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  1. I am a Crowell owner. I just have no problem recognizing and acknowledging reality while not giving voice to my hopes as fact.However to that end I am pretty confident that Tate will get dinged up again and Crowell will have another opportunity. The notion that Tate is unbenchable is hilarious. There's nothing elite about him ...and he's brittle. And the notion that the rookie with trouble holding onto the ball is going to supplant the veteran who is producing at a high level is even more hilarious. How many times does that happen? Someone pointed out ADP ousting Chester Taylor. Any other recent examples? Perhaps one not involving the best RB of our generation? I am sure it has happened and will happen again but I am betting that it happens far less frequently then the other way around.Problem is, Tate's been a product of great zone blocking systems. He isn't special. Under what criteria are you basing Tate "producing at a high level" while Crowell isn't?
  2. Because 11 carries for 55 yards and a TD is not a good game and the BAL defense is crappy Keep starting him thinking he's better than Tate, like I give a crap. For now I'm benching Crowell for Tate. However, I have to admit, he definately looks better than Tate to me. It happens.
  3. @bigsnackks: I wonder if apple will convince people to stop wearing skinny jeans.
  4. Apple sold 10 million iPhone 6 & 6+ this weekend. Impressive.
  5. Picked up my iPhone 6+ from the Apple Store today. Coming from the Galaxy S3, it's gonna take some time to get acquainted, but I love it so far.
  6. Weird. All mine say the 6 is possible on Friday, but the 6+'s expected delivery date is in November.
  7. Not gonna be greedy. I'm just happy to have Gordon for 6 weeks including playoffs. Thought he was toast.
  8. To make myself feel better, when I find out the terrible news that Gordon is back for the fantasy playoff, I'm gonna go thru the thread, and look up all the trolls they have been proven wrong. You won't find me in there. The only thing I ever took a firm stance on was that the original suspension would happen (16 game)...I was right. Since all this new stuff has started, I have felt the chance he would play 16 was very low...right again, then obviously guaranteed after week 1, and since then I have believed the odds were against the suspension getting completely reversed, but that there was a low but decent chance it could get reduced.....but have fun finding where I was wrong That's what you'll tell yourself when he's playing this year?? 'I was totally right'?Not sure he understands that getting Gordon back at all is a huge win for Gordon owners. Kinda fun watching him try and save face though.
  9. Is this also an appropriate place to mention how much my AAPL appreciates these people? Paying $200 bucks extra for a bigger hardrive because there is no microSD port Or removable battery. Or Widgets. :lmao:
  10. It's an annoying time of year ...Apple everything right after the keynote. Don't news outlets read spec sheets before they go on air? When will people get it?!
  11. If I told you that you could sell your current iPhone for $500, then purchase this new one for $200 ...would you do it?