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  1. Can you elaborate on this? Do you have canned goods, water and that kind of stuff? Or do you have survival kits (or whatever they are called) that last for 25 years?
  2. My daughter is on the spectrum and I love this sentiment.
  3. I immediately thought of that scene from the Irishman too and how much better Mike looked
  4. There is nothing wrong with the 16 game schedule and the 6 teams per conference that currently make the playoff - why change something that works so well? </rhetorical>
  5. Intro to MAF:—resolutions-time-come-one-come-all/page/272/?tab=comments#comment-22357642 eaganwildcats uses this and I just got mine yesterday - seems to work great so far.—resolutions-time-come-one-come-all/?do=findComment&comment=22496021
  6. Fell off the wagon hard on Friday / Saturday (there are reason/excuses but I'll keep them to myself). However, Sunday and today have been smooth sailing and I plan to make it to 3/1 without another drop. After about 14 days off I felt like crap on Saturday and Sunday morning which was good - makes me want to never return to drinking every day - can't believe feeling like THAT was normal.
  7. Let's talk about the pros/cons of contributing to Roth vs Traditional IRAs. I think a mix is the best approach so you have some options in retirement, and most advice seems to indicate Roth as the better option but I'm not convinced. Let's use this example: Say I'm in the 22% tax bracket and married so the range is from $78,951 to $168,400 in 2019-2020 Fast forward to when I retire but still using today's dollars/brackets as a guide. I would have to take a distribution from an IRA of $103,351 just to reach the 22% bracket! Assuming my assumptions are right about how all this works and assuming that is my only income it works out like this: $103,351 - $24,400 (standard deduction) = $78,951. Now, I'm not going to need that much income per year in retirement due to several factors - so in retirement I can pretty safely predict to be in the 12% bracket $19,401 to $78,950 in "today's dollars". If we knew the brackets wouldn't change (except to account for inflation) deferring taxes in this example would be a no-brainer, wouldn't it? I'm sure the answer is going to be "we don't know what future taxes will be" but will they be punitive enough for seniors that my tax bracket in retirement will be larger than 22%? I'm probably way over simplifying this, but that's why I'm asking Tax brackets:
  8. I read this article about Roth 401K vs Roth IRA, but still have a question: Background: My wife and I each have a Roth IRA and last year we both started contributing to a Roth 401K at our respective employers - but I'm starting to second guess that choice. My wife gets a pension so there is no company match for her but she is able to contribute to the Roth 401K as well. I am at 8% into traditional 401K at work and 2% into the Roth 401K. We still qualify to contribute to the Roth IRA but we haven't been making contributions for a while. I'm wondering if there is a benefit to having both types of Roth accounts for each of us (although, I guess that is water under the bridge now that we have both types). Put aside for a moment weather this would be a good idea or not, could we stop contributing to the Roth 401 K, roll those into our existing Roth IRAs, and then start contributing the same amount to the Roth IRAs? The main differences between the two that I could see don't really apply to my situation. The Roth 401K has a higher contribution limit but we aren't anywhere near that amount yet. The only other difference that I could see was that you don't have to start taking RMD from Roth IRA but you do from Roth 401K. So my next question is CAN you take RMD from Roth IRA even though it is not required? I'm only 52 so a long way from RMD but when I get there I assumed I would/could use the Roth accounts to offset the pre-tax accounts as a way to mitigate the tax burden. If you can use the Roth IRA for RMD then the Roth 401K is just another account for us to manage which is unnecessary. If you cant use the Roth IRA as part of RMD then the Roth 401K makes sense to me.
  9. To monitor heart rate I've been using a fit bit which doesn't track heart rate as closely/accurately/timely as I would like. Can anyone recommend a good/cheap chest strap HR monitor? The main thing I would want is accurate/timely updates of my HR in real time - the fitbit simply lags too much. ETA: Anyone use this one?
