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  1. Everything turns on this. If effective will be recognized everywhere expect Trump will join the chorus.
  2. Agree we are in a period of adapting to this new world in all aspects of life. And awaiting medical advancements like CYDY's drug and comprehensive testing that should have been in place by now.
  3. Her "twitchiness" had to be endured each episode. That said enjoyed most of the show. Also thought the season when the Pakistanis kicked their behind was interesting as the Americans are usually shown prevailing.
  4. Trump's pressure to open up the economy and ignoring and downplaying the threat reminds me of the mayor of Amity and the beaches.
  5. Trump hides everything except his ego.
  6. Noticed that CYDY went down significantly during the actual time of each of the last two conference/streaming presentations. There's another one scheduled at 12:30 today.
  7. Cory Undlin Lions new DC has not been a DC before. He was an asst coach with Pats for a while at the same time as Patricia. It is unclear how much he will be allowed to do regarding defensive scheme and play calling. He has been described as a player's coach which may put him in conflict with Patricia's style. So he is a wild card in the question whether the Lions defense can or will improve.
  8. CYDY's snappy updated visual presentation for May 2020
  9. Nothing changes till it does but I hear you. Lions seem to lose at least one game each year due to weird rule or strange referee call. Fans, refs league all seem to expect some type of Lion screwup or implosion. Can hope that Quinn and Patricia have learned something along the way and with good OC and DC we can compete.
  10. If the defense can be middle of the road they can compete with any team. Chicago doesn't have a QB, GB is deteriorating. For some reason we always seem to play AZ as an away game and have little success there. After NO the schedule isn't that hard I think until the last three games. It would be exciting to have to beat Brady and TB at home to make the playoffs. I can dream.
  11. Good find. I'm coming to the view that with all the junk being thrown at CYDY that CYDY is really close to taking off. Somebody's scared. Its disappointing for investors to run this gauntlet of trumped up molehills. These harassment tactics seek to defocus and distort and sap energy from the company's efforts. It is remarkable that CCDY shifted gears to go at Covid when it was very close to major progress on its cancer and HIV applications. Exciting times but the company is stretched. These harassment tactics are similar to how you bleed a low funded plaintiff in a law suit, for example the tactics displayed in the movie A Civil Action. CYDY has so much going on right now that dealing with these distractions slows it down.
  12. Its one thing to not have filed it at all and another to have filed and be advised by the FDA that additional data was needed to supplement the original filing. This type of thing happens frequently when dealing with regulatory agencies. As a newer investor in CYDY I believe that the BLA is a first for the company and you make more mistakes the first time you do something. If the case is that the company filed nothing at all then I would be greatly alarmed and would probably dump it. But my preliminary impression is that its an easy fix. My additional impression is that the company is under a great deal of scrutiny and any misstep or delay is being pounced on to discredit it. Must be a lot at stake.
  13. Thought this was a fair well written review. I think the article does a good job of cautioning shareholders that the results of the randomized trials may not match expectations. Some call it the 21st century equivalent of penicillin which would be shattering. But how often can you catch lightning in a bottle? Can only cross your fingers and watch.
  14. Wasn't aware of the basket trial model and thought that the article was well organized and thought it expressed a valid caveat re share numbers. May be I'm just easily influenced.
  15. Probably the best article I've read regarding CYDY. Thanks
  16. Lots and lots of short posts on investor message boards re CYDY. Some disguised as longs. Looked up some of the more strident posters history and found numerous posts attacking a variety of emerging biotechs or on the other hand only negative posts about a certain stock going back for half a year or more. Intermixed with these were folks just simply puzzled by NP's actions.
  17. According to this mind blowing results re: leronlimab to be published in Nature magazine.
  18. Great find. Thank you. Lots of CYDY discussion but so many guys here are invested.
  19. Conventional, unimaginative thinking would suggest some downward pressure on CYDY due to the smoke raised by the fuss generated regarding Form 144 filing and perhaps due to continuing after effects from Gilead's remdesivir publicity. However, once Dr. Patterson's paper appears throughout medical world I would suggest that it would fuel a run-up.
  20. Lions not picking up Jarrad Davis option for 2021. Based on performance not deserved.
  21. I've been making a number of posts trying to sort this out re: CYDY for myself and the others on this board. Think I'm over my head but trying. Came across these thoughts that were posted on another board and they made sense to me so thought I'd repeat them here. 1. The share price isn't going up every day. Every time share prices drop message boards want the CEO removed. I don't think CEO's spend their entire day worrying about share prices. 2) There's way too much worry on this board. Over the next couple weeks a lot of positives are coming. 2. The approval of Remdesivir is good for Leronlimab. It sets the approval bar for efficacy results pretty low. It also opens up opportunities for combination therapies for Leronlimab. Something management really isn't too excited about but it gets us into the party and that's what matters at this point. 3. From a trial perspective the FDA seems more interested in quantity vs. quality. A fair result in a big patient study is better than a great result in a smaller patient study. The message the bigger the better. So add more patients and set the study end points accordingly. 4. Study "degree of difficulty is hard to evaluate and quantify. It's like judging Olympic gymnastics or ice skating. 5.. The real payoff here is going to be HIV and cancer applications. COVID is just an extra bonus. It provides a lot of exposure. 6. Waiting for the NEJM peer review story to appear. 7. One final thought. A lot of medications that old people take are immune-suppressive. Like RA drugs. Being on a medication that suppresses your immune system sounds like a death sentence with COVID. I am curious to know how may deaths are correlated to the taking of these medications. So is it the underlying condition that contributes to a higher death rate or the treatment for the underlying condition that contributes to a higher death rate? Or both? 8. Enjoy the weekend as best as possible.
  22. Stole this from elsewhere as an explanation Form 144. This is documenting the transaction between CYDY and NP, the CEO. It's that simple. It's a "cashless" exercise of stock options. Form S3. Look at NP's row in the table on p.12. It lists how many shares (as well as his equitable interest in shares via options or warrants). It's the same number of shares before the "sale" as it is after the "sale." Why? BECAUSE THIS ISN'T A FILING TO SELL SHARES. IT'S A FILING TO REGISTER INVESTORS' SHARES. If they wanted, they could now sell shares going forward. Form 4. THIS is the document you have to look out for. If NP files this, then he's either being awarded more stock or is SELLING stock.
  23. I only caught the last few minutes of Friday's call but have heard something that NP said something of the sort that warrants needed to be exercised or funds raised to get NASDAQ listing. Anybody hear something like this?
  24. Agree. If he has concern for shareholders, would address this ASAP.