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  1. There well could be a bounce back tomorrow especially if there is a deal reached. Its happened every time money has been thrown to support the economy deal with the virus. But the virus isn't going away and reality will set in and the market will go down again.One infected person started the pandemic and its going to continue to flare up, we haven't even spiked yet in the US. People will continue to be very reluctant to travel, eat out, visit amusement parks, go to plays, social events, stores or have weddings until there is a vaccine and better treatment methods. Isolation is the best "treatment" for now and that will effect the economy significantly in a downward direction.
  2. Agree but it can happen from state to state, city to city as well. Well the lockdown stems but does not eliminate the rate of infection and mortality. This disease started with just one person being infected and has now spread over the world. As long as one person remains infected the world is at risk until a vaccine is developed or a herd immunity develops through exposure. Until then the best we can do is take steps to reduce the risk of transmission, quarantine the infected, and develop the best methods of treating those infected. We can not keep everyone lock downed for 18 months (chose 18 months as a best guess before a vaccine is developed and distributed) and at some point during this time businesses and government will adapt and further develop those procedures that reduce transmission, quickly identify the infected and isolate and treat them. Life and business will go on but at a slower pace taking account of the dangers of the virus. There will be more risk. A problem is what do you do with those who recklessly disregard or flout safety procedures? Some type of imprisonment that isolates. As we build more MASH like medical units to treat the infected we will also need corresponding containment/imprisonment units.
  3. What "panics" me is when I see the threat not being taken seriously or people not taking steps to be informed or protected. It is a novel virus one, we have not dealt with before and our understanding of it is being updated continuously.
  4. Of the different things to get aroused about, calling it the China flu/virus isn't one for me. Unless Trump uses it as a device to deflect from the lack of action and preparedness our government and he in particular had before it hit us.
  5. Lions traded for NE safety Duron Harmon. described as swap of late round picks. Come on guys, be your own men. Franchise is turning into NE light.
  6. Thought this last episode was weakest of season.
  7. Collins another exPat. Reminds me of the Randy Smith GM years with the Tigers. Most signings for Tigers were SD Padre related and that didn't work out very well at all for the Tigers.
  8. Based on this thought is that US will have a harder time containing this than China.
  9. The US dawdled as the coronavirus spread throughout the world. We are under the leadership of an anti-science President who when faced with crisis resorts to bullying and intimidation or filing repeated bankruptcies. When you take away from Trump's his pandering to his populist crowds and the energy and narcissistic self love he gets from it and also the tanking of the stock market what does he have left? With those doubts expressed I hope he can respond to this crisis in an intelligent coherent way.
  10. I've never heard this. And I greatly doubt it.
  11. Think somebody in the CDC will take a hit. Also the media as usual.
  12. Wife just came back from the ophthalmologist's office. Said doctor was offended and insulted when she wouldn't shake hands with him. He said people are making too big a deal of this.
  13. Easy Company, 2nd Battalion, 506 Parachute Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division.
  14. My best friend's son teaches in Beijing and they are still on lockdown in their apartment. Previously groceries were delivered to your door. Now there is only curbside delivery.
  15. Reported most of Amendola's money guaranteed. PFF said that the Lions OL graded out as 10th in rushing performance but got poor support from the RBs. Also PFF predicted that Lions would sign Melvin Gordon in the offseason and their former LB Van Nooy in FA.
  16. Decreased CDC funding, gutted CDC staff and displayed ignorance of virus and downplayed severity of its effect and a nonbelief in science. Trump is so in over his head. Bullying and intimidation doesn't work on a virus just Republican Senators.
  17. America continues its descent into a banana republic.
  18. At Arrowhead this year Lions with Stafford lost to KC 34-30. Lions were leading late in the 4th quarter and KC scored a TD with 20 seconds to go. Without Stafford the Lions didn't win a single game.
  19. Agree with this. The use of lighting and camera contribute to this sense of creeping dread.
  20. With Martha's mandate, the Lions drafting a QB early is a long shot. I see lots of defensive players in our future and a RB along the way.
  21. Read two recent articles that were Lions related. In one Martin Mayhew, former Lions GM now with Frisco front office, said he regretted passing over Aaron Donald in order to draft Eric Ebron. Think he said that Donald didn't fit their scheme. In the other, Richard Sherman stated he was offered more guaranteed money by the Lions than he was offered by San Francisco but chose to sign with SF because of Patricia. Felt that Patricia would mimic BB and also that Patricia would run too hard practices that would wear out his body.
  22. Laughed out loud numerous times. The Big Goodbye was on feature at family gatherings over the holidays.