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  1. I think Sheila is going to be different than Mom and Dad and will strive to be competitive. I'm not too bothered by her statement of Rod Wood helping her. Its all about the process, who they receive input from. GM is first decision and then get input from that GM regarding coaching choice. I'll support SHF until proven otherwise. LIons have tried different approaches that have failed. Matt Millen was a "football man" but he had no front office experience, refused to move his family to the Detroit area and commuted between PA and Detroit which was a lack of commitment which showed in how he approached the job. Lions Tried the Patriots approach which seems to fail without Tom Brady. WCF got input from Hunt which failed. WCF let Russ Thomas sabotage anyone who got in his way including, Joe Schmidt, the best coach the Lions had in Ford era.
  2. All in the Family, Seinfeld, Big Bang Theory, Everybody Loves Raymond Honorable Mention: Fraser I Love Lucy
  3. I really like your thoughts on this. It would be connecting with fans and saying things need to change. Urgency has never been the Ford way and that they are above it all to show that urgency. If not this week, then second choice to fire them would be to do it immediately after team is eliminated from playoff hunt.
  4. From what I've read about Sheila Ford Hamp she has a competitive edge to her much more so than Mom and Dad. I have some hope. I can understand why she didn't jump right in and off Patricia and Quinn from the start. Definitely both will be gone before next year. Question is should the dismissal occur this week, once the team is eliminated from playoffs or at end of regular season. What are the advantages/disadvantages?
  5. Not saying I'm a fan of Jennings. But everyone has a past event or events they are not proud of. Technology keeps everything from the past available for the present. Jennings remark was in poor taste but is it how he should forever be defined? Its one fragment of his being what are the other parts?
  6. Blondes were good competitors. Now if they only had a sense of direction. With the alliance its been harder to determine how good the other teams are since they have been helping either out so much. You suspect that the volleyballers and maybe the gays are the teams to beat.
  7. Hasn't been a good year for Stafford. Has had too many key sacks and turnovers. I think its an outlier year. Also maybe an offset to the year he had when there were so many 4th quarter comeback wins.
  8. Beaten in mind and spirit. They had some juice beginning the game but the two back to back turnovers were too much.
  9. Another week, another disaster but this time on national TV.
  10. The Big Lie. If you repeat the same lie a thousand times, somebody going to believe you.
  11. I chose to not go for scheduled cleanings to avoid covid risk. But did go two weeks ago.
  12. The lack of outrage of Trump's attempts to subvert our elections through appealing to state legislatures and officials to ignore the popular vote suggests apathy at best regarding preserving the democratic process.
  13. IMO it appears that Republicans have been influenced to look at Democrats as the biggest threat to freedom and stability in comparison for example to Russia, brazen corruption and the advancement of the top 1% in income in relation to the regression of the lower and middle classes