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  1. Remind me to read the rules next year. For some reason I was thinking total points scored for the entire contest In the first three rounds, ONLY YOUR TWO HIGHEST-SCORING PLAYERS FROM EACH NFL TEAM WILL COUNT TOWARD YOUR SCORE. In the Super Bowl, ALL your players count toward your score.
  2. I cannot get the link to my team to work. I cannot remember if I had Big Ben and Bell or Brown.
  3. Yay... starting my entry now. Anyone have a link ,to last year's contest?
  4. I like B if you have another QB for when RG3 is hurt
  5. I can keep 2 players from last year and need to declare tonight. We have a $200 budget, auction draft and the amount I spend on keepers comes from that total. League is PPR, QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, WR/TE, K, DEF The player costs $5 more than the cost last year and the amount listed is my total cost to keep that player. I want to keep Allen Hurns for $6 and need to figure who else to keep. Thanks Allen Hurns (Ajax - WR) $6. Tom Brady (NE - QB) $26. Alshon Jeffery (Chi - WR) $46. Latavius Murray (Oak - RB) $29. Matt Jones (Was - RB) $6. Jordan Reed (Was - TE) $5. Jarvis Landry (Mia - WR) $15 C.J. Anderson (Den - RB) $59 Martavius Bryant (Pit - WR) $24 Julius Thomas (Jax - TE) $6 Andre Johnson (Ind - WR) $26 Benjamin Watson (Bal - TE) $5 Shane Vereen (NYG - RB) $6 Rueben Randle (Phi - WR) $5 Graham Gano (Car - K) $6 Carolina (Car - DEF) $6
  6. Rotoworld is saying that McCoy will not play this week and is most likely done for the season. McCoy has a torn MCL, but coach Rex Ryan is hilariously trying to make it sound like McCoy may be able to play Week 16 against the Cowboys. Not only is McCoy not going to play this week, his season is probably over. Dec 23 - 12:16 PM
  7. I would lean towards Sanders as well. I have no faith in Lacy and if they need him to win, they will lose.
  8. Lacy has burned me several times, so I have given up on him. I would go with Aiken or Brown. I have Aiken as well and dont know if he is the play or not.
  9. I may be overthinking this, but I cannot decide. I am in the finals and of course have O'Dell Beckham and am trying to figure out which players to use in my lineup. Any advice on who to play this week? My lineup questions really boil down to a couple of choices: Gurley and my Flex 1. Is the Seattle match-up just too much for Gurley? Do I swing for the fences with a NO RB that has some upside, but will most likely doom me? I know to play my studs, but I think Seattle has been limiting RB to 46 yards or less (Hightower over K. Williams)? 2. FLEX: Aiken or Randle, Hightower or Hurns? Will Hurns shine against a lousy NO defense, especially if Brees does not play.Randle could be in for a big game. Who else is Manning going to throw to?Hightower: Should have a great game against Jax, but just cannot trust him.3. Are the Giants going to produce against the Vikings defense? Is Indy that bad that the Dolphins are going to limit their upside? Thanks My Lineup: QB: Tom Brady RB: T. Gurley RB: K. Williams WR: S. Watkins WR: D. Baldwin TE: W. Tye Flex: K. Aiken K: Catanzaro Def:Dolphins (VS Indy) Bench: Beckham SupendedQB: Carr (Cannot sit Brady)RB: T. Hightower (Gurley has the lowest projected score this week of my RB, but you cannot sit Gurley, even against Seattle).WR: T. Benjamin, A. Hurns, R. Randle (Hurns has done well for me this year and Benjamin have had some good games, but just cant trust either one for this week (Hurns would be my pick between the two)..... I like Randle because Beckham is suspended so a big game could happen for him.DEF: Vikings (I like playing against the Colts more than the Giants).
  10. I am not having a great year. I am in 11,000th place which means I am the cut line. My only player tonight is TY Hilton and he needs to get to 6.9 points before I can use him. The fat lady is warming up.
  11. Scored 192, but had Dez so that hurts for future weeks. Will Eifert put up at least 35 points every week??? Haha Any common themes with the 1st week losers? I saw the multi kicker, defense and QB teams got the boot.
  12. I don't think Ignoratio Elenchi is doing it. I think he got a new job because of it, actually. (That's what he said earlier.) But I don't know if anybody else is. I hope he is, I already donated.
  13. I entered twice again this year and went with my largest team ever and my smallest team ever. Went all stud, which I see as a boom or bust. The other one has one stud in each position, then several at different price points. I struggled to find any real value or upside with the really low priced players, so we we will see what happens. Good luck everyone.