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  1. I have the Wentz Ertz stack as wel... terrible. Sam Darnold was dropped by someone else when he was out with mono and I picked him up weeks ago. Will consider starting Sam moving forward.
  2. I might as well start Lazard over R. Anderson given his track record against NE
  3. Why isn't DEN using P. Lindsay more? They are losing either way, but he is the most electric player on DEN roster.
  4. N. Fant seems terrible. Also, who is the back QB in DEN?
  5. I had no idea the broncos oline was this bad. I thought they had a chance to follow the blue print on how to beat the cheifs - run the ball with Lindsay and Freeman - but they can't do that at all and the also can't pass block.
  6. terrible challenge by Reid... he'd gain like 5 yards or so if he wins?
  7. Thanks. My daughter has dislocated her knee cap twice (I actually popped it back in the 2nd time) and that's definitely what it looked like to me. She had to wear a knee brace for a while but she's not a pro athlete so I'm not sure what the typical recovery time would be.
  8. Where is @Dr. Dan when you need him?
  9. Did they have pop the kneecap back into place? Could he come back tonight if that was the injury?
  10. Agreed. If he is the lead back this week due to injury he could have a great game against ATL who is generous to the RB position.
  11. I added him as well and might start him as I am a big underdog and playing against P. Mahomes. Also have OBJ, DJ. Moore and D. Johnson on bye so I might be starting A. Lazard and Tate at WR and D. Henderson at FLEX
  12. Yep. That was it for Elliott (kickers used to get points for passing but no more). The Rams defense was awarded two fumble recoveries in the data feed I am using on that crazy play were they recovered a fumble, then lateraled the ball, then it was reviewed. Anyway, this is fixed too. On to week 7.