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  1. They changed the rules, so stop complaining 😛
  2. I don't see how the situations are remotely similar. Were you supposed to predict a season ending injury to DJ half way through game 1 last year?
  3. Full Practice On Wednesday - he's expected to play this weekend.
  4. Currently have him in the lineup over E. Sanders. CAR is consistently giving up more yards/tds to WRs than the Chargers.
  5. Steeler

    Le'Veon Bell

    I've seen speculation that the Steelers will stick to their formula and not be huge players in FA... instead using that money on resigning some of their players instead.
  6. Reality TV and Social Media for me - GET OFF MY LAWN.
  7. Steeler

    Le'Veon Bell

    This is getting to be one of those semantics arguments that everyone loves so much... @davearm is saying Bell didn't lose the 14.5M and others are saying he did. I think you agree with those saying he did give up the 14.5M IN EXCHANGE for not getting seriously hurt in 2018.... but he did lose the 14.5M no matter what he gained by doing that or what he will get in a contract next year.
  8. Steeler

    Le'Veon Bell

    The Steelers couldn't trade him until he signed for this year, so a trade was never an option.
  9. Steeler

    Le'Veon Bell

    Already covered - the sports media was too lazy to read the CBA (as was adisa bakari apparently).
  10. Steeler

    Marquise Goodwin

    Agreed. I was shocked he went back in the game at all, and then especially after the 2nd time when he looked to go into that "fencing pose" or whatever it's called.
  11. Given the commentators, instead of posting this, I would have deleted the original comment
  12. Steeler

    Le'Veon Bell

    Only 5 more hours to go guys! Keep up the good fight no matter which side you are on
  13. Goodwin out for the rest of the game and probably next week too,