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  1. I drafted him 2.10 on the turn last night so his DP looks like a league dependent thing. Talent and opportunity are there but he'll have to stay healthy.
  2. Having a hard time drafting Barkley 1 overall for exactly this reason. If unhurt the VBD #'s say get him and he somewhat clearly is the most talented but it still seems Mahommes is a safer bet to lead his position with a gap and not fail/get hurt/underperform etc.
  3. Back for 2019. I wasn't expecting to lose both Brown and Bell but we shall see if improved balance can overcomes some loss of superstar talent. They had to go - they make Zeke and OBJ look like choirboys which is unbelievable. I do like the lack of stress but it almost seems too serene i.e. some edge is needed.
  4. The fake punt call was terrible. Second worst call of the game. The 3rd down run where Ridley fumbled was easily the worst. That was one of the worst calls I have ever seen. That was an atrocious call. He was cold, the saints run D is and was playing stout, and you put your team in a position to fail. Call a safe pass play or run Samuel’s. Ridley had almost no chance of success. Against that team we were in Bens hands for better or worse and we were clearly winning that battle. We got the lead and switched our MO and played right into their hands. Inexcusable. We have Super Bowl talent although Ben might be fading and it takes a lot to replace that position. The big play calls and challenges are terrible. That’s a HC thing
  5. I have Mahomes and Chicago D but I also have Big Ben and NE D. Matchup says think about it but ....that seems wrong and it was wrong when I did it before. No way do I want to lose benching superstuds. At flex I think Mack keeps Sony, Alshon, Demarius and Breida on the bench. yes my team was ridiculously stacked this year.
  6. Going into a tough stadium this weekend so will be interested to see if he can win some people the finals that he put them in. Last week was just average but one easy catch from being pretty good.
  7. Can we beat any of the three offensive juggernauts? They have all outscored everyone so far but I certainly think we could make LA punt. KC and NO.....not so sure. We can afford zero injuries on D.
  8. It’s always tough when you dominate early. Coasting to the finish is often harder than going full throttle.
  9. Good point. But only for year 2018 right? The weekly amount was not super contentious I think? More about how many weeks do I get even if I am out?
  10. No not trolling intentionally sorry. I'll bait a bit and post with a buzz a times but that is all. I assumed his guaranteed offer was in the 20 ish range prior to the July deadline. If true then I think the odds of him making up the loss of 2018 are less than 50%. Looks like that offer may not have been that much but I guess we will never know. Once he turned that down - i agree that he should have been prepared to sit the year because then there is no contract and in that context the tag sucks. We can however fairly criticize him at that point for the twitter show because that immature behavior was unprofessional. The offer at that point was fixed by the rules - 14.5 for the year. Take it or leave it and move on. If I was looking to sign a top RB this would be a topic of discussion.
  11. He skipped on 20ish guaranteed and more on day 1 2019 so he could then skip on 14.5 so he could then sign for a team that gives him 28 guaranteed and keeps him at 15ish touches with no injury risk. Looks good to me. Where is that Steve Buscemi meme?
  12. His original offer was more than 14.5 guaranteed wasn’t it?
  13. Always been an Alston fan. It does seem that some particular matchups are tough for him. I’d guess it’s the taller CB’s who are strong and have great positioning. hard to bench at wr 3 though