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  1. RE: CYDY when you have only scraps of information you are free to speculate and draw whatever conclusion fits your outlook, hope, fear or whatever is running you that day. The CC is being held at 4pm after exchange hours. A change from recent calls: is it significant? Or is it the time that was convenient for everybody to be present? Dr. Patterson apparently is not going to be on the call. What does that mean? Is he leaving the company? Had a prior commitment? Or wasn't needed? I think investors like myself are waiting for the spark that sets off the rocket and the waiting is hard. There is so much optimism on the boards and this usually makes me cautious but I find myself recommending the stock to family members which is atypical and therefore putting my neck out there. When I tell family members I learned about this pre-revenue stock from this guy on the football message board, I get the LOOK. But regardless, from what I have read about CYDY I believe in its future and the risk is worth the potential payoff. My only child died from cancer as did my mother and I wish the drug had been available as an option for them.
  2. Since its a Montefiore press release they might overemphasize their role but also very possible the PR person there didn't have a good understanding of the overall process.
  3. CYDY going to Mexico for exposure and validation is a way to counter this. Seems like an intelligent and assertive move. Additionally, Mexico may be in very bad shape and seeking alternative txs with more effective results.
  4. Thanks to you and McBokonon. Is there a charge to purchase? Excuse the questions. I've been a guy who has had almost all my money in equity index funds since I was younger. I did open a Roth for a short time when I didn't have a 401K. Just owned one stock Stryker but sold in anticipation of the virus led downturn. Used that money to purchase CYDY after reading about it here. I did invest in individual tocks when I was younger and got my ### handed to me in a hat.
  5. NP and the host are unpolished. You can do something about the host. As a recent investor I lack history with the company but on the surface it appears NP has been instrumental to bringing the company to where it is now. So I guess we take the bad with the good. I thought the webinar was informative regarding company thoughts and efforts. No huge booming news but the company seems to be advancing overall. Also going over the same information could be helpful to new potential investors tuning in.
  6. Requesting help regarding reducing my costs on CYDY trades. I have a Roth self trading account through PNC but they charge a real hefty commission because CYDY is on the pink sheets. I see that some of the guys here have day traded the stock and was wondering where you had your account as I assume you are avoiding some of these fees that are hurting me. Its becoming somewhat predictable that whenever NP speaks the stock goes down and I'd like to see if that is a tactic that could be used. Appreciate your thoughts and advice. Thanks
  7. An interesting aspect of the CYDY webinar was that NP mentioned that they were in talks with Mexico to participate in a study that would directly compare the effectiveness of leronlimab versus remdesivir. There would also be a direct comparison of the two separately versus a cocktail of leronlimab and remdesivir together. Also Dr. Patterson mentioned that other research is coming out now that shows the role of RANTES and will serve as broad based support for his paper and for the eventual use of leronlimab.
  8. Good news from CYDY webinar is that uplisting is in the works. They believe they meet the requirements and are in process of arranging the financial requirements with an agreement with an investment bank. Results from trials are good. Expect enrollment to be completed by end of May. Patterson article submitted and awaiting approval, need to address any comments or need for experimental data. Only thing of concern was that NP did not flat out reject further dilution to fund trials but said it was an option among others to be considered. Also Patterson again commented about the possibility of the virus in the nation's blood supply and the need to determine/test if present and if it was infectious. Again like before stock takes a hit during the webinar.
  9. Everything turns on this. If effective will be recognized everywhere expect Trump will join the chorus.
  10. Agree we are in a period of adapting to this new world in all aspects of life. And awaiting medical advancements like CYDY's drug and comprehensive testing that should have been in place by now.
  11. Her "twitchiness" had to be endured each episode. That said enjoyed most of the show. Also thought the season when the Pakistanis kicked their behind was interesting as the Americans are usually shown prevailing.
  12. Trump's pressure to open up the economy and ignoring and downplaying the threat reminds me of the mayor of Amity and the beaches.
  13. Trump hides everything except his ego.
  14. Noticed that CYDY went down significantly during the actual time of each of the last two conference/streaming presentations. There's another one scheduled at 12:30 today.
  15. Cory Undlin Lions new DC has not been a DC before. He was an asst coach with Pats for a while at the same time as Patricia. It is unclear how much he will be allowed to do regarding defensive scheme and play calling. He has been described as a player's coach which may put him in conflict with Patricia's style. So he is a wild card in the question whether the Lions defense can or will improve.