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  1. America continues its descent into a banana republic.
  2. At Arrowhead this year Lions with Stafford lost to KC 34-30. Lions were leading late in the 4th quarter and KC scored a TD with 20 seconds to go. Without Stafford the Lions didn't win a single game.
  3. Agree with this. The use of lighting and camera contribute to this sense of creeping dread.
  4. With Martha's mandate, the Lions drafting a QB early is a long shot. I see lots of defensive players in our future and a RB along the way.
  5. Read two recent articles that were Lions related. In one Martin Mayhew, former Lions GM now with Frisco front office, said he regretted passing over Aaron Donald in order to draft Eric Ebron. Think he said that Donald didn't fit their scheme. In the other, Richard Sherman stated he was offered more guaranteed money by the Lions than he was offered by San Francisco but chose to sign with SF because of Patricia. Felt that Patricia would mimic BB and also that Patricia would run too hard practices that would wear out his body.
  6. Laughed out loud numerous times. The Big Goodbye was on feature at family gatherings over the holidays.
  7. With Martha not pulling the trigger to terminate Quinn/Patricia it effects the quality of coaches and the quality of FAs that will come to Detroit. The lack of certainty about what happens after the 2020 season regarding role and scheme will be a factor. I can see some reasons why they were retained but you also handicap the team for the next year and delay the rebuild if it is needed. I think you can establish accountability through termination without a warning beforehand. You want your organization to know that good results are expected from the start. I would have parted ways with Quinn and Patricia but that's me. Money shouldn't have been a factor, the Fords have enough. Attendance has been down the last two years and I am hearing more talk before of fans wanting the team sold. Leroy Hoard said the Lions are Incompetent and unlucky. That is no way to go through life
  8. Regarding the incompetent part …..,the Lions signed Undlin who was the Eagles DB coach as new D coordinator. Eagles fans on this board are thanking Detroit for hiring Undlin. Wade Phillips was still unsigned, doesn't sound like he was even considered. Hard to accept that this isn't another whiff by the Lions.
  9. Lions winning % since 2000 I believe is second worst in NFL. Surpassed in ineptitude by only the Cleveland Browns. Somewhat ironic as you can make a case that the Lions and Browns were the best franchises in the NFL in the 1950's. Basically the Lions have won just a little bit better than one out of every three games since 2000.
  10. Fleck does have pro football experience which would be of help in relating to the players and perhaps would tailor his approach to them. I'm not saying he's an ideal fit but Lions need someone with a strong personality who can establish a culture of winning and accountability. Whether its Fleck or an NFL coach with a history of winning the Lions need a whole lot of energy and belief in the future to overcome "the same old Lions" culture that oozes from the fanbase and organization. Its a #######g disgrace to attend a Lions home game and have fans from GB and Chicago cheering louder than Lion fans.
  11. That's right you do not know if the college guys will translate. One thing for Fleck is he has NFL player experience. On the other hand a lot of NFL coaches get retread into new positions when taking a chance on something new may be the better option. McDaniels for example. He is a candidate for the Browns job. But you know Marvin Lewis is still out there and he consistently won despite of the ownership dysfunction.
  12. Speaking of Matt Rhule IMO he's the type of coach the Lions should have wanted to take a chance on. He rebuilt a perennial doghouse Temple into a champion and then built up the Baylor program. When you decide to retain Quinn/Patricia you lose the chance to hire someone else who is out there who may be excellent coach and turn the Lions around. I mentioned P.J. Fleck earlier as a coach the Lions should be interested in. He made Western Michigan successful and had a Cotton Bowl appearance. This year he turned Minnesota into a team to be reckoned with defeating Auburn in their bowl game. For better or for worse I favor the idea of bringing in some one who has shown they can turn losing programs around. The Lions need someone with a strong personality who can sell that the future doesn't need to be the past. Also Rivera was available and he has had success in the NFL.
  13. Wade Phillips would be a great hire based on past performance. If Lions draft a slew of defensive players to go with him, I would have some hope for next year with a healthy Stafford.