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  1. Will Allen have enough time to allow him to take some deep shots? I haven’t paid much attention to the Pats this year, not sure what their pass rush is like.
  2. Yeah, I play against him this week, hope the Cle D attacks Mixon like they did Lindsay last week, which is very possible.
  3. That’s the $1M dollar question this week for owners of both in Yahoo. My take...I’m not sure that Connor would be 100% on that ankle, if it was a HAS. I could see a split with the RB’s, and if it becomes a shootout, Samuels might get increased reps trying to play catch up with the passing game.
  4. I’ve been a real crappy judge for streaming D’s this season, until the ATL D (probably) saved me this week (scored more points than Saquan, Tyreek and Lindsay COMBINED! So I’m not sure I’m the best to provide advice! 😄. Stats all point to Denver, but Carr always seems to pull a good game out of his ### at the most inopportune time (meaning, when I choose to stream against him).
  5. Giants? It would allow them to avoid overpaying for a QB this draft, since no “franchise” guys are coming out, and let them work on patching up their OL instead.
  6. Looking ahead to Champioship Week 16, how would you rank these streamers: IND vs NYG DEN vs OAk CLE vs CIN
  7. ATL D probably saved my #### this week, literally scored more than Barkley, Tyreek and Lindsay combined! Thanks to this board for the heads up!
  8. It’s amazing to me that ESPN can’t figure out what the reasons are for their declining ratings. We have ESPN on in our sports med clinic all day (due to limited other options), and we literally have to change the channel every hour to avoid this blowhard and others. Stephen A, Max Kellerman, Wingo, that chic on the NBA show, Josina “(insert any NFL star name) texted me last night and said....” Anderson, just to name a few off the top of my head.
  9. If you play fantasy baseball, you would know this happens all the time. It’s no different than using Rizzo as your 2B this past year despite never playing the position this season, it carried over from last year.
  10. If I remember correctly, pre-draft there was some talk about their schedule being significantly more difficult this year than last. I don't remember if the concern was aimed more at the position players or if it included the D as well.
  11. Barkley getting 5 touches in the 2nd half...great offensive game plan.
  12. Yup, same here. I can understand a glitch in the scoring from last night, but to get a loss when I won 190-132 seems weird.
  13. I'm with you here. Every once in a while Bortles seems to channel an inner Brett Favre and has a blow up game...Steelers playing on the road this week seems like a trap game to me. Basing this on nothing but my gut feeling.
  14. Yeah, I couldn't quite tell if he went into that fencing posture or not, or if he was just moving very slowly. Either way, even athletic trainers at the high school level are well versed in the mantra "when in doubt, sit them out." It amazes me the inconsistency we've seen in the game time management of head impacts during NFL games. Guys like Goodwin have no business being allowed to play, and other players barely get grazed and they are pulled into the tent.
  15. Watching that game, as a sports medicine guy, I was amazed that he was allowed to go back into the game after the first hit, and was actually a bit pissed that he was allowed back in after the second. With all of the focus on head injuries, if a guy takes 2 hits to the head and has be tended to on the field, who also has a history of concussions, seems very negligent to me. I understand that he may have "passed" the initial testing, but symptoms can be delayed several hours. Didn't seem very smart to me.