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  1. Rodgers back in the bay after getting crushed earlier this season. I’m taking Packers for the upset. State Farm Super Bowl comes to fruition!
  2. In that megaphone clip, that looks like a man on cocaine.
  3. Speaking of BPD specifically, yes there are plenty of us kind people. Those who suffer from BPD typically lash out (rage) on those closest to them (spouse, parent, sibling, best friend etc...). Typically you don’t see the behavior toward co workers and casual acquaintances. That said, being a millionaire superstar athlete who is entitled probably magnifies the disorder considerably.
  4. Odd comparison. QBs have much longer careers so seems like a no brainer knowing what we know NOW. We know Peyton os a HOF QB who threw tons of TDS for 15 (?) or so years? CMC may never play another down or he may be a HOFer but it’s highly unlikely CMC would produce all world numbers for a steady 15 seasons regardless. RBs just don’t last that long.
  5. I don’t think that’s true at all. You think he did this for attention and wanted to get “caught”? I think OBJ is totally misunderstood.
  6. Agreed. To me, he seems more BPD than bi-polar. And the two disorders are NOT the same.
  7. I agree, I think he has BPD. It does not make him an idiot or a clown, just a sick individual with no real friends or family to convince him he needs help. Those of us battling BPD or other mental/personality disorders need support and love. I truly feel for AB at this time. As much as he's being a #####, he doesn't see it and he doesn't understand. Hopefully someone in his circle can step up and help him somehow.
  8. That's really cool man! Super cool in fact. I'm guessing you're the guy on the far right (purely guessing).
  9. I read the theead title as: Instant Pot Smoker 🤦‍♂️
  10. Cool story. I’m not really a Rush fan either and I’ve never seen them live but hot damn if Tom Sawyer isn’t one of the best rock songs of all time!
  11. I wonder what they have caught. I’m not arguing with you. If it seems like I am I apologize for poor communication. I’m just still shocked that they can enforce a rule like that and my cynical nature tells me if they have caught anyone it’s probably just for show to make it look like they’re doing their job.
  12. Well, they missed big on this one and they’re married!! Convince me that they’re enforcing it and catching it among friends or gambling groups. I highly doubt they are if they can’t even catch collusion from the same household.
  13. Ok. Well that obviously changes things for me. I just assumed there was no collusion rule because it would be impossible to monitor and enforce. Looks like I was right! They can’t enforce it.