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  1. I bought more DFS yesterday at ~48 instead of more JPM at ~97
  2. It's not that big of a deal, IMO. One day of prep which is basically a cleanse and on the following day the procedure where you are sleeping. They found one polyp which will be tested but they think it's nothing. I go back in 5 years. And there is nothing better than the first meal after the procedure I went ~36 hours without eating solid food so that chick fil a sandwich and large fries was magnificent.
  3. Haven't posted in a while but im doing ok. Not exercising as much and having a couple drinks a day, but have the eating under control so weight is staying around 195 which us great for me considering everything. I did lose 4 pounds yesterday for colonoscopy prep and I'm pretty sure I haven't weighed this little in 30 years.
  4. I'm also pretty new to stocks. My approach with CYDY was to invest an amount I am willing to go to zero. Therefore the recent roller coaster with the stock price has been pretty stress free. It's home run or bust for me. If the stock moons I wont be buying lambos and yachts, but I'll still name my next car the chetmobile.
  5. I watched the first episode and the dubbing reminded me of watching Godzilla movies when I was a kid - very distracting. I'll give it another shot with the subtitles.
  6. I'm right there with you. 1,000 shares at $1. I'm hoping to some home improvements done (master bathroom redone, etc.).
  7. I don't know #### about ####, but that seems like a good report to me.
  8. I'm in the CYCY train as well But I'm a newbie and need some advice about DKNG I FOMO bought DKNG at ~42 and I just bought more at ~35 to get my average price to ~38.5 --- I'm planning to sell 1/2 the shares at ~38.5 to lower the cost basis. But at what point should I just sell everything looking to buy back in later?
  9. Anybody adding DKNG here at just under $39? Seems to be trading in a range (last 10 days or so) and it's near the bottom of that range. Also, it's under the SMA20, SMA50, and SMA200 averages on the 10D chart - last time it looked like this it was up 10% the following day (PS, I know nothing about technical analysis )
  10. I have 1K shares at ~$1 so 1K invested in a taxable account. Since it was an OTC stock and only a 1K investment I didn't give much thought to the type of account where the purchase was made. Does it make any sense to sell the 1K shares in that account and pay the taxes and then purchase 1K shares in a Roth account? If the thing goes parabolic I think I would prefer the money in the Roth account. Am I over thinking things?
  11. What's going on with DKNG? I thought the secondary offering was supposed to put downward pressure on the price? Since the announcement earlier this week the price is up. I mean besides the obvious that STONKS GO UP!
  12. My DGAF has been very high the last week or so - continually failing to meet my goals for this month , day after day The only saving grace is that I am still under 200 which is an overall goal during the pandemic.