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  1. People say this every year with Carroll run teams. Trust me, he doesn't care where they are drafted. I've seen this argument since we "paid" Flynn and there was no way a 3rd round rookie was going to beat him out. Yeah, they started Wilson.
  2. In my dynasty league from week 11 to week 15, he's #9. He might go down slightly based on week 16.
  3. Technically he's been a waste of a pick. #### this guy...
  4. Went super risky with the Falcons. Feeling pretty good about that right now...
  5. Yikes. Ebron ####ting the bed for me in the playoffs...
  6. Interesting discussion here, but I think Driscoll coming in might be beneficial to AJ Green. I don't have data in front of me, but my gut says that in these situations the QB tends to go to their stars for 50/50 balls more often than not, trusting they come down with it. It may be offset by the lack of chemistry, but I think he'll see an increase in targets.
  7. Actually, he's still on the Seahawks roster and getting paid his full salary this year.
  8. So I wake up to find out that the Jaguars want to put the game on Blake Bortles back? Yeah, that's smart...
  9. Learned? Not much. Revealed? That it was more severe to begin with perhaps...
  10. I was seriously contemplating dropping him for week 7 bye week issues but I think I might reconsider...
  11. Gotta roll with him...but I wish I had a better option.
  12. I've been reading this a lot suddenly. I don't agree unless there's something else going on behind the scenes. Bennett will only save us $2M against the cap so he's more than likely to return.
  13. Time to toot my own horn here a little bit. Of course, this would have looked a lot better if I had correctly predicted catches as well. (For the record, I was thinking closer to 50 so I would have been wrong.) Current stats: 111 carries for 421 yards, or a 3.8 YPC.