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  1. The absolute BEST part about all of this is that we now get to infinitely use FOH!! FOH censorship!!
  2. Damn dude, that is MESSED UP! I'm so sorry you and your kids had to deal with that for so long. What's crazy to me is that SHE is the one who strayed and was unfaithful but yet treated you like the one who cheated on her. She was bat-poop crazy, wasn't she?
  3. This guy, AB is a ##### bag of the tallest order. Get this dude off the field!! My god!! And I have him in a few leagues. This guy doesn’t deserve the NFL nor any of the money/power that comes with it. What a POS.
  4. Guys, it's week 2 and Mixon is playing on a low grade sprain. How do you bench him already? He was probably your 2nd round pick. It's y'alls team but just seems like paralysis by analysis benching your starting RB in week 2. If he was hurt that bad, wouldn't they sit him? I'm starting with confidence.
  5. Joe Mixon (CIN) - Active per NFLN Mark Ingram (BAL) - Active per NFLN Mike Williams (LAC) - Active per NFLN Marquise Brown (BAL) - Active per NFLN
  6. This doesn't happen very often. Good on you for owning up to it and apologizing. We need more of this and less defending/arguing when we are wrong.
  7. Cam is not a good QB. That was brutal to watch.
  8. IF: AB falls in line Key players stay healthy Gronk returns and is pro bowl Gronk Then they have a chance for sure.
  9. Totes. Seemed like a no brainer to me. I had Engram as my TE3 personally.
  10. Did most of his stats come from Foles? I didn't see any of the game. Have Chark in a few leagues though.
  11. On pace for 3,344 total yards and 32 TDs. If only someone on here was predicting perennial pro-bowl status while he was still in college. <<<< Oh, yeah, I did that!!! I'm still waiting for my apology from @petekrum who has since disappeared.