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  1. Some doctors are biggest opioid drug dealers in the United States. Numerous people end up being addicted due to lack of adequate assessment, being offered opioids as a first resort as opposed to a last resort and churning practices that keep patients coming back and financially benefit physicians. Just guessing that Trump had minorities in cities in mind for his death wish.
  2. Assuming its true they have already forgiven him for it because we are all sinners. Even though he never will admit he did it nor repent and seek forgiveness.
  3. Watched the 80's mini-series Shogun over the last few days. It still holds up as a rousing historical adventure set in Japan in the 1600s. Faithfully following the best selling novel. One of the most enjoyable books I've read.
  4. Yes one of my cousins who lives in Virginia said that on a base near his house these blue helmeted UN troops were training to be unleashed on US citizens as soon as Hilary took power. Another cousin from the same family was telling everyone at the family reunion how he had transformed his home into an armored bunker that bullets would not be able to penetrate. He said once Hilary was elected that the first thing she would do would be to come for his guns. And that was never going to happen. Both cousins are white males from a working class family.
  5. What crap about the child custody stuff. So the woman who saves 10,000 people from being gassed and then saves the President's life from assassins cant catch a break from social services because her lifestyle is too dangerous? LOL Miss Quinn not too many characters you give a rip about now.
  6. One difference to me is the question of intent. The users of cigarettes, drugs, autos do not intend to kill others. Predominantly the danger for these users is to themselves. They may hurt/kill others through their reckless or irresponsible use but I do not think the overall intent is to kill others. We have regulations in place to make cars safer, penalize and jail drunk drivers. These limit the damage. How many more would be dead if we didn't take these steps? The mass shooter using rapid fire rifles with large magazines intends to kill as many people as possible as quickly as possible so he can kill more. It is malicious. I favor more restrictions on the availability of these type weapons including their elimination for the civilian population.
  7. The weapons that are used do make a difference. Nagasaki and Hiroshima. The more lethal the weapon the more people will be killed. Not saying it is the only factor. But the more accessible the weapon the more casualties we will have caused by those who can not control their rage and murderous impulses. I think its easier to have some checks and balances on the availability of the most lethal weapons than to know the moment when a human being foregoes rationality and humanity to go on a murder spree.
  8. MSU Grad here. Received this e-mail from the MSU Board of Trustees. They were on record supporting the MSU president just a few days ago. There are now allegations of assaultive behavior regarding the football and basketball teams not being adequately investigated. MSU Board Chair Brian Breslin Board of Trustees <> To Jan 26 at 4:57 PM Dear MSU Community, As you know, this week has been deeply significant for the survivors of Larry Nassar’s predation and abuse. One after another, they spoke out bravely in open court last week. They asked that their voices be heard, for responsiveness, for action. We acknowledge their voices and say to the survivors, their families, and everyone in our community affected by sexual violence that we are deeply sorry and we recognize that change is overdue. Today, the Board of Trustees met to take important actions to begin a new day at MSU. We voted to formally accept the resignation of President Lou Anna K. Simon, effective immediately, and appointed Vice President and Secretary to the Board of Trustees Bill Beekman as acting president. In addition, earlier today, Athletic Director Mark Hollis announced his retirement, effective Jan. 31. You can read his statement on the Athletics Department website. We thank him for his many years of service and contributions to MSU Athletics. Mr. Beekman, who has served in his current role since 2008 and has been with the university in a variety of administrative roles since 1995, has agreed to serve for a short period while we identify an interim president. We will also begin a national search for MSU’s permanent president with input from all members of the MSU community—faculty, staff, students, and alumni. But this is just the beginning. We acknowledge that there have been failures at MSU, not only in our processes and operations, but in our culture, and we are united in our determination to take all necessary steps to begin a new day and to change the environment at the university. The Board has initiated action to bring in an independent third-party to perform a top-to-bottom review of all our processes relating to health and safety, in every area of the university, and to provide recommendations that we will implement to change the culture of MSU on this important issue. We also understand that survivors, their families, and the public have many questions about the Nassar matter, and we have asked the Attorney General’s Office to conduct a review of the events surrounding the situation. Today, we are calling on the Attorney General to begin this review as soon as possible and to appoint an independent third-party to promote bipartisan acceptance of the results. Again, we are committed to taking action to create a culture that provides a safe environment for all members of our community, and the transition to new leadership will be a key component in helping us change course. The Board will play an integral role in these efforts and in making MSU a leader locally and nationally in preventing sexual abuse. It is clear to the Board that we have not been focused enough on the survivors of Larry Nassar’s abuse. We deeply regret this, and it is our hope is that there will be an opportunity soon to resume dialog with counsel for the survivors, resulting in a fair and just resolution. We cannot change the past, but we can and will devote our time and resources to foster healing and to move forward together. Sincerely, Brian S. Breslin Chair, MSU Board of Trustees
