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  1. Would you guys mind taking it to PMs? You are arguing about a hypothetical situation floated by Bayhawks that even he said has a zero percent chance of happening.
  2. I think you are trying to fix a problem that doesn't exist. In this scenario the teams played 59+ minutes and one of them earned the one point lead - why do you want to force the offense to keep trying when the team did enough over 59+ minutes to earn a one point lead?
  3. No offense, but this seems dumb. Punting is a key element in managing field position which is a pretty big part of the game.
  4. I'm talking about what's going to happen next year now that Bell is playing under the franchise tag this year (assuming he signs it). I don't think Bell will be in Pittsburgh next year because someone will be willing to pay more for Bell next year than the Steelers will be willing to pay him next year.
  5. When I read the title, I thought "the decay of US society"
  6. This is part of my problem with it - I watched it based on the previews alone which were very misleading. I like to go into a movie with as clean a slate as possible and the previews sucked to tell me what to expect. Also, the movie should stand alone and not need an explanation by the director - same premise as having to explain a joke.
  7. Good point - this would definitely be the worst case scenario for Steeler fans.
  8. I think this is the best way to look at the situation - I can't find fault in how either side played it. Bell locked up ~27 million for 2 years and barring injury/suspension will most likely get more next year that the Steelers offered this year. The Steelers valued Bell at a certain price and offered a contract to match their valuation which is pretty much how they always operate. Both sides did everything in their best interest but they just couldn't come to an agreement. I hope Bell helps them win a Super Bowl this year and then gets a massive contract for some NFC team so the Steelers don't have to face him very often. I would be crazy (for Steeler fans) if he ends up in CLE.
  9. This is the worst movie I have ever seen - thank God I didn't pay money to see this ridiculously stupid film.
  10. How much should the Steelers have paid Bell?
  11. There's a guy at work who is a Pats fan (he's alright other than that ) and I've said pretty much that exact sentence to him on several occasions.
  12. I haven't participated in any best ball leagues on yet - what is the best way to find ADP information? I'm sure the site lists players during the draft based on ADP but is there any ADP source that is similar to what BroadwayG was doing with MFL10s?
  13. It seems like you are not factoring in the cost of signing Bell. To answer your question - they didn't sign Bell because it was more than they thought he (or the RB position) was worth.
  14. Barring injury or some other unforeseen circumstances I don't think Bell will be back in Pittsburgh - someone will offer way more than the Steelers will be willing to offer.
  15. Agreed - there is a zero percent chance Bell is in Pittsburgh next year.