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  1. The fake punt call was terrible. Second worst call of the game. The 3rd down run where Ridley fumbled was easily the worst. That was one of the worst calls I have ever seen. That was an atrocious call. He was cold, the saints run D is and was playing stout, and you put your team in a position to fail. Call a safe pass play or run Samuel’s. Ridley had almost no chance of success. Against that team we were in Bens hands for better or worse and we were clearly winning that battle. We got the lead and switched our MO and played right into their hands. Inexcusable. We have Super Bowl talent although Ben might be fading and it takes a lot to replace that position. The big play calls and challenges are terrible. That’s a HC thing
  2. I have Mahomes and Chicago D but I also have Big Ben and NE D. Matchup says think about it but ....that seems wrong and it was wrong when I did it before. No way do I want to lose benching superstuds. At flex I think Mack keeps Sony, Alshon, Demarius and Breida on the bench. yes my team was ridiculously stacked this year.
  3. Going into a tough stadium this weekend so will be interested to see if he can win some people the finals that he put them in. Last week was just average but one easy catch from being pretty good.
  4. Can we beat any of the three offensive juggernauts? They have all outscored everyone so far but I certainly think we could make LA punt. KC and NO.....not so sure. We can afford zero injuries on D.
  5. It’s always tough when you dominate early. Coasting to the finish is often harder than going full throttle.
  6. Good point. But only for year 2018 right? The weekly amount was not super contentious I think? More about how many weeks do I get even if I am out?
  7. No not trolling intentionally sorry. I'll bait a bit and post with a buzz a times but that is all. I assumed his guaranteed offer was in the 20 ish range prior to the July deadline. If true then I think the odds of him making up the loss of 2018 are less than 50%. Looks like that offer may not have been that much but I guess we will never know. Once he turned that down - i agree that he should have been prepared to sit the year because then there is no contract and in that context the tag sucks. We can however fairly criticize him at that point for the twitter show because that immature behavior was unprofessional. The offer at that point was fixed by the rules - 14.5 for the year. Take it or leave it and move on. If I was looking to sign a top RB this would be a topic of discussion.
  8. He skipped on 20ish guaranteed and more on day 1 2019 so he could then skip on 14.5 so he could then sign for a team that gives him 28 guaranteed and keeps him at 15ish touches with no injury risk. Looks good to me. Where is that Steve Buscemi meme?
  9. His original offer was more than 14.5 guaranteed wasn’t it?
  10. Always been an Alston fan. It does seem that some particular matchups are tough for him. I’d guess it’s the taller CB’s who are strong and have great positioning. hard to bench at wr 3 though
  11. dude's trying to get back n the starting lineup. I like the quickness and running instincts - pretty damn good. But he goes down a bit too easy and limps every time.
  12. Where does he go for 17+ million that they don't give him the ball and the injury risk is zero? The assumption that Pittsburgh is somehow more dangerous to RB's is unlikely to hold water. Show me numbers. Playing RB hurts. And - the emerging Conner is/was here to take some load. In the interest of a less annoying argument - I concur he should get as much money/security etc as possible. But it looks like he or his agent was so arrogantly insistent on the last $50 that he pissed away $5000. And I blame his handler's whomever they are. Say it however you want but he failed and tried to hold Pittsburgh up. Walk in room - get roughly $1 million per week with 20-ish weeks guaranteed with a bunch more if things work out. Haggle over 20 or 21 or 19 weeks + some performance and injury clauses - then go to bar and party like a rock star. Doing it while in Pittsburgh trying to win a Super Bowl is pure gravy. This is why Pittsburgh will always compete for titles. Just like NE, GB and a few other teams they realize it takes . They get rid of most of the dumb-asses and rarely get caught up in significant drama. We'll take our licks replacing Ben in a few years but once we do that we'll be right back in the mix EVERY DAMN YEAR. I would suppose that they are completely confounded by Bell's inability to actually pick a story and stick to it and just want out.
  13. I think you have to hold but it’s going down. He was at 1800yds/10 TD or so in Pitt with a high ceiling. I’d pray for Philly.
  14. Of course he will get signed. If he gets 17 mil he only needs to play about 7.5 more years to break even........
  15. Did not consider it especially with Gronk out. We'll need the infamous Belichik adjustment to happen. the bye is needed
  16. The prom queen was hotter. Then she poured pigs blood on your head.
  17. I thought he only wanted the salary of 2 players not the touches of 2 players.
  18. And by the way. Get back in and play.
  19. This just sounds dumb to me. No matter what happens next year he is down $15 mil and roughly 10% of his earning career. Sure less since he has not played. I don't know what kind of promised land he will land in but I am sure interested to see it and how much better it is than being the Steelers RB this year is. If it is all about the numbers than what was the number and how much more was it than what he was offered? Was it 15 mill? It is a business. Get your money. Let the NFLPA do it's job and fix the rules and contribute your money but get paid every Sunday. The over/under on Bell's career earning's has dropped. The first rule of sales - you can't make up missed ones. The second rule - be-back's are useless.
  20. This thread now reserved for Steelers haters only...o.u.t.
  21. Looking forward to a good Thursday night game. Our run D vs Panthers Run O. Strength on strength our pass D vs pants pass O. Weak on weak although scrambling cam may threaten our pursuit our run O vs panth D. ? I think we run on anyone but those LB’s..... our pass O vs panth D..... they will need to force a TO kicking game......let’s hope it does not come to that. it should be a good game. If both teams play well I’d expect the under. if it gets sloppy we might win big.
  22. I just wish I could think of something funny to post....... should head out to I95 and see if I can follow him back up north.
  23. Yeah that is smart against us. our new guys are at least running with the receivers but not turning around and locating the ball. If they can just get turned the wr will have to make at a minimum a good catch in traffic and we are unlikely to get the pi. like Hilton did on that end zone throw. If he were 6’1 and more athletic he’d probably be a pro bowler.