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  1. Where did Dillon go here? I think you accidentally missed him.
  2. I see the 49ers are benefiting from some bad calls.
  3. Freddie kitchens should be shot if he doesn't run more
  4. They would potentially drop to #5. Winning the division will make a huge difference for either team.
  5. I have to choose between Chubb and Conner. I'm second, third, and fourth guessing myself here. Guess I'm going with Conner and my gut...
  6. I feel bad for the kid. And Flores is a moron for putting him back there. Until next season, my sweet Unicorn...
  7. There's a pretty low floor if Gurley is totally healthy and the game comes down to the wire, but pretty good upside if Gurley is less than 100% and the game gets out of hand early. I'm putting him in my flex with an anticipated 63 yards and 0.5 TDs.
  8. Not this year. Right now, teams are far more afraid of the pass than they are the run and it's early passing that has opened up the run game. While I'm a big believer in Chris Carson, it's really because you can't stack the box and let the WRs have one-on-ones with Russ back there.
  9. Good thoughts. I'm going to throw in my two cents here. It's also about the individual matchups. I follow the Seahawks and I remember back in 2013/2014 when it was "en vogue" for the media talking heads to criticize Richard Sherman for "only playing one side of the field" instead of following the opposing team's #1 player. His response (paraphrased) was that he had to study all of the receivers on their team in order to understand what they were doing which was actually more difficult to do. The way I'm reading this is if a CB has to prepare for the week and may potentially go head-to-head against Hill, he might not necessarily be studying his understudy as much which may lead to some early confusion. A good example of how this translates is how the Raiders were not prepared for Demarcus Robinson and he torched them accordingly, however has remained in check moving forward (once CBs had some tape on him). Given this, I would expect that if Hill goes it might be a bit of a timeshare early on to see which WR the CB prepared for.
  10. So question for the group: if he’s active on Sunday do you roll him out or stick with Robinson? My concern is they trot him out there as a decoy.
  11. I believe so, yes. It seemed to me like he was probably ok to go Sunday (or close enough, but this is conjecture) but they held him out on purpose. I have a feeling Penny is going to be at least 50% on Thursday. I'm still going to roll out Carson but I'm expecting RB3 numbers personally. Again, not justified and more of a gut instinct.
  12. I don't know and didn't watch either games. Having said that, perhaps the other way to think about this is "what is the explanation for the change from week 3 to week 4"? That answer might very well be being 0-3 and a winning game formula might not necessarily change in week 5. If I were a Connor owner I'd be looking to buy Samuels quick while there's just one game of production.
  13. I haven't read through the entire thread so I'm unsure if this was already mentioned, but it's worth noting that Jaylen Samuels' position coach at NC State--Eddie Faulkner--is now his position coach with the Steelers. I'm wondering if that has played a role thus far and may continue to...