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  1. This is my first time coaching and I haven’t played football since pop warner which was a long time ago. Our league is 4-6th grade, 5v5, flag football, QB cannot run. Can rush the QB as long as you start behind the marker which is 7 yards back. I have found lots of great information online, but the one thing I cannot figure out is how to line my guys up against the offense. It seemed simple at first, but the other teams are huddling 7 people or switching players and other issues that are tripping me up. I cannot always shout over the crowd or yell quick enough to get a player to move to cover an open guy. I was trying to What is the best way to organize the defense so that they always know which guy to cover? Thanks
  2. Based on your post, more teams in the top 10 were small teams. You said smaller rosters are more common, so the math says larger rosters are the way to go. Based on2018, it seems a smaller roster is the way to go
  3. Is there any for the Calcomatic to still score our teams after we are kicked out? my 2nd account is about out as well.
  4. I am making a comeback, only 44.5 points down now. Go Blount
  5. I will not survive this weekend. I am 48.1 points below the cut with only 3 players left to score. Blount - one of highest scoring RB this week. D. Lewis is my highest with 5.5. Conner: -5.4 right now, but hopefully will Blount outscores Lewis and Conner rocks it. Barber - same situation as Conner Steeler D: -7 i need at least 60, maybe 70 to survive.
  6. Above the cutline by .35. I need this game to end now
  7. I am 0.6 below the cut. I have J Howard who needs 3 points to get me to the cut Burtom - counting as my TE, so need him to score 1 point. YIKES!
  8. Missing the cut by 3 points. I have a shot, but may be out quickly this year. J Howard -7.4 (Connor 15, Wilkins 7.4). My RB have me in big trouble this year Burton -4.1 (I have 4 TEs, Burton, Goedert, Olson and Kroft). I really thought Eifert wasn’t going to play much this year
  9. Go east on the clicks. If the advertiser believes people hit it nonstop or there is a pattern of excess clicks, they could stop the ads on the site. I am not great with that stuff, but have read a few things.
  10. Will you post your team and score? Do you have anyone playing tomorrow night?
  11. I did donate, but saw an ad I liked and wanted to click on it. Your site is what helps make this contest my favorite each year.
  12. Thank you. I kept going to that page and it was always blank except for two ads. I saw it was blank and clicked back on my team. It takes a couple of seconds to load. BTW... do you get revenue if we click on the ads? thanks
  13. When using calcomatic, Is there a way to see other entries if we don’t know their number? I would like to see who is near me, the highest scorer and/or the lowest
  14. Is there a way to put two entries to show them as my teams? I always “talk my wife” into joining the site and doing an entry. This is my favorite fantasy contest all year so did two teams. One year, I picked the 2nd team at about 11:30 on the Wednesday before it locked and ended up with the same team entered in the contest twice. I had 2 or 3 different players as I confused myself with which team I was picking for. The best part was one team made it about 5 more weeks than the other.
  15. It happens every year. Last year, one of those lineups made it to week 11 or so.