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  1. I am a Steelers fan.....Justin Hunter has never looked good.....period. the guy is a complete zero the play is obviously Ju-Ju..he's def gonna play since MB has been way they do that without a lot of confidence in the bike-less one
  2. Bloom - Your quick analysis if Jerrick Mckinnon can seize the day and become a good option for rest of the season?
  3. You guys might want to try this...I was gonna keep it close to the vest but hey I'm always looking for good Karma. If you have recently just gotten out from under your DTV contract or your expiration is coming up soon, try emailing them when you're logged into your account. Simply ask them "I'd like to know when my contract is complete". They will get back to you *very* quickly with an email and in my case they provided a special telephone number with passcode. This number takes you directly to the retention group. Whatever off they give you at first make at least 1 attempt at getting more...let me know if this works
  4. Very nice. Was that the first offer they threw your way, or did you have to push back a couple of times? I had to push them a little but really not polite and cordial and they usually are very reasonable
  5. Just cleaned up call ever. $33 off each months bill for 12 months free showtime, cinemax, and HBO for 6 months Free NFL Sunday Ticket Max No new contract at all (I'm out of contract) Boom
  6. Just called in for first and only time this year...this company is great with a deal. My 2 year contract was expiring at end of August. I was straight up with them and said if you give me Sunday Ticket for free I'll re-up my contract for a year. I only have 2 HD/DVR boxes total at my house and my bill is only $85/month. They accepted my offer like it was nothing and I was done in 5 minutes. The great news is that the 12 month renewal starts now and will be done in July of next year so I reallly only re-upped for 11 months. The operator told me I shouldn't expect this deal ever year. We will see!!!
  7. Not sure I have the balls to start him over Gore, Montell Owens or Antonio Brown...thinking about it