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  1. 13 hours ago, chet said:

    What a horrible interview.  What was his goal in giving the interview?  I don't think he even mentioned COVID-19.  smh

    You guys are misled. This interview was from last year. The interview was done by Biotech Trader and they acknowledged that it is old. Explains why no mention of Covid. Not sure why it was dated as of this May. 

    Interesting to me from the interview was that NP mentions the BLA submission for HIV would be finished in September, which would be September of last year. As we know it took more than a half year after September 2019 to accomplish that. It explains to me why the BLA submission was so critical to the company's and NP's credibility. Again fosters the sense that NP is overly optimistic about timelines

    Also NP talks about publication of a scientific article that would bolster their approach of txing HIV and increase public awareness of CYDY and leronlimab. Similar to where we are now re: Covid.

    As an investor I liked that he compared the company to Gilead. He mentioned that Gilead was basically present CYDY from 1992 to 1997 due to low public awareness, development and SP but then went on a roll. He believed that something similar was going to happen to CYDY in a year.

    Just seems to be so many positives in the future of the company. I'm in the process of freeing up additional cash to increase my holdings.

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  2. 8 hours ago, bostonfred said:

    I don't mean that mr. Bean is great, just that it holds up well because nobody copies it.  So if it started out as a 6 on a scale of 1 to 10. It's still a 6. But There's Something about Mary might have been a 10 when it came out, and now it's a 7.

    TSAM had so many great lines like can of whoop ###, franks and beans, and Brett Fav ruh that have been oversaturated and the whole premise of sending a private investigator to Florida to look her up makes no sense in the internet era. 

    Only 3 funny parts for me in TSAM ...frank & beans, mousse and dog attack scenes.

  3. 5 minutes ago, chet said:

    Have to say that was a very disappointing call.  NP signaled to the market that he had something material to announce but there was nothing so I guess that was too much to expect of him.  It's clear that he is over his skis.

    Did say they were hiring someone to specialize in commercialization of the product. 

    Always waiting for results though is frustrating as everything seems to be in the "works". They have so much going on. If they submit their application for uplisting by the end of next week that would be cool.

  4. 31 minutes ago, sporthenry said:

    Yeah, I mean I'm probably one of the more bearish people here so I'm sure some of the chirping was directed at me. But I actually lightened up some shorts a few weeks ago given you had states reopening and most seem to think the summer will be relatively fine. I just moved more to cash. You have states reopening and while data doesn't seem great, it isn't lock it back down again. So while Q2 numbers will be abysmal, companies will just say July numbers were flat or only down x% and give the market hope. Heck, July may even be up since you will have pent up demand and consumers will actually have money for now. 

    By my estimate, the Russell 3000, which accounts for ~98% of US market cap, is now only down ~$4T from it's peak and $2.7T from the beginning of the year. At the bottom, the market was down over $11.5T. I mean what are the bull arguments from here? Yes, record Fed intervention and stimulus. The stimulus likely did a good job of offsetting losses until now but what about going forward? I suppose you can bet on another round of stimulus but that is only because they see the depth of what is happening. It won't be free and they won't do it if we get a V-shaped recovery. The only other argument that Siegel made today is that this is essentially diverting wealth from outside the stock market to companies inside it. I.e. your local diner closes so we'll all be forced to eat at Outback. I don't have a great read on that but that seems like a fine line to thread. We're going to wreck the economy enough to put all the small businesses out of business but not so much to have us fall into a long recession. I also think with the economy being 2/3 consumer driven spending, we're in for more hurt than a more manufacturing focused economy. 

    If I wanted to get cute, I'd say you could probably stay long through the reopening into the summer and ride 2Q earnings. Depending on how the market reacts until then, guidance for Q3 earnings is likely to be positive. So then sell before we get into the fall when the lack  of jobs and the potential for a 2nd wave really picks back up. However, I'm not trying to get too cute. I have a feeling the smart money may pull the rug sooner than later in anticipation of all that. I also think the Fed might step away from the market a bit. They achieved what they intended. Reopened the markets. They also may want to rein in the equity markets especially in light of the broader economy.  

    The optimism about opening up is very delusional to me. Some sensible Americans and companies are adapting to this new coronavirus world others are not.  Virus is still there. Half of the states the virus is not contained. Once precautions are ignored and people become more complacent sure to spread dramatically again and business will suffer.

  5. 26 minutes ago, Jefferson the Caregiver said:

    So the only good news is that NP is saying we will be uplisted at some point?

    Ugh, that's not going to move the needle one bit.

    Just caught the very end, they only have 50 of the 75 patients enrolled for the current phase 2/3 trial?

    This is not going to play well if that is the news.

    Did say if they didn't have 75 in two weeks that he would seek board approval to go to FDA with interim results. Had the impression that there were more than 50 but less than 75 so far.

  6. Thanks to advice from this board I recently transferred my Roth IRA from to Fidelity specifically to avoid brokerage fees for CYDY trades.

    Received a call from Fidelity today regarding my CYDY stock. They advised that they needed info regarding where I had acquired CYDY. They stated that there was a problem in that Cytodyn was a shell company and that stock issued by Cytodyn directly to investors needed to be listed under the previous company's name and not the shell company. It sounded like there was a difference between CYDY and Fidelity regarding SEC requirements.

