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  1. Steeler

    Antonio Brown WR - PIT

    Of course! I thought it was obvious I was talking about a hypothetical situation that the Pats would never do. I was talking about, hypothetically, what would the Steelers need to get in return for AB from the Pats.
  2. I would love to get Wentz that late next year, but I doubt he stays that low heading into next preseason.
  3. Steeler

    Antonio Brown WR - PIT

    I was thinking about a trade to TB as well. However, I was thinking about AB for M. Evans straight up - which is crazy and will never happen
  4. Steeler

    Antonio Brown WR - PIT

    I was thinking about a trade to the Pats and I don't know how many draft picks / players the Steelers would have to get in order to pull the trigger on this deal. Like if the Pats offered a Ricky Williams type of deal, would the Steelers even do it then?
  5. And why not be optimistic at this point?
  6. Steeler

    Antonio Brown WR - PIT

    Hear we go.
  7. Tomlin is a better head coach than Munchak. Also just because you're a good line coach doesn't mean you would be a good head coach
  8. Steeler

    Antonio Brown WR - PIT

    In case any NFL GMs are listening none of the above is true AB is a complete team player, plus look at those eye popping stats!
  9. Steeler

    Antonio Brown WR - PIT

    It sure seems like AB doesn't want to be a Steeler any longer. Therefore, I hope one of two things happen: There is a bidding war for his services and the Steelers get multiple picks with one at least one being a first (come on OAK ) The Steelers trade him somewhere in the NFC with a bad QB situation and he has a stat line of 70/850/ 3
  10. Steeler

    Drew Brees Thread

    This has taken a turn I didn't expect. I just wanted to share may feelings about Brees and the Saints. I'm not going to debate Tomlin, Big Ben or the Steelers - feel free to dislike them if you want.
  11. Steeler

    Drew Brees Thread

    I was indifferent to D. Brees before this season but now I find myself disliking him and the Saints. Some of it isn't his fault, but the lobbying by ex-players on NFL Network (and elsewhere) for him to win the MVP is distasteful. Also, stopping the game for him to celebrate the stupid passing yardage record was lame. Finally, Sean Payton seems like a jerk.
  12. Steeler

    2021 Work Stoppage? Ruh oh...

    This drives me crazy about the NBA - basketball should be a team game. I don't like watching the best player on a team waving everyone off so he can go one on one.
  13. We need a :tomahawkchop: emoji for this week so all non-pats fans can use it
  14. Steeler

    Colts vs Chiefs

    Yep, and it almost worked. Sorensen was already moving to his right when the ball was kicked... would have been interesting if he was stationary or was going directly backwards instead of moving laterally.