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  1. Also they will not be able to use a U-Turn in the feature when they may really need it.
  2. No need to have used the U-Turn on Leo and Alana when you are first. Just created an enemy that will focus on your destruction.
  3. also was filing today that a cydy director acquired 120k shares by buying same. I think that's a positive unless you can talk me out of it.
  4. Based on the PR and I also speak Nader, it means they can file a BLA. Doesn't mean it will be approved. Also how long will it take them to prepare the BLA along with the necessary data (some that was missing with the US BLA)? Could be months. Hopefully their newest hire can help get these BLAs moving.
  5. Bought back in when NP showed his face on Fox. Was duped. Twice now. How did that happen? I still wonder. Wish I hadn't. Sold off 2/3 taking a loss. Such a confusing stock. They add to their team a guy with a good background regarding BLAs and advisory board looks solid. Yet release vague, misleading information. Everyone now seems to get it when they release info about BB or stroke etc. it serves as a distraction. Just get something approved and to market and rest will follow.
  6. Lions were competitive last year when Stafford was healthy. Looks the same this year. They beat two of the worst teams in the league in Jax and Atl and took advantage of their ineptitude. Played NO and Chi tough who have winning records. Beat a 5-2 Ariz team. Blown out by Pack. Lions look like an average team. Defense has improved some, doesn't profusely bleed points. So have a playoff chance, if team stays healthy and defense improves further.
  7. Need to have some stable financial assets. So I think its dead as things stand. CYDY will probably dilute unless EAU comes.
  8. Fox news interview bump wore off quickly. Dont like sticking on this til interim results.
  9. Not worth too much based on previous CYDY history. So they hired someone to get approval. What's that worth? It does makes sense to partner with someone who knows how the Philippines system works. But its not an application or trial, its a very preliminary step.
  10. Lets hope so. Who has the best drug will sort itself out during utilization. First step is to have some good results so we are given the chance.. Part of Hippocratic oath is to do no harm. LL has a very good safety record.
  11. In my opinion once you realize that you have a global pandemic and the economy is going to hell that you do loosen the reins to allow the use of therapeutics that are deemed safe and may be effective and record the results to determine which are actually effective. So this approach makes sense to me.
  12. Wisconsin legislature fought for their right to infect others. Michigan counties that abut Wisconsin are now threatened.
  13. Invented the Nazi goose step after seeing a newsreel on the Rockettes.
  14. I've been in and out so my knowledge is not as knowing as some others here. But interim results for the 195 are due according to NP at end of next week. What gets released to us is anyone's guess. Also safety committee will determine if trial should continue. In shareholders meeting it was revealed that there were 45 deaths in the 195. Resulting in educated estimates of how many needed to be in the LL arm for the trial to be halted and an EUA granted. The FOX interview has recharged the longs and people are again speculating based on how confident NP looked. Also possible NP spin as he said FDA is requesting to see data. Others will do better than I did here reviewing where things stand.
  15. Worked on me. I bought back in earlier before the Fox interview and added a bunch more after it. Interview hypes the hopes of the masses and letting us know results will be out next week gets the crowd on their feet.
  16. Same stuff. Pumping forthcoming interim results. Wish they had another spokesperson.
  17. I'm in alignment with much of Don Hutson's criticisms of management. But I do think the Night King went over the line with the terminally ill woman in order to criticize the company. BTW got back in on CYDY today. Hoping for some good news from the safety board and a little bump from today's presentation.
  18. I think he's pump full of steroids and is likely to say anything. You could also interpret it as him saying if you vote for me you get $. Likely he takes it all back in next day or two as his advisers struggle to talk sense into him.