    Fidelity stated that there were millions of dollars of SEC fines involved. Also said that the clerk at Cytodyn had erroneously removed the name of the previous company as being the company of issuance.  However, Fidelity said that this problem did not effect investors who had purchased shares through a brokerage but effected shares purchased directly from the company.

    I was asked to send my PNC documentation showing the purchase of my shares through PNC.

    Regarding the fines involved it sounded like Fidelity was at risk and not investors. 

    Anyway thought you should be aware of this. Its my best understanding. Shorts may run with this.

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  7. RE: CYDY when you have only scraps of information you are free to speculate and draw whatever conclusion fits your outlook, hope, fear or whatever is running you that day.

    The CC is being held at 4pm after exchange hours. A change from recent calls: is it significant? Or is it the time that was convenient for everybody to be present?

    Dr. Patterson apparently is not going to be on the call. What does that mean? Is he leaving the company? Had a prior commitment? Or wasn't needed?

    I think investors like myself are waiting for the spark that sets off the rocket and the waiting is hard.

    There is so much optimism on the boards and this usually makes me cautious but I find myself recommending the stock to family members which is atypical and therefore putting my neck out there.

    When I tell family members I learned about this pre-revenue stock from this guy on the football message board, I get the LOOK. But regardless, from what I have read about CYDY  I believe in its future and the risk is worth the potential payoff. My only child died from cancer as did my mother and I wish the drug had been available as an option for them.

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  8. 10 minutes ago, chet said:

    Nice find on the article.  I just posted the following at IHUB:


    Since its a Montefiore press release they might overemphasize their role but also very possible the PR person there didn't have a good understanding of the overall process.

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  9. 2 hours ago, chet said:

    I agree the HIV space is crowded but it's CYDY's least valuable indication.  They will get approval, and have estimated 20-40k patients will use their therapy annually after ramp up.  Their therapy has no side effects, doesn't develop resistance and is more effective than what's available now or in the pipeline.  

    COVID-19 and cancer are both potential game changers for CYDY.  The issue is that big pharma is taking all of the oxygen in the room--see this scathing interview of William Haseltine where he eviscerates Moderna and Gilead.   That's ok--CYDY has to continue to execute, not make any more stupid mistakes and achieve results.  Their time to shine will come.

    Big pharma's arrogance and influence is becoming much more evident.  Their willingness to tout ineffective therapies and actively work to undermine small companies with potentially effective treatments is ethically dubious and is costing lives.  To be clear, this rant is not directed toward @Whyatt.  I strongly encourage everyone to watch the interview linked above for a little insight into the games that big pharma is playing.


    CYDY going to Mexico for exposure and validation is a way to counter this. Seems like an intelligent and assertive move. Additionally, Mexico may be in very bad shape and seeking alternative txs with more effective results.

  10. 3 minutes ago, BassNBrew said:

    Fidelity charges me a penny when I sell


    4 minutes ago, BassNBrew said:

    Fidelity charges me a penny when I sell

    Thanks to you and McBokonon.

    Is there a charge to purchase? Excuse the questions. I've been a guy who has had almost all my money in equity index funds since I was younger. I did open a Roth for a short time when I didn't have a 401K. Just owned one stock Stryker but sold in anticipation of the virus led downturn. Used that money to purchase CYDY after reading about it here.

    I did invest in individual tocks when I was younger and got my ### handed to me in a hat.

  11. 5 hours ago, chet said:

    I agree.  They need to stop doing these things  Completely ineffective when you don't have anything material to announce. 

    Between Nader and Jack Marks (the host), it was amateur hour.

    NP and the host are unpolished. You can do something about the host. As a recent investor I lack history with the company but on the surface it appears NP has been instrumental to bringing the company to where it is now. So I guess we take the bad with the good.

    I thought the webinar was informative regarding company thoughts and efforts. No huge booming news but the company seems to be advancing overall. Also going over the same information could be helpful to new potential investors tuning in.

  12. Requesting help regarding reducing my costs on CYDY trades. I have a Roth self trading account through PNC but they charge a real hefty commission because CYDY is on the pink sheets. I see that some of the guys here have day traded the stock and was wondering where you had your account as I assume you are avoiding some of these fees that are hurting me.

    Its becoming somewhat predictable that whenever NP speaks the stock goes down and I'd like to see if that is a tactic that could be used.

    Appreciate your thoughts and advice. Thanks

  13. An interesting aspect of the CYDY webinar was that NP mentioned that they were in talks with Mexico to participate in a study that would directly compare the effectiveness of leronlimab versus remdesivir.  There would also be a direct comparison of the two separately versus a cocktail of leronlimab and remdesivir together. 

    Also Dr. Patterson mentioned that other research is coming  out now that shows the role of RANTES and will serve as broad based support for his paper and for the eventual use of leronlimab.

  14. Good news from CYDY webinar is that uplisting is in the works. They believe they meet the requirements and are in process of arranging the financial requirements with an agreement with an investment bank. Results from trials are good. Expect enrollment to be completed by end of May.

    Patterson article submitted and awaiting approval, need to address any comments or need for experimental data.

    Only thing of concern was that NP did not flat out reject further dilution to fund trials but said it was an option among others to be considered.

    Also Patterson again commented about the possibility of the virus in the nation's blood supply and the need to determine/test if present and  if it was infectious.

    Again like before stock takes a hit during the webinar.


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