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  1. Just placed another order of 3 new bottles! This is my 4th re-order since discovering these tasty sauces!!
  2. In a different thread there were some interesting stats about Friday upsets. 4 seeds are like 4-12 ATS and 8-8 straight up. 5 seeds have a very similar record. I somehow managed to go 13-3 in my main bracket through Thursday games. I’m sure today will be a different outcome. I don’t watch a lick of college basketball until the madness begins.
  3. I always use “ladies”. That said can this world get any more ridiculous with our complaints in life? My god there are way more serious things to dig into. No offense but this article and thread are a complete waste of time. I’m also offended by all the uber sensitive folks who get offended over stupid stuff.
  4. I’d suggest not insulting the intelligence of others in the future.
  5. OBJ. There was an image from last summer of him on a bed with a woman. It appeared they were doing cocaine. No proof. No charges. No suspensions. His value decreased in my leagues.
  6. Oh, so you just like to argue. Neat. That is the most ridiculous request. How will anyone prove 'lost value'? Enjoy arguing more about pointless stuff. I'm outtie.
  7. People in this thread are predicting future market sentiment, nothing more. It has nothing to do with our individual valuations of Hill (certainly not mine). With your extensive dynasty track record I'm amazed you don't understand how perception works and that a good chunk of dynasty owners are extremely risk averse. The fact of the matter is that right now Tyreek's value has taken a hit and no matter the outcome - even complete vindication - there will still be a percentage of dynasty owners who will not touch him. This has nothing to do with the intelligence of anyone here in the SP. Full vindication would be great for him but there will still be a percentage of dynasty owners who will think he got away with something which will subsequently decrease his overall value. His value will not be determined by what YOU, menobrown, thinks it should be, no matter how unintelligent the rest of the dynasty community is. Are you really having that hard of a time understanding this?