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  1. Shot a short video from.the front lines.
  2. Basically, the supporters are going out the back while protesters are being distracted in front by mounted police.
  3. Lots of cameras setting up. They expect something big when the rally ends.
  4. 9pm is the turn. Crowd is starting to chant against the police. A few Trump fans exit the rally to much fanfare but no altercations yet.
  5. Very peaceful protests so far. All the groups consolidated and it's more haggard now.
  6. Shot and a beer at the Depot before I get in the pit.
  7. Texted with my police officer friend a little last night. He'll be on the front line at Target Center, and he said they are preparing for things to get ugly. I expect a peaceful protest, but I think Trump wants violence. He's desperate to shine a negative light on a progressive city and Ilhan Omar's district. I fully expect infidels in the crowd trying to start trouble. It will be on the crowd to de-escalate before the police need to get involved. Forecast calls for rain all night but comfortable temperatures. I'll try to report in from the protests, but I need to feel out the situation before committing to anything.
  8. The tension is already palpable a day out. The Trump baby balloon has already been spotted. First Avenue nightclub (across the street from the Target Center) is donating all profits to Planned Parenthood tomorrow night. Many downtown businesses are closing early, anticipating thousands of protesters. I am going to take the bus into downtown, and I hope to get there before it is overflowing. I'm not going to take any signs, but I will wear my "I'm a Warren Democrat" shirt.
  9. So...the Fiend has a million hit points, and this was all for future video packages?
  10. No - this is a hard R film. Don't mess with it.
  11. Agreed. Need the big screen and sound for the full experience. Might go IMAX for my second viewing.
  12. I will have thoughts when the spoiler embargo is lifted. Non-spoiler review: a visceral theater experience that will shake you to your core. Multiple scenes where I couldn't process if I was supposed to laugh or cry, and I mean that as high praise. I plan to see it again before it leaves theaters.
  13. Bray Wyatt is the best character WWE has developed since Bray Wyatt.
  14. Silly good stuff this season. Paul Giamatti looks like he's having a blast.
  15. In the Shadow of the Moon is a quality sci-fi/mystery flick.