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  1. Any way you can tack on some vacation time on top of the business trip? I spent two weeks there and I still felt it wasn't enough to see everything. You need to take a couple days in Northern Ireland...go see the Giant's Causeway on the coast as well as the Titanic museum in Belfast. Awesome stuff. Have fun.
  2. Not sure anymore what a good lay or a bad lay is, but at my advanced age, you pretty much are happy with any lay. That being said, alcohol has been known to release inhibitions in quite a few women...
  3. that's another peeve of mine: packing for a weekend trip but it ends up looking like 10-day trip to Europe is on the docket.
  4. no doubt, and there is just too much stuff to list...leaving a mess on the toothpaste tube, leaving one square of toilet paper on the roll...could go on and on.
  5. You obviously haven't been to Kuwait International
  6. get checked for rheumatoid arthritis while you're at it.
  7. I had a co-worker who was shocked I re-use my towel after x amount of showers...couldn't believe it. His wife, who is British, got him started on that. However he also said she was doing laundry day and night. ETA he also wondered why i would dry off my face next shower after the last spot dried off was usually my feet...i said what difference does it make if I'm all clean when I exit?
  8. Well, I have fond memories...I last went in.....1984?
  9. IF you have the capital to throw away the first couple years...the $500 and up I'm in, I can't afford to tank the first year. Plus, you better damn well hit on those late picks and future 1sts you traded for or you might as well sell your team in year 3 or 4.
  10. What a surprise...Quick Doggies in ANOTHER FFPC league. He seems to join every league I join. I don't know if I'd have gone OBJ right there...probably too volatile for me.
  11. my 19yr old son 'lightly rear ended' a car in front of him a couple weeks ago...he's down in San Diego, we're up north about 8 hours away. He calls us, says it's all good, he talked to the lady in front of him, it's all cool, no major damage to either vehicle, they exchange info and off they go, laughing and smiling all the day USAA calls me to let me know a claim has been filed to include BODILY INJURY...then, to top it off, my son says his 08 Elantra is 'sounding funny'...long story short, $600+ to repair some front end damage, and of course I have a $500 deductible. This being his second accident in 18 months and USAA declaring him 100% at fault, our premiums are going to skyrocket. I told him at the end of the year I'm transferring title to him and he'll be responsible for insurance and he can drive any way the hell he feels after that.
  12. Doesn't sound like there is much 'allure' to Job #2 other than the money...also I may have missed this, but what is wrong with the current job and the reason for leaving it to consider these two jobs? For me, considering all the benefits to the family of staying put, I don't know if I'd consider Job #2. Probably Job #1 or bust (stay put).
  13. I love getting hugs from women who just come back to work, regardless of size.