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  1. I am officially out. my QBs did well this week with a high score of 24.75, they couldn’t keep me safe. I had 1 RB score in double digits, 1 WR in double digits and 1 DEF in double digits. good luck everyone. This is still my favorite fantasy contest and I cannot wait until next year.
  2. I agree. So many people here shared their lineup, helped others, gave recommendations and did so much for the good of other players. It would be great to see a regular from here win it.
  3. I am 4 points ahead of the cut line. My Cowboys are keeping me in it.
  4. EDIT: Robinson’s TD got me to within 6 points. This may be it for me. Sitting 15 points below the cutoff. Remaining players: Brady - 24.05 A. Jeffrey - 3.10 J. Gordon (ruled out) Cowboys - 0.0 Jets - 0.0
  5. 12.8 points above the cut line. Feeling pretty comfortable right now.
  6. I would be happy to help and I would give an honest answer
  7. The cut line is 154.55, it looks like you survived. Congratulations
  8. The cut is up to 151.65, good luck to you. I am at 158.95 and need Robinson to score about 3 more points before he starts counting I have had two two great weeks and thought I was headed in the right direction, but this week is killing me. If it wasn’t for Jones starting in place of Manning, I would be done.
  9. Sitting at 155, but only have Robinson -10.8 points. Going to be close. Come on low scores
  10. Actually no one has set up or worked on the calcomatic for 3 years. AI is taking over
  11. Has the calcomatic tool ever thought of letting us see our score even after we are knocked out of the contest? I like seeing how my team does after I get knocked out, but I seem to recall that the score of a knocked out team no longer shows
  12. Thank you guys for the week 1 info. Hope my team keeps doing well. I think my best finish has been week 11
  13. 883rd place in week 2 with a score of 198.5. I am thrilled to be that high. I scored 223.7 in week 1 which I believe was my highest score ever I tried to see my week 1 place, but when I click on last week’s status, it shows week 2. Is there any way to see my standing in week 1? i remember looking at my team and the top of each column was empty, in other words I didn’t pick any top level studs I saw that and knew I would be out in week 1 or 2 which is why I am thrilled with my score
  14. I sent mine last week or over the weekend. I assume you got it and that I was 1 of the 2. I do need some more power outlets (or any other as on your site) and will click through on your site. Ever think of approaching Football Guys about a licensing deal or selling it to them?