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  1. Hope you had a good Thanksgiving with the family Sig,. As always thanks for the help. I'm very nervous that Mark Ingram wont be able to go Sunday, and need a backup plan. The waiver wire is a wasteland. I need 2 RB's, I'm starting McCaffrey and hopefully Ingram. I sat D. Montgomery, my only other option, my only other RB is Bonnafon. Pick 1 WW scrub for me in case Ingram is a no go. 12 team, 1 PPR, standard scoring. Barber @ Jax; Wilson @ Balt; Ajayi @ Mia; Whyte vs Cle; Burkhead @ Hou; D. washington @ KC; J. Hill vs SF - sadly this is the best available
  2. Hey Bloom, I'm decimated by injuries, I have scrubs filling in for scrubs, need ALL your POWERS to help at least one of my teams limp into the playoffs. 12 team league, 1 PPR, standard scoring Team #1 Pick 3 WR's: Jeffrey VS Sea; Gabriel VS NYG; Lazard @ SF; Bourne VS GB; Sanu VS Dal Pick 1 TE: Cook VS Car or Brate @ Atl Team #2 Pick 3 WR's: Lazard @ SF; Locket @ Phi; Slayton @ Chi; Gabriel VS NYG; Reynolds VS Balt Team #3 Pick 2 RB's: Ballage @ Cle; Edwards @ Lar; Freeman @ Buf; Armstead @ Tenn Pick 1 TE: Olsen @ NO or Graham @ SF Thanks Bloom, Hope you and your family have a good Thanksgiving!
  3. Hey Bloom, injuries have been killer this season, thanks for the help. 12 team league, 1ppr, standard scoring Pick 1 TE - Cook vs All; Howard vs Ari Pick 1 WW WR for the rest of the season, needs to start this week too - Cobb vs Minn; Humphries vs KC; Gabriel vs Chi; Lazard vs Car Pick 2 Flex - Witten vs Minn; Slayton @ NYJ; MVS vs Car; Lazard vs Car Pick 1 TE - Olsen @ GB; Gesecki @ Ind Thanks!
  4. Hey Bloom, this has beem one crazy injury riddled season, can use all the help I can get to stay afloat. Thanks in advance! 12 team league, 1 PPR, standard scoring Pick 2 WR's - Stills @ Jax; Jefrey vs Chi; Sanu @ Balt.; MVS @ LAC; Hardman s Minn Pick 2 WR's - Lazard @ LAC; MVS @ LAC; Slayton vs Dal If James White can't go this Sunday, rank these WW backs to replace him: Bolden @ Bal; Penny vs TB; Bonnafon vs Tenn; Carson @ Oak Also, drop Josh reynolds or Darius Slayton if I have to pickup a WW RB to fill in for White (with all the injured players I am carrying I have no other options). Pick 1 Flex - Witten @ NYG; Slayton vs NYG; MVS @ LAC
  5. Hey Bloom, thanks in advance for your help. Injuries are killing me. 12 team leagues, 1 PPR, standard scoring 1 Flex: Hardman vs GB or Sanu vs Cle Better ROS backup QB, I have Brady as my #1 - Carr or Dalton Pick 1 RB Freeman @ Ind or D. Williams vs GB Pick 1 WR if Keenan Allen can't go: G. Allison @ KC or J. Brown @ ATL or Thanks!
  6. Last minute question with MVS active, thanks Bloom for all you do! 12 team league, 1 PPR, standard scoring Pick 1 Flex: Henderson @ Atl or MVS vs Oak
  7. Hey Bloom, Injuries are killing me, desperate for help. 12 team league, 1 PPR, standard scoring T. Williams ruled out, MVS and C. Kirk are questionable. Should I drop T. Williams, for WW help, I need a 3rd WR. I'm reading Williams might be out for an extended time period. I don't really have any other options to drop. Pick the best WW WR to pickup for week 7: Kenny Stills; Taylor Gabriel; Jaron Brown Mahomes is my starting QB, I have Dalton as my backup. Should I play Dalton or pickup Bridgewater; Carr; Allen; R. Fitzpatrivck or Moore Pick 1 Flex: D.Henderson @ Atl; D. Knox vs Mia; K. Stills @ Ind Pick 1 Flex: J. White @ NYJ; Witten vs Phi; Edmonds @ NYG; L. Murray @ Chi; D. Henderson @ Atl Thanks!
