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  1. Nobody said being the tribal chief would be easy. Roman carries a heavy burden.
  2. Gerald's Game (Netflix) and the Babadook along with the Get Out/Us Jordan Peele double feature previously mentioned.
  3. Did everyone pull the plug on SNL after another poor start? If so, you can watch Jack White's scorching performance here:
  4. Roman Reigns sure was mean to his cousin. I'm worried his awesomeness might be going to his head.
  5. Enola Holmes was a good time but a bit long. Appropriate for 12+, but i could dip earlier for a mature girl.
  6. I'm going to make my kids play through Scott Pilgrim when it finally re-releases.
  7. Pen15 returns for season 2 on Hulu tomorrow. Pretty excited - season one was a lot of fun.
  8. The Dominik vs Rollins was legit emotional as a dad. Awesome stuff.
  9. Uhhh, Orton vs Drew is a HOT angle, you guys. (I haven't been watching and am reliant on video packages)
  10. You should have tipped a $20, tbh. $10 per plate minimum in a pandemic.
  11. Immigration Nation is a constant gut punch, but it really needs to be seen by everyone.