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  1. If you are truly capable of retirement, then just go option #4. Push the sick day angle and if they push back, just tell them you are done. The fact that they don't have your workload documented is on them. Given your boss has stated that it'll take 2 to replace you indicates they are fully aware that fact. It's on them to figure out what it is that you truly do.
  2. Congrats and Roll Tide. My daughter is also going to Alabama. Thankfully, she had early admission and eliminated that stress. Now the roommate search is almost worse than the college admission process. If your daughter is looking for a roommate, let me know. My daughter is in the honors program, but looking at Pres or one of the other suite style dorms, but still considering the honors dorms.
  3. Less than last week, but still getting them on Verizon. Both personal and business cell. It's open enrollment for healthcare and zero percent interest on credit cards if you didn't know.
  4. LOL - my sophomore daughter is actually the Standards Leader for her sorority. She is the one that has everyone calling/texting her ratting out everyone and has to meet with and administer the punishment. Talk about a cluster fudge. But I will admit that the sorority has been an overall positive thing for her going to an out of state university and not knowing a sole her freshman year.
  5. Spray it on an afternoon she's not there.
  6. Lol. I've still got snow in shaded areas of my lawn.
  7. Time to tear up the entire crawl space and maybe whole yard to find other Otis hidden treasures.
  8. while I think the #1 ratings are debatable, I think you answered your own question. All that talent, but yet zero titles to show for it. Let's see how each stand on their own merit, or it they were a product of the system. I'm a GB fan, so I know where you are coming from. But when that talent moves on, none have thrived outside of GB. While Jordy isn't AB, both are aging at their position and both had a pretty damn good QB throwing to them. Obviously, the Patriots have found the secret sauce and haven't had the NFL's #1 WR or #1 RB and far from it. Ultimately, it's a team sport and you can't sink all your $$ into any one player.
  9. LOL - if you area the typical FBG, the FAFSA is a waste of time. You fill it out, only to be told that you make too much money and your kid qualifies for the subsidized student loan. But the process itself is about 10 minutes to complete.
  10. True, assuming the vehicle is just going to sit there and not be driven. With my daughter going to school in Louisville and us living in WI, you can basically remove the insurance and it's basically like you are storing the car. If you want to drive the car, you call and they activate the insurance for the day(s) you are going to be driving it and then call back to take it back down. At the time, I had 5 cars with only 3 drivers at home and 1 away at school. The savings was only a few hundred and having to remember to call to add and then call again to remove wasn't worth it to me. I just grabbed whatever keys for the most convenient vehicle so I didn't have to move vehicles around.
  11. For some that is definitely the case. It really is a political game in the end. My other daughter holds one of the elected chair positions in her sorority. Her president is willing to make a call to the Alabama chapter if my younger daughter wants. For the majority, if you rush you'll get into some sorority. It's just a matter if you get into one of the"popular" sororities.
  12. She can go either route. You can find your own through Roomsurf, Facebook and similar sites or go with the University assigning you a roommate. Now she has an even bigger choice in choosing between the honors dorm or any of the others. They really aren't even dorms any longer. Rather a 4 bedroom suite where each has their own private bedroom.
  13. Most likely will rush. Crazy how much that costs on top of everything. My older daughter is in a sorority at Louisville and it is somewhat reasonable there, but at Alabama it's 4x as much. Coming from out of state though, I will admit it's a great experience. Instant friends and tons of activities.
  14. UGH...the college saga continues for my daughter. It's the good news/bad news syndrome. She was early admission into the University of Alabama. The letter came yesterday that she was accepted into the honors program. While she's already received the merit scholarship, she didn't receive the honors scholarship. Not sure if her taking early admissions had anything to do with it since she already committed? Now she's beating herself for not scoring the 1 additional point on the ACT to get the extra guaranteed money from the merit scholarships. That and the stress of trying to find a roommate(s). I'll be glad once this process is over. It seemed so much easier 2 years ago when my other daughter went off to school. 5 more months until I'm an empty nester. 😥
  15. Not always true. If you are married, make sure you freeze both your and spouse's SSN. About a year ago, someone had stolen my wife's identity and had a fake driver's license and walked into my bank in another state and withdrew 11k over the course of a few days. We did the whole credit freeze thing through all the bureau's and when setting up new accounts at Chase, they offered me a $500 sign up bonus for their credit card, direct deposit, etc. I said it wouldn't work, but go ahead. 30 second's later I was approved. Turned out, the freeze was only put under my wife's name and SSN.
  16. Interesting, as I filed a police report locally her in WI and then at the branch in MN where the first withdrawal was made against my account and then 2 days later with another city in MN when they withdrew money on the new account that was only open for 1 day and supposedly was flagged with all sorts of fraud alerts. Even the bank wasn't surprised when I closed all my accounts and went to a new bank.
  17. I had something similar, but wasn't hacked online, rather someone had a falsified ID, with my wife's picture and was making withdrawals against our accounts. Even though we closed the account, deposits were still made against it. We had a refund from my daughters college that literally was deposited to the "closed" account 8 months later. Had to go to the bank and withdraw the cash to deposit it to the new bank. For us, it was a bit different in that opening a new account at the same bank literally did nothing. 1 day after closing and opening a new account, they walked into a local branch in another state and withdrew 6K. I've since changed checking/savings/everything to Chase. It's not as difficult as you think, although I had most of my auto payments set to hit credit cards rather than bank accounts. Good Luck! This is the SUCK!!!!!!!!!!
  18. Looks to be pretty much the same. Just stay away from the version that Menard's sells, if you have that store near you. While they look the same, the rubber bristles are more stiff and it doesn't do nearly as good of a job as other brands. It simply is the best for pet hair on tile, vinyl and hardwood floors.
  19. If you have a pet, this Rubber Head Broom is a must have. I bought my first one probably 15 years or so ago at some county fair. Puts a normal broom to shame when it comes to pet hair and doesn't stick to the bristles at all.
  20. Cards are stupid and a total waste of money. Wife and I haven't given a card to each other in over 20+ years. Lol, I got a 4 pack of Reeses Filled Muffins with a bow and sticky note saying Happy Valentines Day, but even that took effort, as I do all the grocery shopping and cooking. She maybe steps foot into a store to buy groceries maybe 2x/year.
  21. I have 2 snowblowers. A smaller, single stage Simplicity that is good enough 85% of the time. With you living in MN I'd go with my backup blower: Ariens Deluxe 28 SHO (28") This will handle hills just fine and is simply a beast. A bit overkill for a majority of our snow storms, but you won't regret it the few times all the power is needed. I bought mine dirt cheap from a neighbor that moved to TX.
  22. I barely lifted a shovel and used the snowblower instead here in WI and I can't tell you how many times I woke up in the middle of the night last night. Didn't realize I moved around that much, but every time I did, my back pain let me know.
  23. As my post above, this was exactly my situation. It's on me. Should have known better that a little more take home was just an illusion.