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  1. Anybody award draft order by potential points as a way to deal with this? Pros/Cons?
  2. Interesting to watch the tape. I understand how horrible the guys were throwing to him, but nothing stood out as far as excellent hands, athleticism, running ability. A lot of caught and immediately tackled or couldn't come up with the hard catch.
  3. I haven't looked at the data, but I've always seen Moss as a wildly inconsistent fantasy player (huge weeks followed by zeroes), with Smith as someone who was enough of an offensive focal point to produce something.
  4. SSOG-- really enjoy the rankings. Thanks for putting them up for all to see. Would you ever consider trying to incorporate future draft picks into rankings or comments? I'm often curious where someone would rank something like a future top 3 pick compared to current players. I know that changes over the season and depending on league rules and makeup, but it's always an important benchmark for evaluating trades and I've never seen someone attempt to include it.
  5. This list screams home the point of how overvalued rookie picks can be. When you can list about 2/3 of all first round picks as busts/underachievers, then our conclusion shouldn't be "wow, so many draft picks are performing below average." Instead it gives a more realistic viewpoint on what you can expect, and also reinforces that it doesn't make sense to draft much in the late first round. Really, careers like Anthony Thomas, Julius Jones, and Antonio Bryant are about what you should expect with a 1.8-1.10 pick.
  6. I'm interested in everyone's thoughts on the 2nd/3rd tier of rookie RBs-- With the lack of depth after Moreno/Wells/Brown/McCoy/Greene, I'm curious about the hype around rookie RBs who went undrafted or were picked quite late. I'm mainly thinking of five guys, all in decent situations and receiving good training camp comments: R. Jennings A. Foster J. Davis G. Johnson B. Scott I'm wary that it may just be hype. I think too many people have short memories of last year, and think there will be 8-10 RBs who have good value. Do we really think any of these have what it takes to be successful, or are they simply the best available to drum up for RB sleepers in a weak class? In a couple dynasty leagues with late rookie drafts, I'm getting out of the 2nd and 3rd rounds and letting other guys take them... I say puff stories in a year where we frankly wish there were better RB options. I'm less interested in why you think one of these specific guys will make it, more the overall value being given to this class.
  7. I've just got a lot of faith in the scheme and the line. This is the same system that produced two top-20 RBs in the same season. The same system that helped Portis average 5.5 yards per carry in back-to-back seasons. The same system in which Terrell Davis ran for 2,000 yards despite sitting out the equivalent of two games (in four games that season, he didn't play a down after halftime). The same system that turned TATUM BELL into a quality fantasy RB last season after no other team in the league would even bring him in for a tryout. In order for an RB to wind up with a huge piece of pie, they either need a massive percentage of a small pie, or a small percentage of a massive pie. Even if Moreno only gets 60% of the touches in Denver, provided their defense can return to mediocrity, he should be an annual top-10 RB and make regular appearances in the top 5. I sincerely hope you're right. As a Broncos fan, I'm unaccustomed to this "rebuilding" thing, and it does not make me happy.I don't quite understand this argument. Doesn't it assume the Denver O-Line will be just as effective rush-blocking in three years as it has been the last 3-4 years????? Is that a realistic assumption???? I really don't think so.Projecting Moreno high THIS YEAR because of the great O-line is one thing....projecting a great career while basing those projections heavily on that O-line are quite another. I fully understand and appreciate those who are high on Moreno because they think he's a stud. Those high on Moreno primarily because of the Denver rush-blocking have missed one of the basic tenants of dynasty drafting. Now, I know you argued that it's the system....but I don't buy that. If it were that simple, multiple teams would have succesfully copied that "system" by now. While several have indeed copied it...NOBODY has done so with that kind of success...leading to the obvious conclusion that the players running the system, the O-lineman Denver has, have helped make it so successful....not JUST the system itself. This would have been a fair comment a couple years ago, but not now. 3/5 of the Broncos o-line are young guys within their first few years (Harris, Clady, Kuper) that they developed within the system. These guys aren't going away soon. The question now is if McDaniels will muck enough with the offense that the running system is no longer successful.