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  1. Both are very good movies. Strong chance you will dislike MTM's character in Ordinary People.
  2. Younger generation much less tolerant of black and white. Cheesy special effects is a no-no. 60's music will send them out of the room.
  3. Time and time again in the NFL you will see one team dominate the other in the NFL for three quarters. And then in the 4th quarter go away from what was working and no longer be aggressive or creative. Allowing the other team to dictate tempo and assume the aggressor role. A big lead is squandered and all of sudden they are praying to hold on to the game. Often when the "prevent" does work teams still have to endure last ditch throws into the end zone or Hail Marys. It just sickens me as a fan to see your team dominate and then decide its going to just sit there like a punching bag. I would love to see statistics regarding what happens when a team goes into prevent mode as it relates to scoring and its effect on Wins and Losses. One other thing if I were a coach trying to hold on to a lead at the end I would more frequently then what is occurring now use my timeouts to give my defenders a rest. Once the pass rush stops coming its easier to complete passes. Also three men rushes are just inadequate. There is a place for prevent defense at the very end of games but otherwise they suck and suck the life out of your team.
  4. Tabor a second round pick. Quinn talked himself into that one. Guy couldn't run. Type you take a 6th or 7th round flyer on.
  5. I enjoyed 13th Warrior as well. There is supposed to be good footage that was cut to bring the time down. This would have helped with some of the abrupt transitions/continuity.
  6. Score from the Big Country is still fantastic and set the bar for Westerns.
  7. Gun nuts who demand absolute freedom regarding gun possession without qualification or restriction violate my freedom, security and happiness.
  8. The criticism is deserved. The last season was rushed. The rich storylines and conflicts were jump ended. You can say that the last season was OK but you have to compare it to the seasons before it which were really, really good (though season 7 started the downhill slope). It is important to stick the landing if you want to score a 10. Its bizarre that they had more money and more time for the last season and produced an inferior product compared to previous seasons. It just seems that without Martin's detailed plot, dialogue and descriptions to assist they could not take their game to his level. But Martin is a master. These writers were left in a lurch when Martin went dry regarding Books 6 and 7. So I cut them some slack for that. But as a fan you have to be disappointed in the last two seasons, especially 8.
  9. I would also add the Coen brothers remake of True Grit to the list.
  10. I miss westerns. There are too many superhero movies all advanced by CGI. If they continue to make money, they will continue to spawn. Its what the public wants.
  11. Regarding the Magnificent 7 (classic). First half is outstanding which culminates with the attack/defense of the village. Movie IMO falls apart in 2nd half and makes no sense Spoiler Alert First, The bandits after losing half of their men decide to attack the village again. You mean tell me there isn't another defenseless village in all Mexico they could plunder at will. Second, Chico wanders around the bandit camp even engaging the bandit leader in conversation and no one recognizes that he isn't a member of the bandit group. It isn't like the bandit numbers equal a battalion but rather there are about 40 men and half of them have already been killed. Third, after the 7 are captured by the bandits. They are not executed but rather they are given their freedom and even more remarkably given their guns back. They do not even have to give their word they will not return. What kind of ruthless thieving bandits are these guys! I guess nobody had any friends or relatives or anyone who owed them money regarding the 20 bandits that were killed.
  12. Favorite more recent westerns Open Range, Appaloosa and the Salvation.
  13. This is taking things too far. Property owner, business owner, home owner. No court would ever consider property owners, business owners, home owners to "own" the persons, employees, family who are attached, located or live connected there. Players fought in court and won to rid themselves of the reserve clause which had created a form of servitude and thus established free agency. Players now have the right to sign with whoever will have them after their initial contracts.