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  1. Since the upgrade to 10, it takes FOREVER for a call to connect when dialing. Easily 10 seconds or longer from hitting the contact until it actually rings. WiFi also seems way worse.
  2. Loaded up the truck and away we went. Taped off an area of the floor in the family room with painters tape and cut a piece of wood for the height of the truck bed and warned my daughter it all needs to fit inside the lines or it's not going. 1600+ miles, 30+ hours of drive time and 101 gallons of gas.
  3. Assuming he saw a doctor during this time, can't they at least provide to him who paid the claim and work backwards from there?
  4. Had that on a color laser printer I ordered recently. Wanted something like $35 to return it. I changed my reason to item arrived late and poof - free return shipping label.
  5. Well, we have the dog. LoL. Day one and I'll admit it's kind of strange. Somehow my wife thinks I should watch this Bachelor in Paradise show with her now that the girls are gone.
  6. while not an admission question, I had move in this past weekend at both Louisville and Alabama for my junior and freshman daughters. Alabama really has their stuff together for move in. We were assigned a time and they literally had my truck unloaded in 2 minutes or less and up to her room and unloaded in less than 5 minutes. You just step out of your vehicle door and get the heck out of the way. By the time I parked my vehicle in the remote lot and took the shuttle bus back to the dorm, everything was already unloaded and waiting to be put away. 1600+ miles and just over 30 hours of drive time. And while I didn't think I would, I cried like a baby dropping my youngest off in Alabama.
  7. while not a Walmart fanboy, I have the Ozark Trail can cooler, thermos style cup and soft sided cooler. My sister has similar all from Yeti. Side by side, you can't tell the difference in terms of performance. They clearance them out all at the end of summer for crazy prices. The soft sided coolers were less than $10 when I bought 4 of them. The 40 oz cup was like $5. Set up an alert on Slickdeals and you won't regret it.
  8. Is your work email tied to your LinkedIn account? Being in HR/Recruiting, I see this as being the most likely scenario. We pay a ton of $$ to be able to search and view profiles not within the recruiters specific network. Most people have it tied to their business email and that's the only contact option we have if no personal email or phone is included.
  9. One week from today is move in day at Alabama. Heading out Wednesday night and spending the night in Louisville and mooch a free night with daughter #1 in college. Help her get settled back in and then head to Tuscaloosa Thursday afternoon and move in Friday. Then head back to WI on Saturday. Not looking forward to the return trip home and being an empty nester. I keep warning my daughters that I could kill their mother spending 12+ hours alone in a car with her. A day I was so looking forward to and have an empty house, but already dreading that day.
  10. Wait, wat?!? That's who I planned on dumping DTV for. I left uVerse about 4 months ago and NFLN was part of my package then. When did this happen?
  11. My point is those that will leave aren't really paying anything, or very little to begin with. You even said you'd stick it out through the credits. I get that new customers are valued more than existing customers, but that runs across most services including cable/satellite, cell phone, newspaper, streaming services, amongst others. I'm a new DTV customer and am far from $10+10. And even with those numbers, the service blows. Cancelling after 4 months. The Ticket isn't worth this crap service.
  12. It doesn't sound like anyone is paying for the ticket so I don't get why everyone would cancel immediately if DTV lost the ticket. Also, many are getting big discounts that are making DTV cheaper than many of the streaming services. Let's say DTV loses the Ticket and it goes to Dish, who is going to charge $50/month for the Ticket and another $50 for their service and offered no discounts. Are all of you going to switch to Dish and pay the $100/month no questions asked? I switched to DTV a few months ago and it's the absolute worst service I've ever had. The installation was a complete joke, the on demand and rewind has never worked. I've easily had 8 service calls in my first few months. They've had to swap out the main DVR genie and the signal goes out with just about every rain storm. I'm already bailing, as the Ticket certainly isn't worth all this hassle. I'll gladly pay more, significantly more to avoid this crap service.
  13. Not sure how the projectors work for input devices, but will it accept a Chromecast? If so, you can cast your screen from your phone/tablet (android) using the DirecTV app to the Chromecast. That's how I do it on a regular TV up at my hunting cabin. I don't have wifi, but set up my phone as a hotspot and cast my screen from the DirecTV app.
  14. Interesting, not working weekends and retail means he's losing 80% of the earning window. I wish someone would work the crap hours and I only had to work prime time. Thankfully it's been over 30 years since I worked in the retail industry.
  15. Thanks. Did this on multiple boxes with none ever working. They're letting me out of contact and waiving the termination fee and go back to uVerse. Far superior product.
  16. Need to have family in the Milwaukee area. GB beer and little league.
  17. working "supposedly" - work from home eating pistachios's and drinking a beer.
  18. ATT and DirectTV are the most inept companies I think I've ever dealt with. Similar to @JaxBill they can't combine my internet and DirecTV bill. Had DirecTV installed a few months ago. On Demand and the rewind feature has never worked. I've had at least 8-10 techs out here, multiple online chat sessions. I'm at whatever the Office of the President support level. It's been over a month since I've heard from them and they can't offer an explanation. Granted, they've credited my account quite significantly over the past few months, but it's not worth my time quite frankly to continue to wait on them to figure their own systems out. Previously I had ATT uVerse which was flawless. Only reason I switched is because the rates kept going up and up.
  19. Exactly my stance when I inherit a new tent or two. Assuming you'll be representing me of course.
  20. I'll give credit to the homeowners who put stakes in the ground with a rope strung through them to "reserve" their own f'n front yard.
  21. Driving around my town today and see many chairs out or areas roped off on the parade route. Of course all the prime locations in the shade under trees, etc. Some are a bit more creative and have a chain and lock around the stuff. Heck, there were even a couple of those tent/canopy's all set up. Parade isn't until tomorrow obviously. Have to admit, I was tempted to veer a bit out of the lane and just take some of these set ups out, but that's not the holiday spirit. I'd be tempted to take their whole set up and move it 10 feet further off the road and set up my own stuff. See how that would be received tomorrow morning. People amaze me sometimes.
  22. Just a heads up for those HS seniors who took the AP tests this spring. My daughter logged into her Alabama account today and the AP test scores must get released to the schools before the kids. She is starting off with 38 credits transferred in as a new freshman. Meeting with the counselor during her orientation weekend to see if there is a way for her to do the 5 year accelerated Masters program in 4 years given all the credits transferred in. Fingers crossed.
  23. wait until you see that first year college bill and you'll think AP was the best bargain ever offered. I'm glad both my daughters took as many AP classes and thankfully got a high enough score to get the college credit. What it really accomplished is getting the college credit so they can take a lighter class load; 15-17 credits. Still will take them 4 years, but they don't have to kill themselves and can get into their major's coursework much sooner.
  24. I actually have a couple of these: Bluetooth Probe Cheap and very reliable. Had a problem with one and had a new one shipped in a matter of days with zero hassle. The app works well on both my iPhone and Android.