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  1. Not sure how the projectors work for input devices, but will it accept a Chromecast? If so, you can cast your screen from your phone/tablet (android) using the DirecTV app to the Chromecast. That's how I do it on a regular TV up at my hunting cabin. I don't have wifi, but set up my phone as a hotspot and cast my screen from the DirecTV app.
  2. Interesting, not working weekends and retail means he's losing 80% of the earning window. I wish someone would work the crap hours and I only had to work prime time. Thankfully it's been over 30 years since I worked in the retail industry.
  3. Thanks. Did this on multiple boxes with none ever working. They're letting me out of contact and waiving the termination fee and go back to uVerse. Far superior product.
  4. Need to have family in the Milwaukee area. GB beer and little league.
  5. working "supposedly" - work from home eating pistachios's and drinking a beer.
  6. ATT and DirectTV are the most inept companies I think I've ever dealt with. Similar to @JaxBill they can't combine my internet and DirecTV bill. Had DirecTV installed a few months ago. On Demand and the rewind feature has never worked. I've had at least 8-10 techs out here, multiple online chat sessions. I'm at whatever the Office of the President support level. It's been over a month since I've heard from them and they can't offer an explanation. Granted, they've credited my account quite significantly over the past few months, but it's not worth my time quite frankly to continue to wait on them to figure their own systems out. Previously I had ATT uVerse which was flawless. Only reason I switched is because the rates kept going up and up.
  7. Exactly my stance when I inherit a new tent or two. Assuming you'll be representing me of course.
  8. I'll give credit to the homeowners who put stakes in the ground with a rope strung through them to "reserve" their own f'n front yard.
  9. Driving around my town today and see many chairs out or areas roped off on the parade route. Of course all the prime locations in the shade under trees, etc. Some are a bit more creative and have a chain and lock around the stuff. Heck, there were even a couple of those tent/canopy's all set up. Parade isn't until tomorrow obviously. Have to admit, I was tempted to veer a bit out of the lane and just take some of these set ups out, but that's not the holiday spirit. I'd be tempted to take their whole set up and move it 10 feet further off the road and set up my own stuff. See how that would be received tomorrow morning. People amaze me sometimes.
  10. Just a heads up for those HS seniors who took the AP tests this spring. My daughter logged into her Alabama account today and the AP test scores must get released to the schools before the kids. She is starting off with 38 credits transferred in as a new freshman. Meeting with the counselor during her orientation weekend to see if there is a way for her to do the 5 year accelerated Masters program in 4 years given all the credits transferred in. Fingers crossed.
  11. wait until you see that first year college bill and you'll think AP was the best bargain ever offered. I'm glad both my daughters took as many AP classes and thankfully got a high enough score to get the college credit. What it really accomplished is getting the college credit so they can take a lighter class load; 15-17 credits. Still will take them 4 years, but they don't have to kill themselves and can get into their major's coursework much sooner.
  12. I actually have a couple of these: Bluetooth Probe Cheap and very reliable. Had a problem with one and had a new one shipped in a matter of days with zero hassle. The app works well on both my iPhone and Android.
  13. So far, so good. Orientation is in a couple of weeks. Made it through the roommate search and room assignment thing. Craziness. It's basically like speed dating, these kids post/reply on social media and go off stalking on social media to find a potential roommate. The 3 others that she will be sharing a suite with all seem good. Fingers crossed that they all get along when they finally all move in together. The whole sorority thing. Wow - it's hard core at Alabama vs Louisville where my other daughter attends and is in a sorority. 17 letters of recommendation required before you can even rush?!? I'll be honest, I couldn't pull that off myself with all my connections. End of day, my daughter still plans on rushing but is getting more and more turned off with the whole process. But her other 3 roommates are all rushing, so she "has" to.
  14. Early start to the morning. Ran into a slight issue in that I couldn't fit all 6 shoulders onto the smoker at the same time. So, we broke it down to 4 today and 2 tomorrow. Graduation party is Saturday, so still fine, but would have liked to knock this out today. Guess we make the beans with tomorrow's shoulders. Need a bigger smoker.......