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  1. Season over - once again the #1 overall pick kills me. I'm really starting to hate getting #1 overall.
  2. We will keep punching. Highsmith and odebaji will fill in. Time to score more....get McFarland touches. He is ready to break out
  3. He ejaculated on his trainer. Super fun except she reportedly wasn’t fish mouthing at the time. Couch out the window in Miami. Plenty more behind that. A bit more than “I’m a ##### WR pay me”. He would have been kept if he could reliably help the team within easily recognizable limits. He could not do so and was subsequently released. While he may continue to recover in TB what I see is Father Time remaining undefeated. The time off always diminishes physical skills and while still a talent the years with Ben are nearly impossible to duplicate elsewhere. He could be having a great year with a still good Ben albeit a notch off but instead he took another route. He absolutely was the best WR for several years in a row and offed himself before seeing how long he could sustain that. Not Pittsburgh’s fault. I watched him and Ben play games with countless pro bowlers. There was nothing better and I was so disappointed in how it ended.
  4. Well he did go pretty much insane and Jerry Springer the entire there's that.
  5. I saw him do the Velcro thing w/ his gloves a few times. Looks 5 lbs heavier and half a tick slower? Still a pretty good NFL caliber WR. But he'd be WR 3 at best on the Steelers?