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  1. Really wish there would be no polling until January. candidates need to tell us what they plan to do instead of play to poll numbers. Hoping Biden gets JEB'd before we get deep into the process.
  2. If the Dems cannot do better than Biden, we deserve 4 more years of Trump torture. Biden is a disaster.
  3. The countdown has begun. If you can tolerate DJs shilling fanny packs and tote bags for the member drive, it's a good listen.
  4. My wife tried it. She explained it like this... During a massage, your muscles are pushed on. Cupping pulls on them. Also some mumbo jumbo about toxins, etc.
  5. My favorite news was Sting coming back to the Royal Rumble to start a program with Undertaker for Mania...and the thing about Reigns faking his cancer.
  6. Per a source: Roman Reigns is awesome the source is me.
  7. Also note that the production behind this MOX video is very high budget/cinematic level stuff. Did Dean go out of pocket to produce a mini-movie? The MOX video hearkened back to when DA was my favorite part of WWE - when he was obsessed with keeping Rollins from cashing in the briefcase. Then they wrote him off TV via cinder blocks to make a movie, and he never quite had the same fire.
  8. Hmmm. I can throw a stop loss on them. It's in the "fun money" part of my 401k rollover, so I can tolerate short term volatility.
  9. Total novice here, but I'm going to give TSLA (241.28) and LYFT (59.89) a go after they've been beaten up for the last month.
  10. I'm sure Maps will be higher overall but Gold Lion is what I consider the quintessential YYY song. Without a one song per band limit, I'd have Dance Floor over Sweetness.
  11. That's what makes it a little more fun. You aren't listing the "greatest" or even your favorites. Personally, I run with my own set of rules: 1. One song per artist maximum 2. Include at least one hip hop song 3. Include at least two female vocals 4. Bump up songs that define a favorite artist to me (seven nation army; do I wanna know)
  12. The man vs wild thing is pretty fun. Just watched a documentary about the Dana Carvey show on Hulu and laughed out loud multiple times.
  13. It released in 2002 and was unavailable before then. Seems like it's fair game.
  14. Cool story. New Japan has no females because they choose to be male only? I don't know anything about that group except that Roman Reigns would waste anyone they got.
  15. Brother Ali and Lizzo/Smith are local flavor but the rest are big national acts.
  16. Local public radio station creates top 893 lists every year for the member drive. They've done artist, album, and songs. This year they isolated down the song list to only include 2000 and later. What you got? Heres my submission - the results are played in May.
  17. Feels like RAW was about celebrating the big wins by Kofi, Rollins, and Lynch while mixing in returns (Bliss wrestles, Zayn returns, Taker appearance) and debuts (Lars, Lacey Evans gets physical). With no heel champions, it might take a bit to establish the contenders; especially with superstar shakeup next week.
  18. It's almost like they want you to tune in tomorrow and next week to find out what happens next.
  19. The crowd is upset because heels did something they don't like.
  20. One scenario I like with a roster this is big is split brands but joint world champions. Let's say Lynch is RAW. She defends the title on RAW and at most PPV. Smackdown gets to challenge at the big 4 and lines up their best contender to try to bring the belt to their show. Crates brand loyalty/competition and some easy weekly stories when it's time to build the cross brand challenger.
  21. Shouldn't we be referring to him as Hellman by now?