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  1. I don’t even know what I’m watching and I see a need. If we are going with 3 #2 WR’s then we need a good TE and a good receiving RB. That allows a good QB to move the ball. Keep juju, Deontae and JW Keep VM and pray he is healthy sign ekeler? I think he comes cheap is why. For me, McDonald and Connor can go. I think Ben will flourish with a dominant TE and that complements the WR’s we have. And the chargers are all set to get taken. But I’m sure we will see a 33 million Ben team struggle. Because we are loyal.
  2. The one good hole he gets he takes to the house. It wasn’t the ankle, it wasn’t he learned, it wasn’t he got healthy. He and mcaffrey are easily the 2 best RB and Barkley is the best pure runner. Not even close. And the Giants were really bad at scheming the pass to get it in Berkeley’s hands where as Carolina was pretty good at it. He is easily the #1/#2 RB next year but on the Giants as they are they are so bad you might have to pass.
  3. Well you are likely right. I don't think/know if he can be restructured further unless he were to extend knowing he'd likely not play it out. I don't blame Ben for that but he is somewhat in a position where he can buy himself a few nice targets to throw to and/or some blocking to keep him upright. Drake, K Hunt Breida and Ekeler are free agents. And D Henry but that ain't happening. I love Ekeler. A few good WR's are out there but that is actually thin. I like Cooper at a decent price but really if we can add a good TE and an Ekeler then JuJu, Diontae and JW look much better. We NEED The TE list looks good. H Henry, Hooper, Eifert, Ebron? I feel like this is a primary need and it needs to be a guy who is good on Day one. If we are gonna threaten we need to trade or buy some ready to go offense.
  4. Love to get to the playoffs. You play to win the game. For 2020 though I see no path where a $33 million Ben gets us a SB. I think the NFL recipe has changed and the Steelers are missing key needs on offense. The QB must be mobile and able to evade the pocket To throw or run to advance the ball earning first downs. Ben is no longer that. You need a RB who can get 1 yd when you need it. See Mark Ingram. You need a RB who can catch more than just screen passes. Ekeler IE the RB is not a workhorse position anymore. The human body should not be expected to survive that And you need a diverse set of WR/TE so that your play calling is not limited. Best QB’s this year. Jackson, Wilson, Watson, Mahommes, .....and even at 40+ Brees can move and they sub in that guy a lot. Each of these guys has at least one big strong target, Andrews, Nuk, Kelce, Thomas. Yeah I missed the Seahawks there but I actually think Wilson might be the best QB in the NFL right now. Take out Duck and insert Wilson and we are as good as anyone. We lack a physically dominant WR/TE None of our QB run well. We don’t have a 1 yd RB. I get being loyal but holding up the franchise is not part of the deal. Ben is worth 10-14 million at most imo.
  5. I was gonna bench Watson for J Allen on the road in NE....not
  6. Ben looks like he is about 295 pounds right now and has not thrown a football yet. I would be hedging bets. Either way the D is good enough to win almost any game. We only need a bit more offensive punch - something like a good TE and FB and an RB that can stay healthy. You are not going to be able to get everything. Washington gets open and is improving - Diontae is good but still playing in college mode. He needs to protect the ball better and finish plays.
  7. In redraft he should be a good pick next year. Great candidate to outproduce his draft slot. See Metcalf, Mclauren and Chark as similar guys.
  8. That fly pattern was a thing of beauty. He just ran right past him without even looking and then turned and caught the dime. ill take him again for sure.
  9. lol - Mostly I like the sandler movie quote regarding the giants. They are just so ineffective it is painful to watch. Manning was "1-2 throw" until philly figured out a bit of press coverage stopped that. Put CMac or Zeke on the Giants - I would not suggest we'd see much difference. He has been over rated all year - and not worth the high pick - but I also think he DOES have game changing ability. I'd need some really good side by side film analysis (and an analyst!) to show otherwise. I have not heard any real analysts say that Barkley was not that good. In the NFL doesn't that sort of leak out pretty quick when a player is actually not that good?
  10. That's partly true - but you at least have to respect Cooper/DJ Moore - and the QB's can make a play here and there. Both teams are regressing badly though which I have not really looked at as I only own DJ and he has been a pleasant surprise. The Giants are just a special kind of bad. Outside of a Manning couple of Manning dimes and a terrible open field tackle attempt the offense repeatedly just goes backwards. For fun - the second half of Monday night Giants - Punt (3 plays, -10 yards, 1:30 poss) Giants - Punt (4 plays, 17 yards, 2:23 poss) BARKLEY GOT A FIRST DOWN WOO effing HOO Giants - Punt (3 plays, 5 yards, 0:59 poss) Giants - Punt (4 plays, 16 yards, 1:40 poss) Giants - Punt (3 plays, -5 yards, 1:45 poss) Giants - Punt (3 plays, 7 yards, 0:28 poss) I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul. Pittsburgh would love to have him that is for sure!
  11. Not really all checkdowns. He lines up all over and goes everywhere. he scored a wheel route, a wr screen and a drag route that I saw. i think he’s better with Gordon. Let’s them be very creative
  12. If there was ever a stop one guy to win this would be it. I don’t see him get any room and any extra yards are from running away from the intended the goal line they might as well take him out.
  13. I have Mostert foaming at the mouth for the start. Regardless of if it’s the ankle, the play calling, or far has he dropped? leveon bell is pretty much in the same boat. He did not suddenly suck.