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  1. Lions defense gives up too many easy points.
  2. You've been quite reasonable. You cant please everybody. When you ask for everyone's opinion you are going to get a wide range of responses. Some want you to go to all out war, others think its no big deal, others want to mine it for laughs. To me if the guy intentionally did you wrong and is playing games about it you need to take a stand. You will always regret it if you don't. When a person deliberately screws you they may see your reasonableness as weakness and feel if they draw it out you will just get tired of it and let it be.
  3. Agree. Its just OK. First half of movie was better than the second half.
  4. No turnovers, no sacks with minmal QB pressure, no special special teams play except Prater FG. Defense laid an egg.
  5. His narcissism, lack of empathy and reality TV background on display.
  6. If he follows through with the survey it means he is sincere about the matter. In our state it is 3x damages to cut down a tree. Its not just based on the value of the lumber. If the survey comes back in your favor I think its likely that you can come up with a settlement though getting $ from the logging company would be the first choice.
  7. Kevin Costner's Boston accent in The Company Men.
  8. Really enjoyed the original Tremors. Liked Bone Tomahawk as well. Solid 8. Good cast. The banter between the male characters was fun. Richard Jenkins was very good in the"sidekick" role.
  9. Explain why it was the % move for Patricia with the lead calling timeouts with the Chiefs only having one timeout left and time running out. To me you keep the pressure on the offense. Also do not think it was wise for Patricia to use his first challenge in the first three minutes of the game over the spot. Also losing the challenge in the process.
  10. I voted 100%. How Trump has also used his office to enrich himself at taxpayer expense will conjointly become a focus of impeachment proceedings and I think that is going to be not too difficult to prove. Repeated exposures of his corruption over many weeks of testimony/evidence will inflame taxpayers, weaken opposition and eventually result in Trump cutting a deal (resignation or refusal to seek a second term) to avoid impeachment and later prosecution.
  11. Both are very good movies. Strong chance you will dislike MTM's character in Ordinary People.
  12. Younger generation much less tolerant of black and white. Cheesy special effects is a no-no. 60's music will send them out of the room.
  13. Time and time again in the NFL you will see one team dominate the other in the NFL for three quarters. And then in the 4th quarter go away from what was working and no longer be aggressive or creative. Allowing the other team to dictate tempo and assume the aggressor role. A big lead is squandered and all of sudden they are praying to hold on to the game. Often when the "prevent" does work teams still have to endure last ditch throws into the end zone or Hail Marys. It just sickens me as a fan to see your team dominate and then decide its going to just sit there like a punching bag. I would love to see statistics regarding what happens when a team goes into prevent mode as it relates to scoring and its effect on Wins and Losses. One other thing if I were a coach trying to hold on to a lead at the end I would more frequently then what is occurring now use my timeouts to give my defenders a rest. Once the pass rush stops coming its easier to complete passes. Also three men rushes are just inadequate. There is a place for prevent defense at the very end of games but otherwise they suck and suck the life out of your team.