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  1. Rudolph gets 6 more games to show something. He’s 4-3 and he might have beaten Baltimore. The inaccurate throws are tough to take though. He’s not getting anything on the ball and it’s behind way too much. Looks like he’s late/afraid to step into it. Then when he does he misses bad overthrowing.
  2. KAREEMLAND held up by several women iirc. That was....
  3. Foster and Connor back might be just enough to eek out a win in Cleveland but Chubb and ######## 13 can make big plays at any time. We’ll need another game where our mistakes don’t kill us which is freaking nerve racking. Ill play the Pitt D because that makes it even worse
  4. Somehow Cleveland gets the chance to determine our fate. We should be favored both games but ...... I’ll bet on our D. We already have mostly stopped the run and add constant pressure and ball hawking. I’m ready to quote Bueller.
  5. I still disagree. The ball gets caught correctly almost every time. We see any number of flubs per week. while we should address that now is not the time. We have no room for errors like that if he flubs The return was bad but but The play action call on first down was the error.
  6. Seems harsh. The fumble was bad but he made a number of good plays today.
  7. 5-57 so right on schedule for a Top 30 season. Flex/ WR3? I wish I could grab him on waivers for depth. oh yeah btw keep attacking me ... but it’s a lot more fun to talk *#$& about OBJ or whomever and just enjoy the dialogue. I’m plenty homer for certain other players and defend them. Your move.
  8. I think we can put the Minkah arguement to rest. But 3 obvious bad play calls. Play action from the 5 when you know they are blitzing was awful. Luckily punting from the 20 instead of the back line or giving up 7 worked out. Inside handoff on 2nd and 12.....Again when we know they are blitzing. That’s a guaranteed 3rd and long. And we pass rushed again when they finally started running the ball and Gurley gashed us. We have to cover the hole that Watt leaves. The defense is really good and seemingly getting better.
  9. The numbers are on the board. The hype is off the charts. The numbers are not. He is a very good WR. But he drops balls and disappears way too much. I’d rather not bait further but he’s a #metoo player who does not elevate himself or those around him. He left a lot on the table.
  10. That was not great for sure It is a low bar but I seem to recall that punts and kickoff's were an ongoing disaster for a bit there. I'm not saying he's good - but let's make sure we get better before cutting him.
  11. He had 100 catches once and never more than 1500 yards. The double digit TD numbers were pretty good. But that's expected for 'the most talented WR in the game'
  12. Because football is a team sport. Show me every super-awesome warm-up 1 handed miracle you can google. He has never exceeded expectations and nothing indicates that will change. In my league he is 39th WITH the 89 yd gift from the Jets.
  13. Not a Vikings fan and not to butt in but Thielen looks like the glue guy. Can't always show exactly what he does but you know when he's gone. Credit to the rest to still play well but I hope he recovers.
  14. Can we look at PR/KR screw ups prior to him? Add a few 3rd down catches when Ben was there. It's not great but it's 4-6 plays each game where we are pretty sure we won't fail when the consequences are higher than the payback. Feel free to check but aside from a a few questionable fair catches he has done his job. Many larger fish to fry. When you scout the next Deion Sanders we're all ears.