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  1. He's a bigger version of McCaffrey, but will be a steal because NFL teams are hypocrites.
  2. Alvin Kamara is why NFL teams should pass on Christian McCaffrey in the 1st/2nd.
  3. Derrius Guice is my #1 Devy RB, yes over Chubb and Barkley. He's just so explosive and he's doing it in the SEC. I've actually had Guice over Barkley as recruits. After two fill-in starts this year, Guice has shown why he was my #1 RB for his class.
  4. I don't see it. It's mostly quick and short.
  5. Freeman is very good. Great hips and feet like Le'Veon Bell except more explosive than Bell was in college. Very capable receiver as well. He's not my top guy, but he has as much upside as any other RB.
  6. Charles shows much more flex and does more side to side running, so I don't like that comp either. Miller ran like a scatback in college, but became more of downhill runner in the NFL. The Charles comparison stems from both their speed and acceleration, especially after contact, not really running style. I don't think being stiff means a RB sucks, it just means they have limitations and might need to be in a certain scheme. Coleman isn't stiff either. You're going to have to define what stiff means because if you're describing how they actually move, you're not using the correct word. Just because RBs like to run in a straight line instead of doing a lot of juking doesn't make them "stiff". If you want to say "this RB does a lot of straight line running" that's fine. That's not "stiff". You compared Cook to Henry but now say one guy is better in a certain area because his body is a different size. If you know that a different body size does things in a different way they why did you make the comparison in the first place? You're basically admitting it was a bad comparison without having to admit it. I think Cook doesn't look as explosive this year as last, but it could just be not having as good of blocking resulting in not having as many long run opportunities. It's great to see that he's being used more as a receiver and is actually doing a lot better in that department than a player who was thought of as an excellent receiving threat, Christian McCaffrey.
  7. Henry isn't stiff and neither is Cook. Fournette is what stiff looks like. That is, if you understand how the human body works. Just because Cook doesn't do a lot of dancing and juking like a LeSean McCoy doesn't mean he doesn't move laterally well. He just chooses to be a downhill type of runner instead of a scatback. A better comparison would be the NFL version of Lamar Miller.
  8. A few good Freshmen RBs this year that weren't highly regarded recruits: Joshua Jacobs, Trayveon Williams, Brian Herrien. Jacobs reminds me a lot of Trent Richardson (when he was good in college). Looks to be the same height, 5'9", very stocky build with quick feet, breaks tackles. I think Saban is going to ride him as he looks to be a better "feature" RB than Harris. Harris has great speed and quickness but doesn't seem to run "tough" like Jacobs. Trayveon Williams is also 5'9", but he's got great long speed to go with the quickness and vision. Brian Herrien is listed at 6' 210, but he looks and plays closer to 220. Moves very well for a taller-built RB and has great speed as well. Always falls forward.
  9. Alshon was gimply, yet looked better than White. White was bombarded when he was lined up on the right side because Hoyer couldn't throw left for some reason.
  10. Elijah Holyfield debut: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dNQg5g61VWE
  11. Where does Drew Lock and Davis Webb fit in?
  12. Sitting out isn't going to be an advantage. Taking time off from being hit on weekly basis can have the opposite effect.
  13. McCaffrey isn't even the best RB in the PAC12.
  14. Sounds like Cordarrelle Patterson. @-CE- where you at? LOL.
  15. I'm a big fan of Ballage. He's one of those guys that will test freakishly at the combine. There was a video of him racing a teammate in the 40 yard dash from a 2-point stance and I measured him at 4.43.