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  1. I feel better about trading Henry for Chark at the trade deadline (playing Henry owner in the finals).
  2. If you go to, you can click "watch live" after you log in through your provider.
  3. Saturday night's NFC West matchup at Levi's Stadium will feature cloudy skies and mild temperatures. Light winds will blow from end zone to end zone throughout the game. Overall, weather will have a minimal impact. Game starts at 5:15 local time so I think that is the difference with the weather advisory.
  4. Rams@49ers 12/21 08:15 PM 59f Overcast 7m SSE Doesn't seem bad to me
  5. I wouldn't trust Chark this week if you had a viable alternative.
  6. I let my opponent pick up Chark, hoping he starts him over Boyd or Fuller. Not bold enough to start Boone or Mack over Chubb.
  7. He has a good matchup with Carolina week 16.
  8. Yeah it one of those things that there should be a rule ahead of time to clarify but you don't always anticipate those. Fortunately it wasn't for the playoffs. Good luck.
  9. I'm the commish, he said I should get a zero because I had an illegal lineup on Thursday (even though rosters don't lock). Same guy was upset the week before because in 15 years in the league he didn't realize he couldn't add a player after 12:55 on Sunday.
  10. So you have to have one all the time or just by 1255 on Sunday?
  11. I had a guy in my CBS league tell me I should get a zero for the week because I had an illegal lineup for Thursday's game (no kicker) even though I added one on Friday. Drop/adds don't lock until 12:55 Sunday. Has anyone else had issues with this?
  12. That's what the sideline reporter said they were looking at, she had a high voice.
  13. Sounds like Chark has a high ankle sprain. 😪