  9. Binging on this right now. Just started season four. Started slow for me but now look forward to each episode.
  10. Jason Bourne wasn't very good either IMO. Possibly killed off the franchise. I am a big fan of the first three with Damon.
  11. They spent a lot of time on the goatyoga team. A team that wasn't eliminated. To me very possible they play an important role this season based on screen time to date.
  12. more likely an EMP bomb than a nuclear strike.
  13. I don't get.. Get Out either. Entertaining to a degree but don't see it being talked about 10 years from now.
  14. Lions move on from Caldwell and Bengals reenlist Marvin Lewis. Lions willing to go for a high ceiling while Bengals continue to focus on a high floor. I would think Bengals would realize they've given Lewis more than a fair shot to get to the championship. Not to say that Lewis might not end with a better record than whoever the Lions hire but man I respect the Lions more for going for it. Stafford is good enough to win with.
  15. Congrats to Lions for showing some balls here and not accepting mediocrity. Things could get worse, that's the risk but I didn't see the upside with staying with Caldwell. We will learn more about Quinn as we observe how the selection process plays out and who the final choice becomes.
  16. My list. Some didn't match the hype and some just sucked. Except for Fight Club and Django unlikely that I'll give any of the others another chance. Raging Bull Dark Knight Fight Club Seven Usual Suspects Life is Beautiful English Patient Sunset Blvd Wall-E Django Unchained Up A Beautiful Mind Gone Girl Grand Budapest Hotel
  17. Whenever Unforgiven is on will stop and watch so have to disagree. Hackman's performance as well as Richard Harris' were standouts. Also off the top of my head cant think of a movie where Clint Eastwood gave a better performance. Very good script gave everybody a chance to shine.
  18. Liked Battlefield Los Angeles to me it was a good B flick. Didn't care for Time Bandits or Satyricon. Couldn't stomach Brimstone which is a recent release.
  19. Two come easily to mind.... Dark Knight and Raging Bull. Enjoyed neither.
  20. The passivity of Lions management, coaches and yes even many of their fans is a major reason why the Lions do not win. W.C. Ford built a culture of losing and accepting poor performance as long as he liked the coach or GM personally. Many fans over time became resigned to accepting poor performance because they recognized that the Fords were incapable of competence or more accurately accountability. A franchise that would accept Matt Millen's fraudulent incompetent performance for 8 years is worthy of contempt and ridicule. Wiki refers to Millen as the worst or one of the worst GMs in the modern history of sports. Many fans called out for boycotts and marches to get the Fords attention to fire Millen but yet were criticized by other passive fans for not supporting their team. I'm concerned that this same passivity is now being displayed by some fans and perhaps by management regarding Caldwell. I do not see any spark, ability to beat the good teams, or ability to adapt to changing circumstances. The Lions have one of the better QBs to build around who I think carried them last year to many 4th quarter victories. One of these days Stafford is going to realize like Sanders and Johnson that it is better to retire than continue playing for a franchise not committed to winning.
  21. Yep giving up a bunch of story lines by eliminating the Father-Son, Mother (Michonne)-Carl dynamics. Was it a salary/contract thing that resulted in the write off?
  22. I was thinking that Chandler Riggs had requested to leave the show to go to college or some such thing and thus Carl's death was just writing him out of the series. Read that his real life father was #####ing that Scott Gimple had told them that Carl was going to be in the series for another 2-3 years but wrote him out so they weren't happy about it.