  8. Hey Bloom, thanks in advance for your help! 12 team leagues, 1PPR, Standard Scoring Ranks these WR's: Hardman vs Hou; MVS vs Det; Sanu @ Ari; Kirk vs Atl; Jeffrey @ Minn Pick 1 Flex: Edmonds vs Atl; MVS vs Det Pick 1 Def: Minn vs Phil or. Saints @ Jax Pick 2 RB's: I. Smith @ Ari; D. Williams vs Hou; R. Freeman vs Tenn; C. Edmonds vs Atl Pick 2 WR's; Hardman vs Hou; Coutee @ KC; M.Williams vs Pitt
  9. Thanks for all your help Bloom! 12 team leagues, 1 PPR, standard scoring Start 1 Flex: Hardman vs Ind; Edmonds @ Cinci; Freeman @ LAC Start 2 RB's: I. Smith @ Hou; D.Williams vs Ind; R. Freeman @ LAC; Edmonds @ Cinci
  10. Hey Bloom, thanks for the help as always. Lost Barkley in one of my leagues, RB's are slim pickens, so going to have to dig deep! 12 team leagues, 1 PPR, standard scoring Start 2 RB's - Prosise @ Ari; M. Brown vs TB; Bernard @ Pitt (I have Penny, Damien Williams, and Royce Feeman all listed as Questionable, tough week) Start 2 RB's - K. Johnson vs KC; White @ Buff; Prosise @. Ari; L. Murray vs Dal; M. Brown vs TB; D.Harris @ Buff (Barkley out, OUCH!) 1 TE: Waller @ Ind or Olsen @Hou 1 Flex: D. Montgomery vs Minn; J.Ross @ Pitt; T. Williams @ Ind; 1 TE: Witten @ NO or Knox vs NE Question - Is Keke Coutee dropable, or a hold, so far a big waste of a roster spot?
  11. I'm in the same boat, I've been trying to trade Barkley for a 2nd tier RB, but so far no takers. I'm 2-1 and trying to get by with an underperforming RB core, Barkley was a brutal loss. Right now I'm rolling with Kerryon Johnson, James White, a huge disappointment in L. Murray, and a lottery ticket in M. Brown. The WW is bare.
  12. Hey Bloom, thank in advance, 12 team league, 1 PPR, standard scoring Pick 1 QB - Goff @ Cle or Dalton at Buf Pick 3 WR's - Ross @ Buff; Kirk vs Car; Hardman vs Buff; MVS vs Den Pick 1 WR - MVS vs Den or Fuller @ LAC Pick 1 Flex - RB/White vs NYJ; WR/Fuller @ LAC; WR/Coutee @ LAC Pick 1 TE - Waller @ Minn or Olsen @ Ari Pick 1 WR - Hardman vs Balt or MVS vs Den Pick 1 Flex - RB/Ingram @ KC; WR/MVS vs Den; WR/T. Williams @ Minn Pick 1 TE - Andrews @ KC or Witten vs Mia Pick 2 RB's - Penny vs NO; Freeman @ GB; Brown @ Cle; D.Williams vs Balt; D. Thompson vs Balt Do you think any 1 RB will emerge in KC, or is it going to be a RBBC? Thanks Bloom!
  13. Trade done, I'm starting Mahomes this week, thanks for the feedback!
  14. Hey Bloom, thanks in advace for all your help. 12 team league, 1 ppr, standard scoring Pick 2 WR's: Lockett @ Pitt; MVS vs Minn; AJ Brown vs Indy; Fuller vs Jax Pick 2 RB's: White @ Mia; K.Johnson vs LAC; M.Brown vs NO Pick 3 WR's: T.Williams vs KC; MVS vs Minn; J.Ross vs SF; Kirk @ Balt; Hardman @ Oak Pick 1 Flex: Bernard vs SF; J.Ross vs SF; Kirk @ Balt; Hardman @ Oak Pick 1 RB: Ingram vs Ari or Bernard vs SF? Better WW pickup/start this week (I'm sitting Olsen) Jarwin @ Wash; Uzomah vs Cincy; Higbee vs NO Last question - Any updates on Mike Williams? Does this look like a long term injury in your opinion? Thanks Bloom!
  15. 12 team league, standard scoring, 1 ppr My team is pretty well set at RB: D.Johnson/Ari, Carson, Ingram, J. Hill, G.Bernard, EKELER My QB's are sketchy right now: Mayfield + Cousins His team is in need of RB help: L.Bell, Lindsay, J.Jackson, RONALD JONES His QB's are great, but you can only start 1 QB: Mahomes + Brady Do I pull the trigger on the trade? OR, my other option is to keep Ekeler, and try to pickup Dalton or Stafford off of waivers and stream QB's Any expert advice?