings in a few redraft leagues. Entry fees of $20 and $40. Drafts start in mid August. PPR. Please Email me at ASAP.