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  1. The Noor case opened with the same charges but later added second degree murder.
  2. AMAZING end to the Freeman rally as the BLM speaker convinces the policemen on site to leave so the rally can end peacefully. Back at 2pm tomorrow.
  3. If Law & Order taught us anything, it's that you can pick up a perp and hold them for 48 hours while you figure out the charge. Do that and save the city for a night, Mike Freeman.
  4. I caught that and almost fell out of my chair. Freeman was a disaster (as per usual).
  5. It was closed and unstaffed today, so that probably has something to do with it too.
  6. There's a peaceful protest at the site of the crime. A violent one has moved from the prescient station to the Target. A third at the house of the DA and a final one at the house of the perpetrating officer.
  7. Neither of the pictures going around social media are of the officer - the local paper debunked both. Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey called for the arrest of the officer during a press conference that just ended.
  8. There are lots of great covers out there. I'm partial to Brandi Carlile's version which is a live set staple.
  9. Has anyone seen Lake Mungo? Saw a good review so I'll probably rent it...
  10. Part 3 of the Taker doc was connecting the dots. Seeing who was at the dinner table with the Saudis was wild. The DX match was a train wreck. Gotta wait three weeks to see the next part.
  11. Reyna, McKinnie, Adams, and Brooks in starting XIs. Did I miss anyone?
  12. Sinister is on Netflix. Ethan Hawke and snuff films. Seems to have potential.
  13. Brandi Carlile did a live stream tonight. Music, Q&A, skits. Great stuff.