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  1. Will Trump ever agree that there was Russian interference in our election process? There is evidence of this. Yet he has not addressed or acknowledged this interference through word or deed. Is it simply his ego as it would dilute his self promotion and self perceived greatness, or are there additional reasons? Its clear that there was lying about meetings with Russian officials what were they protecting?
  2. Many laws and commerce practices are not supportive in viewing minors capable of making responsible judgments and actions without parental consent or guidance. Most states require a person to be 18 to drink. I think federal law requires a person to be 18 to smoke tobacco. About half the states require some form of parental notification/involvement in an abortion decision. A minor joining the military needs parental consent. In business hotels will not rent rooms to minors without parents booking/paying for the room. Rental car companies will not rent cars to minors without parental consent. The trend for many states has been to raise the school dropout age to 17 or 18 to keep minors in school. Over half the states now require that the minor stay in school till then.
  3. Trump can blow hard all he wants about asbestos. Trial lawyers will carve up any company foolish enough to resume its use.
  4. In getting rid of the raccoons Trump will burn your house down in the process and then puff up his chest and stick out his chin and tell everyone what a great job he did in getting rid of those raccoons.
  5. Trump appeasing another dictator. Sold out an American family. He wants to get a deal done eventually so he can get his ignoble peace prize. Additionally, why not demand Kim conduct an investigation and provide an explanation regarding what happened. The family is owed this. Also, try to protect any other American detained by North Korea.
  6. To me the reaction to Trump is similar to the way the body reacts to an infectious disease. I have not previously viewed any presidential candidate from any party in this way. I see him as a threat to our democracy, our institutions which include freedom of the press, independent judiciary, constitutional checks and balances and an opponent of racial equality. Also there is the possibility that he or his campaign conspired with a dictator to undermine our election process. He is opposed to NATO and continuously verbally supports the utterances of dictators as opposed to his own military and government officials. I have traveled in Europe and have witnessed the disdain that is directed toward him there. And if you review the data on global warming..... He has done some things good IMO which I mentioned in another thread. But a guy who believes he has all the answers, hides his activities from public scrutiny and refuses to educate himself and places personal loyalty to him above the Constitution and the law is a threat to our country and needs to go. I thank him for making me more politically aware. For example I wasn't aware that Obama had done an end run around Congress himself which was deserving of attack and criticism.
  7. Why protest the non-use of Colonel Reb? This mascot hasn't been used since 2010. To me it looks like a way for white supremacists to keep the fire going. Perhaps they feel they have implicit approval from our leadership. I would guess this is a one time protest by the basketball team in reaction to the pro-confederate march.
  8. Danger of appeasement here so Trump can take something back that deflects attention from Cohen's testimony.
  9. The politicizing and propaganda being spouted by both sides was off putting. Please focus on Trump's alleged criminal and unethical behaviors.
  10. Cohen's comments regarding Trump's racism seem beyond what the scope of the inquiry should be. Suggestive of Democratic influence or Cohen seeking revenge. Republican shrilling about Cohen writing a book in the future seems so weak. Everybody who has been connected with Trump has already written a book. Those presently connected to Trump will be writing a book once that connection is dissolved.
  11. Initial impression is that Cohen doesn't have experience as a trial attorney. He seems like a guy who is susceptible to being pressured and perhaps not the smartest of attorneys. As for me I found him to be credible so far.
  12. During my eye exam a few years back I was lectured by my eye doctor regarding how terrible the ACA was. He was markedly disappointed when I failed to join in the debate. I held it against him and eventually sought out another doctor. At a grocery check out after the 2016 election I was being recruited by the cashier to support Ted Cruz. It had some religious twist to it. I probably should have mentioned it to the manager but you really hate to get someone in trouble. People need to keep their politics to themselves and do their job so I can get home. and they are free to pursue their politics outside of the workplace.
  13. He didn't look very damaged to me. Was expecting far worse. The dog introduction was cute.