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  1. Do you blame others for your mistakes in real life too?
  2. Anyone watching tonight’s Dinner & a Movie? Damn I miss 90s Phish. I hope they do more of these older shows. Early 90s would be phenomenal! I’m a himuge fan of 89-92 Phish. Probably won’t happen but I can dream right?
  3. That is not Sneaking Sally... weird the title is wrong in YouTube.
  4. Pocock @ Hey Nonny a close 2nd 😉
  5. I think it’s sad that people are viewers as having mental illness for thinking different and being open to other possibilities and experiences. I sort of resonate with him.
  6. Another And I did draft CMC at the 1.01 spot. Everyone in my league laughed. Now having back-to-back championships in 2018 & 2019, nobody is laughing.
  7. I remember when I was hyping McCaffrey as the uber stud of his class and predicted perennial pro bowl status for CMC. I was mocked and ridiculed for that stance. Many of those people were SCREAMING Fournette.
  8. If the other dude is north of 40 years old I’ll take Tyson. If it’s a young guy I’ll take the other guy.
  9. I can only speak for myself but the majority of the Bitcoin community, meaning people who actually believe in Bitcoin as a decentralized currency, view Bitcoin as the future Reserve currency of the world. If the SHTF I imagine a world where you don’t need to trade bitcoin for fiat, you would simply transact using Bitcoin. Right now you can live purely on bitcoin if you choose. There is nothing you can’t buy with Bitcoin at the moment. Sure it’s not mainstream but you can essentially buy anything you need with bitcoin directly. There is a demand and need for a decentralized currency and Bitcoin serves that purpose beautifully. The S is HTF as we speak and fiat currency is getting more exposed every single day.
  10. Tried to send you a pm but it won’t let me. Let me know when your inbox is cleared out and I will resend.
  11. The symbol is BTC but it’s not a stock so I don’t think you can buy it on a normal stock exchange like TD Ameritrade. You may be able to purchase btc futures there but that’s not the same thing as buying actual bitcoin.
  12. The Bitcoin halving occurred this afternoon. I expect the Bitcoin price to trade sideways or even go down and test lower support levels over the next couple months. I still think $10,500ish is the level we need to definitively stay above before feeling confident in a new bull cycle. Stack Sats, boys and girls. You don’t want to miss this next bull cycle.
  13. He's already bought, that's a guarantee. Now he's publicizing it so it pumps. It's quite clear that Bitcoin has been in an accumulation phase (see: Wyckoff Method) for the last 18 months or so. All the smart investors of the world have been buying during that time. I believe we're currently in phase D and once we firmly surpass the $10,500 level, we'll be in Phase E. Once Phase E is confirmed, we will be on our way to new all time highs. If you go to the link I provided and scroll about halfway down, you'll see the Accumulation chart. There are two different charts. The chart labeled "Accumulation Schematic #2" is more applicable to Bitcoin. Below are written descriptions of each phase of Accumulation but I think the visual chart is very helpful in understanding this. Again, I believe Bitcoin is currently in phase D and rapidly approaching phase E.
  14. I guess I'm not sure what you're getting at or how you are supporting that Bitcoin will not increase in price post-halving. Inefficient miners will be forced to shut down, I think that's a guarantee. The miners who remain will require more money in order to sell their Bitcoin or become more efficient to sustain their mining operation. If demand remains the same and the daily supply rate is cut in half, prices go up. It has been argued there are only about 1MM bitcoin being traded actively. That's only about 5% of available Bitcoin available to be purchased on the open market. Newly mined bitcoins will be just 900 per day after halving. Demand and Curiosity surrounding Bitcoin is increasing not decreasing. To be clear, I'm not saying the day after halving the price will double. What history shows is that within about 18-24 months after a halving, the price does a 10x. Granted there are only 2 data points for that but that's what history shows. Will it be different this time? I don't think so but time will tell. Have you seen the S2F model or the newly updated S2FX model? It has an R-squared of 99.7%. In investing, a high R-squared, between 85% and 100%, indicates the stock's (in this case Bitcoin) performance moves relatively in line with the index. With that said, the S2FX model predicts the post-halving price of Bitcoin to have a center cluster of $288k USD. As stated, this model is basically 99.7% accurate from inception to date and aligns with Silver and Gold.