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  1. I'm probably going with the Vikings. I don't like the Jags this week - the Titans beat them twice last year (yes, I know it's a new season). But for whatever reason sometimes teams just match-up well with other teams and I think the Titans are one of those teams for the Jags.
  2. I can say with certainty that is an appropriate response to the "well they haven't won with Conner yet" fishing expedition.
  3. I was listening to Stan Savran radio show last week and he had Mark Madden on - Madden said the Steelers might be on the brink of unraveling, especially if they lost to KC - maybe there is something to that idea?
  4. you win the trolling contest in this thread!
  5. It sucks that you have to be an old-timer to remember this, but it's true, and I remember it all too well
  6. Bell is a better player that Conner. However, I think these 2 game have proven the Steelers made a correct call in not offering Bell a Gurley/Johnson type contract (but 14.5M is a decent offer for one year). Conner is making ~750K this year and his play is way better than 1/19th of Bell. I think the Steelers made the right call. I'm fine with Bell thinking he is worth more. Both sides can be doing the right thing
  7. I just check calcomatic and the two most owned players remaining are Bears (27%) and Burton (25%) and the 4th most owned in Gallup (15%) so I feel a bit better about my chances.
  8. Similar to my team - currently at: 166.8 With one of: E. Elliott, M. Gallup, T. Burton, N. Vannett (-15) And: Bears (-7) Sweating the turk this week
  9. Ben is going to light it up this week. He loves this sort of drama - coming off a bad game, coming into the game injured, etc. Plus it's the home opener against a KC team that stinks in the secondary. Its the perfect storm for him.
  10. I hope you are correct, I have all these guys in my main league And nice work as always SSND!
  11. A little bit, but the Rams won both meetings last year scoring 33 and 32 points - I know every year is different but do you see the Cards scoring 30+ against the Rams? I've already locked in the Rams.
  12. I overpaid for Flacco @ $5