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  1. The two hits didn't help me remember, that's for sure!! What a great weekend of Phish! Our crew had a blast, can't wait for next year.
  2. That dude fought like a girl. I would’ve stepped in after seeing how sissy his fighting skills were. If he was a better fighter I probably wouldn’t have intervened though. No need to get my butt kicked for family drama I’m not a part of.
  3. Who here is going to Phish Alpine? I'll be rocking all 3 nights! Let yourselves be heard.
  4. I must be a major pot head (I am) because when I eat edibles I start with 30mgs. Anything less does essentially nothing for me. 30 mgs will get me nice and buzzed. A few weekends ago I ate 75 mgs and I was very high but not too high. I don't think there is such a thing as 'too high' for me personally though. My wife, who is not a pothead, was gifted these pills that are 2.5 mgs each. I ate 10 of them one day to test them out and they did nothing for me either, yet, one of her pothead friends insist they are the best. I've found that flower is still the end all be all for me. Edibles are too expensive when you have to eat 30+ mgs to get high and they take too long to kick in. I like the effects but not very cost effective. Will save for concerts or other things where it's not so easy to just smoke in front of everyone (kids for instance).
  5. You traded a Froggy Bottom?? Hope u don’t regret that! Is that banjo killer a dreadnaught? Can’t tell the body style from the pictures.
  6. So I finally bought my tickets for Phish @ Alpine. Got Pavillion for both Saturday and Sunday. In order to get the aisle seats I wanted for Sunday night, I was forced to buy 2 tickets (I'm only using 1). So I have an extra PAV for Sunday night. It's in the middle section 202 and they are aisle seats. Since I bought on StubHub, they were very expensive but if someone is looking, hit me up. I paid $670 for the pair ($335 each). I fracking HATE TicketBastard/StubHub/LiveNation. They are running a racket!
  7. Last night at an open mic here in Chicago, me and the host played 'Esther' and 'The Lizards'. Fun stuff and two of my all time favorite Phish songs! Sorry for the temporary hijack.
  8. What's the other board? I've grown tired of this place myself and already left the huddle years ago. I've never been banned on here but the constant policing by the mods is really annoying. We're all grown ### men and women!! If I don't like something I ignore it or handle it. Dr. Octo is so super chill, seeing him banned is goofy. This place has become way too much like church.
  9. $160 for a half is a good price assuming it’s the DANK!
  10. I'd recommend sticking with bowls, joints and hitters. I tried the pen for a few months and not only is it not as potent as flower, it ruined my singing voice for a few months until I made the correlation. I'm sticking with flower and edibles, no more vaping for me.
  11. Correct. Individual wallets and exchanges getting hacked definitely happens. The BTC blockchain itself is rock solid though
  12. Libra is nothing like BTC. Apples and monkeys. BTC to date has not been hacked or manipulated. It’s the most stable proven crypto currency still.
  13. Nickname I got back home from my band mates back in the day. I was deemed the “Rhythmdoctor” because of my excellent rhythm guitar playing. Some people online have assumed I’m a cardiologist which is mos def not the case.