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  1. I want Warren to win, but, if she isn't going to win, the second best thing she can do is destroy Bloomberg. She's a patriot, imo.
  2. Well that was a thing that happened.
  3. Debate 10 of 12 tonight. Both billionaires on stage. Possibly (probably?) the last stand for Warren. Final chance for Biden/Pete/Amy to fight over the centrists. Have to assume that everyone is coming for Bernie tonight.
  4. There's a bunch of British flippers coming in. Is Bronco ducking? (No, but make that a story anyway)
  5. Bots not participating: Bronco, Yeti, Blacksmith, Bombshell plus all teams from China (norovirus)
  6. Behind the Bots is a weekly podcast about the sport, and they have a very early preview this week. It includes news about teams that are in and out for the 2020 season.
  7. There is such an enormous difference between a million and a billion...completely disingenuous by Bloomberg.
  8. Bloomberg making a strong case for hating billionaires, imo.
  9. Building up a tradition of Valentine's Day concerts with my wife. 2014 - Arctic Monkeys 2019 - Heart Bones 2020 - Brandi Carlile (at the brand new venue in Minneapolis, the Fillmore)
  10. If she gains enough momentum to be worried about, she will have to answer some tough questions about her history with criminal justice. SC will tell the story.