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  1. Why does Bryant need a league program to help him with his mental health issues? I'm not making light of his problems, just seems like he could seek out counselling on his own if necessary.
  2. Even if you choose to look at it this way, the product on the field will be less than what it is now because starters will have to sit games when they are healthy
  3. We never see the NFL forcing teams to rest players in week 17, that is a choice the team makes to benefit themselves. I have no problem with teams resting players, i have a problem if it is mandated from the league for any reason. The league would be forcing teams to put a sub-optimal product on the field.
  4. Hockey goalies are a straw man - if the NHL had a 16 game season the starting goalie would play all the games. My biggest issue with the proposal is forcing teams to sit players during games in a 16 game season.
  5. Conner is the far superior runner - tougher to bring down, more physical, finishes runs better. Samuels is probably the better receiving back but Conner did fine in that category last year too. This is a good tandem for the Steelers and for FF it's Conner as the starter with Samuels the hand cuff.
  6. When I initially read the question, and before reading any responses, my answer was: it depends on the disparity between the starter and the backup. And this post is a good illustration of my thoughts. My guess is Chubb will get a larger share of the workload in the beginning of the season because he is clearly the best RB available. When Hunt comes back from suspension and is available he is way closer in talent to Chubb that the other guys so it would make sense for the Browns to use him more even if it cuts into Chubb's touches.
  7. Before seeing the list of movies I thought of Psycho, then thought of Read Window (my personal favorite), then thought of Dial M for Murder. The list of movies is incredible and shows how great Hitchcock was.
  8. I just saw that the Wizards are getting 3 players from the Lakers plus a 2nd round pick as part of the Anthony Davis trade. I don't follow the NBA very closely so I don't understand the benefit to the Wizards. Are the 3 Lakers players better than what the Wizards have currently? Is it that simple? If this was already discussed just point me to that part of the thread - thanks!
  9. @culdeus so you are traveling to Europe for 2 weeks with hotel and airfare fully paid plus ~18K in cash back (or whatever)? Or is ~18K the total value you received from your cards this year? Either way it's impressive.
  10. Dynasty fantasy drafts would happen even if the NFL abolished the draft.
  11. I've been playing more MLB lately because NFL, NHL, NBA are done and this has been my strategy pretty much every day. I've been playing multiple lineups in the 10 cent tournament (I can't imagine how bad the ROI is for this effort, but whatever ). On a related note, are you guys aware of DK achievements? They are running an MLB one right now that awards 1.5K crowns if you have at least one player homer from all 30 MLB teams before July 7th. I know it's gamification designed to increase interest in MLB / DFS in general but if we are already playing why not take notice of it?
  12. You are hung up on parity of outcome. There is parity of opportunity for NFL teams via the draft and free agency. CLE sucked for 50 years because they were bad a running an NFL team Also, if every player was a FA parity would decrease as the better players move toward the better teams/locations/etc. See the NBA for an example of this.
  13. The draft is a critical part of building an NFL team and I would hate to see it go away. The NFL doesn't want to follow the NBA in terms of free agency because these "super teams" are very lame (I get it's much easier to build a super team in the NBA than it would be in the NFL due to roster sizes). Building a quality NFL team should be difficult. Building a quality NBA team means sucking for a while, then manipulating their cap to get as many max contracts as they can. The NBA is lame. Also, this quote is completely off the mark. Zion CAN live anywhere he wants if he want's to work at Walmart, or as a salesman, or as a software developer or any other profession. But if he want's to play in the NBA he has to play where his is drafted.
  14. I don't think the Steelers are going to change their RB usage under Tomlin. While he's been the head coach one back has always dominated touches, even in blowouts sometimes. Unless they change from the way they have always done things Conner is going to be use a lot. From a football POV I wish they would spread out the carries more, but they just haven't done that under Tomlin.