  10. Sober February going well - zero drinks! The daily routine seems to be working too: get up by 6:30, Sun Salutation, 10K steps by EOD, 10 pushups/pullups/curls by EOD, get heart rate into MAF training zone, IF (16-8), and bed by 10 PM. Getting to bed by 10 and not sticking to the 16-8 for IF have been the biggest hurdles (although the worst I've been is 12:12 with a small snack in the evening and up until 11 PM at the worst) . Started the year at 203, then down to ~198, then back to 201 with the Super Bowl weekend festivities. Then I started this daily routine on 2/3 and I'm down to 195.4 this AM. If/when I get to 194 I will no longer be fat according to BMI. On a related note, if/when I get to 194 I'm going to pull out our old Wii Fit console/board just to see my "Mii" adjust to a normal size
  11. I started on 2/3 and breezed through the week without even a craving until Friday when I had the ####tiest day at work you can imagine - nothing went right - really wanted a drink when I got home but held firm. Today was another easy day with no desire to break the streak. So I might just skip work until 3/1
  12. AB was a great player on the field and I'm sure he wanted to win a Super Bowl - but he was all about the numbers.
  13. This is relatively lame compared to what others are doing, but I gotta know where I am starting from and build from there. So here is my Feb daily routine (started on 2/3): Zero booze Wake between 6 and 630 AM Sun Salutation Yoga first thing in the AM Minimum of 10K steps by EOD get into MAF heart rate zone by EOD (although I'm probably not going long enough to consider it MAF training or whatever) 10 push ups 10 pull ups (assisted) 10 curls Bed at 10PM (no TV, phone, computer, etc.) -- if needed, I'll listen to "soothing sounds" station on cable, but only as a last resort. ETA: IF I eat breakfast at around 9:30, lunch mid-day, then dinner at around 5:30, then nothing except water after dinner. Super Bowl weekend set me back to 201 lbs so here we go.
  14. @Simon Shepherd Let me preface my thoughts about the Lineup Optimizer by saying I think the Online Draft Dominator is an excellent piece of software. I've praised you and the Draft Dominator in the past but I think the Lineup Optimizer has a ways to go before it becomes as good. The biggest problem is that I cant see all three projections at the same time. I think this goes back to the conversation we had about the name (maybe that was in the other thread). The functionality in the Single Lineup Optimizer acts as a lineup optimizer for one lineup. However, the IVC is actually Interactive! where you can see a bunch more of the information, gives you an opportunity to easily tinker/compare/etc. between the different projections, and then it fills in the rest of the lineup. The current Single Lineup Optimizer and the current IVC are not the same at all. I disagree with you that the Single Lineup Optimizer is a direct port of the IVC. That's why (in the other thread) I said the name isn't as important as the functionality and it seemed to me you were more focused on the name rather than the functionality. Get the functionality right and you can name it whatever you want if you don't like IVC. The current IVC allows me to see MT, DD, and SB projections all at one time. It allows me to easily sort by each projection and eyeball if any of the projections has someone wildly different from the other two. It allows me to sort by projected fantasy points, H-value, etc. Once the lineup is completed it shows me the total projected score by each of MT, DD, SB and the consensus IIRC. Not showing all the projects in the left pane at the same time like the IVC takes too many of the options away. Regarding specific functionality (I'm using a laptop in a Chrome browser): In general the Optimizer is slower than the IVC. It took 9 seconds to load the players in the left pane - that is way to slow for ~300 players or whatever the exact number. I was using DK and week 16 for this test. The lineup in the right pane should show all the players/ should show the entire lineup. Having to scroll to see the TE, FLEX, and Defense is not ideal. I ran a few different lineups on the Single Lineup tab and then popped over to the Lineups tab and none of my lineups was there. Not sure it that is expected behavior but the way the tabs are laid out across the top it makes it seem like the lineups should have been there. If the lineups should not be there then maybe disable that tab when in single mode? Bug: I ran a few single game lineups on DK and then switched over to FD. However, the lineup on FD was never created. After changing to FD, when I clicked "Complete Lineup" the "Completing your lineup" message popped up for a second with the screen grayed out and then it disappeared with no updates to the lineup. I then switched over to Fantasy Draft and had the same results. Bug: I selected week 17 and got the message "this is the last week of the NFL regular season..." Then switched to week 16 and the message was still there. Selecting any week from here and the message remains. While I'm providing feedback, the multi-lineup optimizer should allow me to save my default settings. For every week AND every slate I have to select "large GPP", 100 lineups, 25% randomness, etc, etc, etc. It sure would be nice if I could save those as default settings and be able to tweak from MY default rather than a blank slate every.single.time.