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  1. PPR league. Can keep three players; already keeping Alvin Kamara and Jordan Howard. (Can start three RBs.) Thanks.
  2. I'm in a PPR keeper league that allows us to keep three players. My top options at this point are Alvin Kamara, Jordan Howard, and Carson Wentz. We have one IR spot, and I'm considering dropping Aaron Rodgers for Chris Carson. (The risk is that Rodgers comes back in time for fantasy playoffs.) Question: Is Chris Carson worth a keeper position?
  3. Rodger was my QB (still managed to get high score last week--my team is stacked). When he went down I immediately snagged Roethlisberger off the waiver wire. Now another owner is offering me Carson Wentz for either Jerick McKinnon or Alvin Kamara. (My other RBs are Le'Veon, Howard, McFadden, Cohen, and White.) The one stickler is that this is a keeper league (keep three players), so I'm hesitant to trade Kamara. PPR league. Thanks!
  4. I think it's a good time to sell high on Davante. I like him as a receiver but there are too many options in GB. A lot of it depends on Jordy Nelson's health--if his hammy takes a while to fully heal, Adams is the main man. (Sorry, Cobb.) So I like the trade. I'd be more hesitant to deal Kamara because we don't know what his potential is.
  5. Bragging. My team: Drew Brees, Lamar Miller, Spencer Ware, Antonio Brown, Larry Fitzgerald, Jason Witten, Marvin Jones, Mason Crosby, Broncos D. (Edelman and Ameer Abdullah on the bench.) Almost 197 points in an ESPN league. (Average score of the other eleven teams: 122.4.) This isn't a newbie league, and Brown & Fitz were my keepers (along with Le'Veon Bell).
  6. It sounds like Sitton was a malcontent and questioned the coaching one too many times. At the same time, he was well liked and a leader. Personally, I think the Pack screwed up by cutting him. You can never have enough quality offensive linemen. I'm cutting back my expectations for Green Bay this year.