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  1. Offense when healthy would support a playoff bound team. Defense was atrocious and if a fan you have to hope that a new coordinator and influx of new players would result in improvement. Based on Quinn/Patricia's past decisions and performance I would think that the playoffs are not the most likely choice. But if you are looking for hope remember the Lions lost to KC in KC in the last minute of that game and the offense was a good one.
  2. If the Lions defense greatly improves and offense can play like it did before the Stafford injury and other injuries they have a chance.
  3. Lions were developing a very good offensive line in early 90s. But that's when Mike Utley was paralyzed during the 91 season and Eric Andolsek was killed in 1992 during the offseason. A freak accident when a truck ran off the road while he was working in the yard. The Lions only playoff win was after the 91 season vs Dallas.
  4. I'd like to see some of this rage focused on why the United States was not better prepared to contain the virus. It just didn't fall from the sky without warning like a tornado. If we had been mobilized and taking the actions that are occurring now two-three months ago its a different story. And I personally have a problem with those who talk about the death rate and the necessary harshness of killing off our people. I somehow feel that inside they do not think it can happen to them or someone they love. We are going to have effective treatments soon and the United States would be well served to pump money into financing the research of those doing such work (companies are still doing too much of this on their own) and also indemnify those whose professions require them to treat the infected.
  5. 2006 Mustang Fastback and a shark nose.
  6. Thanks for posting this. I was able to view the whole webinar. Generated more enthusiasm for the stock. My Roth discourages me from adding to my shares unless I pay broker commission since its a penny stock.
  7. What would happen if instead of calling it the Covid virus, we renamed it the Covid Plague. Think that might shake things up for the hard of hearing?
  8. I do have faith that pharma will eventually come up with tx and vaccine.
  9. Anyone want to venture how many of the draft picks will be defensive players? Hope they pick up a healthy RB with potential along the way. Kerryon doesn't seem he will be able to be healthy enough to be relied on.
  10. He's a filler for sure. Playing with Rodgers he didn't bloom.
  11. Don't know. But do know that anyone waving a confederate flag will be treated with extreme social distancing by yours truly. Demanding that the economy be opened without a plan and without wholesale reliable testing in place just continues the spread of the virus. Its that simple.
  12. Perhaps we have to hope for someone wanting Justin Hebert enough to move up. Rumored that Dolphins like him at # 5. Recent mocks have Chase Young going to Skins.
  13. Lack of leadership and avoidance of responsibility at all costs.
  14. Here in Michigan they were waving their guns and confederate flags. The far right is far out man.
  15. CDC I'll give this a shot. Was shut out of the video conference but eventually was able to listen by phone. Apologize in advance for some fragmentation of expression as I nwas picking up bits and pieces. Very optimistic about the drug and future. Expect the BLA regarding the HIV tx to be filed next week UNLESS something goes wrong. Believe they will have the superior covid tx drug as other drugs are piecemeal in their approach. Believe drug has promise in txing severe influenza. Believe best time to administer drug for Covid is when symptoms are mild to moderate. Believe it will take 6 weeks to finish the Covid trial for 765 patients. 3 weeks for sign up, 2 weeks to do results and one week to submit. Suggested that they had been in talks with BP but can not disclose anything. Believe that next week they will be presenting the drug for review to the Chief of Health Officer for the UK. Can produce over a million vials of the drug a month once demand is established. Expect that Dr. Patterson's paper will be published in 6 weeks. This is what I got from the call hopefully its accurate.
  16. you can connect by phone 1 213 929 4212 code 932 926 474
  17. This article critical of CytoDyn management and calls company overvalued. Though he is long on it.
  18. The far right wing can not be reasoned with, you are wasting your time. Like Trump himself they can not tolerate any criticism of his actions. The United States should have been better prepared for the virus. The Western Hemisphere had more time to prepare. We dawdled, did not accept the reality and more people will die.
  19. Another no vote on Omaha Steaks. Overpriced and no different to me than the local supermarket.
  20. Our Whirlpool has been working well for 30 years.
  21. The virus is hitting areas with large airports that serve more international travelers. These areas have large concentrations of people closer together. The chance of the virus spreading there was much greater than elsewhere.
  22. The U.S. did not take this seriously until it was too late. Whether that was both the President and Congress or just the President I do not know. But I did hear Trump saying incredibly ignorant self promoting things at the beginning. The United States dawdled. Right now we do not have a coherent national policy to deal with this. States are struggling with individual responses to the virus. I think the lack of preparation and unwillingness to see the threat by our leaders and people and a disorganized response will result in The United States being the country with the most reported cases and deaths.