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  1. Lee was so overrated. Just compare JuJu's age 19 season to Lee's age 19 season. Oh wait, Lee was still in high school at that age. Lee had horrible hands and wasn't a downfield threat. He was a "catch and run" receiver.
  2. If it says anything about anyone, it's the recruiting department, not the coaching department. USC gets the best high school recruits from California and the west coast. Unfortunately, the best WRs aren't from California. The top 20 career leaders in receiving yards since 2000 are pre-dominantly from Florida and mostly from SEC/ACC territory. http://www.pro-football-reference.com/tiny/LNaah The highest ranked California WR is Steve Smith, who didn't even play in the PAC10/12. The second highest is DeSean Jackson, who went to the same high school as JuJu.
  3. No he wasn't. Lee was one of those "overaged" prospects. He was 20 as a Freshman. JuJu will be 20 in November as a Junior.
  4. https://twitter.com/Bischoff_Scott/status/752282751143931905 https://twitter.com/JeffRisdon/status/752285067611865088
  5. Darrel Williams is not very good.
  6. He is far from Adrian Peterson. Peterson is much better at creating yards on his own due to his cutting ability.
  7. One of these LSU RBs has elite agility at 220+ lbs. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_vwEnjmP_xI
  8. Like I said before, it's not just about the extra blocker, it's where the runner lines up that makes him better in the I-formation. It's ridiculous because you're from Louisiana and you're probably a Fournette fan. It's ridiculous because he has no weakness, because he did so well having to run to the sideline and create vs Alabama and Arkansas. You said there's nothing average about Fournette. Well, there absolutely is something average about him. And you're not willing to admit it because you're already invested in the lie.
  9. I asked a question. One which you can't refute.
  10. What's ridiculous is that I never said he's an average back. I said he he's average under certain conditions. It's amazing the distance Fournette fanboys would travel to defend him.
  11. Is someone trying to oversell his talent? What is there to doubt? Fournette has a clear weakness yet people are so blind, they would lie to themselves that he doesn't when the evidence is presented right in front of them.
  12. That's one of the funniest video titles ever. When exactly did Fournette decide to execute that cut they showed and how did they measure it? One of these has average or below average lateral explosiveness. https://gfycat.com/SorrowfulWholeDogwoodclubgall https://gfycat.com/VengefulAlarmedAffenpinscher
  13. It is simple. When he didn't run out of I-formation he is worse. When he lost his starting Fullback he was worse. So what is so special about him that he couldn't post video game numbers without the two? The I-formation and Fullback go hand in hand. It has more to do with where he lines up and less to do with having an extra blocker. We don't have to decide. He is average, to an extent. Unless you can show me numbers that say he isn't. He simply possesses poor lateral explosiveness. That limits what kind of blocking scheme he can play in. You're basically hoping he goes to a team that uses a Fullback 75% of the time (just pulling an arbitrary figure out there). If he's going to run out of Shotgun, he isn't any more special than other guys like Hood, Perine, and Cook who run primarily out of Shotgun. And if he isn't that much better, what's the point of drafting him so high?
  14. What's so condescending? I mean what he wrote made no sense. It was quite contradictory. Can you answer the question instead of just deflecting? Thanks.
  15. If he's not average, then why does he need that extra blocker to look better than average?