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  1. I noticed that as well, but it looked like he took a shot to the head to me, but we'll never know because it was more important to show a live shot of 2 talking heads and the ultra famous former director of NFL officials (or something like that). I thought they would cut to a replay, but no dice. I guess with the game out of hand, everyone in production was in shut down mode.
  2. I echoed that exact same thought a few posts ago...the lack of surgery honestly doesn't mean much with an injury such as this, this is a significant injury that doesn't "heal" in 2-3 weeks.
  3. Just to be clear, this is only based on what I read in the tweet from the team athletic trainer... If he truly suffered a posterior SC dislocation, this is a very serious injury. The tweet seemed to try to downplay the hospital evaluation, but this really can be a medical emergency, even life threatening in worst case scenario. Best case scenario, he will be out 6 weeks. The problem with the SC joint is if it is unstable due to the ligaments being torn during the dislocation, it is extremely hard to get that stability back, even with surgery. Schefter’s comment about only missing a few weeks is odd considering the type of injury. Either he has more info that we do not have yet, or he is making a very poor assumption based on the conservative (non-surgical) treatment plan. Based on the info so far, my guess is we are looking at an extended IR stint.
  4. Also watching, besides that drive, seems like Brown is the GL option today.
  5. I would have thought Gurley would be the GL back, but he keeps getting pulled inside the 10, even Henderson replaced him.
  6. How the hell am I supposed to go lift when I’m afraid of missing a single second of this episode of “Everybody Hates AB?!” If I put my phone down for one second I’m gonna miss something really juicy...can he please just take a commercial break?
  7. I actually liked hearing how Gruden talked to him and how he addressed it.
  8. Oh, I agree 1000%, this saga isn’t over. But this video in and of itself didn’t seem all that outlandish, I feel it’s just within the context of all the other crap that it generated such an outcry.
  9. I guess I’m in the minority here, but that video doesn’t bother me in the least. I took it as his way of expressing his side of things, and will move on from here. While the timing may be very awkward, I didn’t get the feeling there was any malice intended. I actually think it made Gruden look better, essentially a veiled ultimatum to just quit the antics and play football or it’s time to move on. I can’t stand AB and have been very quick to criticize him every step of the way (nor do I have him on any teams), but this is a non-issue for me. Just my humble opinion.
  10. I think your RB's are definitely going to make or break your season. If AJ comes back like his old self, you are looking good, but I'd be a little concerned about depth. If the chips fall your way, this team could do very well. Thanks for the help with mine!
  11. Overthinking is what I do best, especially week 1! Thanks for the reply!
  12. Westbrook vs. KC Golladay vs. Arizona I'm leaning Westbrook: possible horrible KC defense; Jax will have to pass to keep up with KC offense; better QB than last year; Foles seemed to like him in preseason. Thanks!
  13. So for those of you who have already drafted, where would you consider taking McCoy now?
  14. I’ve tried calling the 410 and 855 numbers each of the past 2 nights...waited on hold for 45 minutes and finally gave up. Called the 800 number, got to the loyalty department. As in years past, I played the “good guy” card, saying my wife wanted to cancel and go to sling tv due to costs (always worked like a charm in the past). All they would offer is $50 off for 12 months, another $5 off for 6 months. Asked about ST, was told there were no offers available. I must be losing my touch... I plan on trying again tomorrow, but she said she would put a note in the system about the offer I received in case I decided to take it. I was hoping she wouldn’t so I could start off fresh with a new agent.
  15. Will Allen have enough time to allow him to take some deep shots? I haven’t paid much attention to the Pats this year, not sure what their pass rush is like.