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  1. I see the stupidity of kicking the FG on 4th and inches has been covered - good job.
  2. Did you not read anything else in the thread? It's only debatable because people like you don't see the obvious answer 😜
  3. Ok, so you really have nothing TOTALLY KIDDING. Thanks for the response.
  4. I agree with the recent Pollard discussion. I have Zeke and I'm still considering dropping Pollard. Hell, I don't even feel like I HAVE to start Zeke it's been so bad lately - I'm definitely not going to plug Pollard in if Zeke gets hurt. I'm considering dropping Pollard to pick up Brieda or Booker over him. Both MIA and LV fantasy schedules are better that DAL, I'm actually leaning toward Booker due to his probably use if something happens to Jacobs.
  5. And it's predictable which one will show up - depending on if he is on your FF bench or in your starting lineup
  6. I understand we live in a totally polarized political environment but this is pretty lame. I can see why people don't like Trump. I'm asking why he thinks the republic is being eroded by one President - that's the part I was asking about - it seems hyperbolic. I could guess why someone thinks Trump is eroding the republic but I don't want to guess, so I asked. ETA: the answer can be high-level. Like his rhetoric, his policies, executive orders, whatever.
  7. I'm not going to argue with your response, but I'd like to understand why you think Trump is eroding our republic.
  8. I have Zeke in a keeper league so I have some question for you guys: are any of the injured oline expected to return soon? I think some defensive players are returning from injury soon as well, can the defense improve enough to make Zeke the actual focal point of the offense when the injured players return? For next year, what is the likely hood that MCCarthy will get fired this year. Thanks!
  9. This hit on D. Henry was unbelievable:^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1320471940080029698|twgr^share_3%2Ccontainerclick_0&
  10. I just updated Calcomatic. Let me know if things look OK now. Sorry for the delay - lot of stuff happening IRL for me this week. Nothing major - just needed my attention more than Fantasy Football.
  11. Great stuff! Didn't sound preachy at all - it's great when people share their thoughts - that's what the forum is all about.
  12. Sorry about that everyone! I'll definitely update before Sunday. My bad
  13. What caused it to gap down today?