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  1. Weird thing.. just after I posted this, my dentist's office called to say that they are open for cleaning appointments and wondered if I wanted one.
  2. How about waitresses and restaurant owners, I'm sure they are taking a bigger hit than others.
  3. Going to be a lot of demand down the line as myself and others canceled their regular cleaning due to virus concerns.
  4. For What Its Worth- Buffalo Springfield Could switch the turmoil and images from the 1960s and especially the lyrics for what is happening now in the country.
  5. Drug: Tocilizumab Medication class: Interleukin-6 (IL-6) receptor antagonist Developer: Roche (as Actemra) Approved US Indications: Tocilizumab is indicated for to treat moderately to severely active rheumatoid arthritis in adults where one or more DMARDs have provided adequate response; to treat giant cell arteritis in adults; to treat active polyarticular juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA) in patients age 2 years or older; to treat systemic JIA in patients age 2 years and older; and to treat CRS in patients age 2 years or older who have severe or life-threatening CRS induced by chimeric antigen receptor T-cell (CAR-T) treatment. Rationale: Research from China has shown tocilizumab may be an effective treatment for patients with severe cases of COVID-19. Trials: Roche is launching a randomized, controlled Phase 3 trial (COVACTA) to evaluate tocilizumab’s effectiveness in severe COVID-19 cases. The Hôpitaux de Paris is also evaluating 228 participants with COVID-19 associated pneumonia in a randomized parallel-assignment trial where patients receive tocilizumab 8mg/kg D1 or standard of care (NCT04331808). Outcomes: Preliminary results from CORIMUNO-19 of 129 patients randomized to tocilizumab or placebo showed the drug “improves significantly clinical outcomes” of pneumonia associated with COVID-19, according to a press release. In Italy, 65 patients in the COVID-BioB Study who received tocilizumab instead of standard of care had improved clinical outcomes (69% vs. 61%; P = .61) and reduced mortality (15% vs. 33%; P = .15), but neither result was statistically significant. Status: COVACTA is expected to begin in early April. Agree I do not think from what I can see that there is a conspiracy to deny leronlimab approval but rather the usual FDA process. But doesn't seem so far that Tocilizumab is a favorite over leronlimab either. Perhaps it becomes part of a cocktail. Hope that all the the enthusiasm from CYDY staff isn't a mass delusion but they seemed convinced they have the answer for covid and cancer as well.
  6. IWasn't clear what he meant as he included at the end of a thought. But my impression was that it might have something to due with distribution.
  7. Going over notes a couple of other things from CYDY cc. NP was asked whether Dr. Fauci was aware of leronlimab. He indicated no but that FDA needed results from trials. Covid trials will end June 15 regardless of number enrolled. Data will be analyzed then submitted to FDA at end of month. CYDY not focused now on direct comparison trial to remdesivir. THey will know at end of next week regarding Patterson's article publication in NEMJ When asked about CYDY receiving govt grants. NP replied that their submission request would be finished soon. CYDY will sign by tomorrow a non-binding distribution agreement with a major company. It was not explained what a non-binding agreement means. NP said word of leronlimab is spreading as a cancer tx and they are getting many calls from people which will help them fill their basket trials. Uplisting- NP said he was advised by legal to not discuss what exchange they are seeking to go with but believes they will be able to meet financial requirements Regarding the investment bank agreement which he had earlier said would be signed this past weekend. NP said no bank had been selected yet and suggested they were being solicfited by several banks. NP said he could not discuss further due to legal. Have not heard back from FDA on BLA submission but FDA has 60 days to reply. Said he expects Big Pharma will want to partner once data released on trials Both NP and Dr. Jay mentioned the efficacy of the drug which was demonstrated in EINDs before trials. Dr. Jay said that leronlimab will be a "home run" drug/
  8. Thought CYDY cc was very good. News about Mexico very positive. Will only need to enroll 25 for trial instead of 300 some. Will allow CYDY to combine anecdotal results with trial results. Would expect Mexico to approve before US. This would open basically most latin american countries as well . NP has been in direct conversation with Mexico's Dr. Fauci equivalent.
  9. You guys are misled. This interview was from last year. The interview was done by Biotech Trader and they acknowledged that it is old. Explains why no mention of Covid. Not sure why it was dated as of this May. Interesting to me from the interview was that NP mentions the BLA submission for HIV would be finished in September, which would be September of last year. As we know it took more than a half year after September 2019 to accomplish that. It explains to me why the BLA submission was so critical to the company's and NP's credibility. Again fosters the sense that NP is overly optimistic about timelines Also NP talks about publication of a scientific article that would bolster their approach of txing HIV and increase public awareness of CYDY and leronlimab. Similar to where we are now re: Covid. As an investor I liked that he compared the company to Gilead. He mentioned that Gilead was basically present CYDY from 1992 to 1997 due to low public awareness, development and SP but then went on a roll. He believed that something similar was going to happen to CYDY in a year. Just seems to be so many positives in the future of the company. I'm in the process of freeing up additional cash to increase my holdings.
  10. Finished 'Valley Forge". Good basic revolutionary war non-fiction.
  11. Only 3 funny parts for me in TSAM ...frank & beans, mousse and dog attack scenes.
  12. If you need a question asked, I'll do what I can to ask it at the next cc.
  13. More Lions disrespect here Wayne was a shell then. Lions viewed as cheap.
  14. Interesting thing that I didn't know, NP in the conference call said that Cytodyn had only 12 employees. That's a lot of ground to cover for everyone with all they have going.
  15. Funny. Biotechs were down for the day But I have mixed thoughts about this. Could also be attempt to discredit him.
  16. Seemed like a concerted attack on the stock today. I'm still in. So many positive developments on the horizon.
  17. Overview of where CYDY is at including information from yesterday's cc.
  18. Did say they were hiring someone to specialize in commercialization of the product. Always waiting for results though is frustrating as everything seems to be in the "works". They have so much going on. If they submit their application for uplisting by the end of next week that would be cool.
  19. The optimism about opening up is very delusional to me. Some sensible Americans and companies are adapting to this new coronavirus world others are not. Virus is still there. Half of the states the virus is not contained. Once precautions are ignored and people become more complacent sure to spread dramatically again and business will suffer.
  20. Did say if they didn't have 75 in two weeks that he would seek board approval to go to FDA with interim results. Had the impression that there were more than 50 but less than 75 so far.
  21. CYDY Expect agreement with investment bank this weekend Expect exciting uplisting news next week
  22. Wonder if he's getting paid off by someone.
  23. Sounds like NYSE is going to be the route but nothing definite still working on it.
  24. Thanks to advice from this board I recently transferred my Roth IRA from to Fidelity specifically to avoid brokerage fees for CYDY trades. Received a call from Fidelity today regarding my CYDY stock. They advised that they needed info regarding where I had acquired CYDY. They stated that there was a problem in that Cytodyn was a shell company and that stock issued by Cytodyn directly to investors needed to be listed under the previous company's name and not the shell company. It sounded like there was a difference between CYDY and Fidelity regarding SEC requirements. Fidelity stated that there were millions of dollars of SEC fines involved. Also said that the clerk at Cytodyn had erroneously removed the name of the previous company as being the company of issuance. However, Fidelity said that this problem did not effect investors who had purchased shares through a brokerage but effected shares purchased directly from the company. I was asked to send my PNC documentation showing the purchase of my shares through PNC. Regarding the fines involved it sounded like Fidelity was at risk and not investors. Anyway thought you should be aware of this. Its my best understanding. Shorts may run with this.