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  1. Closing in on some good stuff: August 9: GLOW season 3 August 16: Mindhunder season 2
  2. Bojack was finally nominated for the best animated series Emmy this year. No voice actor nominations, though, which is ridiculous.
  3. I missed the Kofi match and the pre-show. Had a good time with the rest of it. For an "extreme" show, they kept most of the action in the ring/ringside area. That made Braun/Lashley feel special, and I thought they put together a good brawl. Take looked good. Using him in tags is the way to go. I really thought we were going to get another lights out scene when Shane set up coast-to-coast with Kane standing in the way. Really like how AJ is powered up with his boys around ringside. The reverse Style Clash scared the crap outta me, though. Surprised by the New Day win. Heavy Machinery gained a lot of shine, and Daniel Bryan trying to submit Big E might have been my favorite spot of the night. Mixed tag had good timing...broke down right when the tag rules were getting in the way. I don't mind inter-gender action, so the spot on Becky got a nice pop. I told the family about Brock cashing in, and it got a huge eye roll from my wife. Her comments: Is he really that big of a draw? Isn't anyone else on the roster famous enough? I stuck around for the Batista piece after and really enjoyed that too.
  4. Taker looked spry in a nice bounce back from the Goldberg fiasco
  5. Great card so far with two big fights left. Well played, Battlebots.
  6. Bronco was in a story bit with Hydra where both flipped a washing machine. Record is 0-0 for the season.
  7. Bronco debuts tonight (as an underdog vs Bite Force in the main event). I believe everyone else is a repeat, so none of the newer bots I mentioned previously are getting TV time.
  8. Maybe they'll go IT on the bit and skip ahead to modern day with the kids appearing in flashbacks?
  9. Throwing in a few of my thoughts: I thought the world building was very good this season...I don't see it as slow. I like that there being 3 different investigations/discoveries going on at the same time. It made the threat feel bigger. I thought Billy was the breakout star of the season. The season opened with attending a zombie movie, and that was emulated throughout the episodes. The season ended with Back to the Future - is that foreshadowing for season 4? Maybe time travel is what gets Hopper back on the show? Hopper was too over the top oafish for my taste - just a huge grump/overprotective dad/yelly face guy. Eating the cleaners and such - I took that to be a preparation for sacrificing to the beast. It made their bodies easier to gooify...we saw occasional bones being left behind that didn't dissolve. I think rats (and other small creatures we don't see) were so easily corrupted that they didn't need direct contact with the flayer. Humans are more complex, so they required direct insemination. The in credits monster seems like a demogorgon-human hybrid. Maybe it's the final evolution after additional contact with the surface world? Overall, I think Season 3 was my favorite so far, and it was a nice recovery after season two failed to up the ante. Some of that could be lowered expectations, but I thought this season did the best job with the scares, and I loved the mall setting. Go see it!
  10. I wonder if we are going to get a "new bot" episode soon...or some kind of online thing to view the fights that aren't being featured on TV. There's a bunch of bots who haven't been on yet, and many of in their first or second year: Battlesaw Bronco Daisy Cutter Deep Six Double Jeopardy (the giant gun bot) Electric Ray Extinguisher the Four Horseman Foxtrot Kingpin Nightmare P1 Sharkorpian Shellshock Sidewinder Tantrum
  11. I took the field in the bet. Sawblaze had Tombstone on the ropes until the pulverizer saved him. The scouting report is out - bum's rush to start, get in close for a pushing contest.
  12. Party hat Pikachu is a photo bomber. I got him in step 2.
  13. Oh my...I'm through 7 and loving it. Haven't read spoilers...just hoping they don't blow it in the final 3.