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  1. Finally, everyone wins in the Burfict saga.
  2. J. Winston is my choice. Bruce Arians loves to throw the ball.
  3. Harden's salary > AB salary it's a simple formula
  4. AB has been paid nearly 70 million by the Steelers - including a new contract in 2012 when he was in only his 3rd year and another contract in 2017 making him the highest paid WR in the game. I understand your issues with the CBA, but I think the Steelers are being unfairly demonized over the Brown/Bell situations.
  5. I agree - but not everyone sees both sides.
  6. Or to sign the Steelers long term offer which was in the range of what Bell got after skipping a season of earning potential.
  7. This year will be a referendum on the "broken culture" of the Steelers. Bell/Brown provided a majority of the distractions over the last several years so we'll see what happens now that they are gone.
  8. Agreed. I already changed it but you were too quick to respond.
  9. You can't compare the Jets deal to the 14.5 transition tag. Instead, it should be compared to the Steelers long term offer and in that light the decision seems very bad.
  10. Once AB said he wasn't going to the Bills THEY backed out. We can agree to disagree but @AhrnCityPahnder summarized it best when he said something like you either trust the Steelers organization or you don't.
  11. What do you think the Browns would have done if OBJ said he wouldn't report to CLE? The AB and OBJ situations are not the same.
  12. How is that fair to Coleman?
  13. Yeah, that guy is the biggest Steeler troll around. The thread is better with him on ignore (unless people keep quoting him )
  14. I was speaking more from a locker room / distraction / off the field nonsense POV.