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  1. That was a good rules play there. I think you cannot force a muff on a fair catch
  2. That was a no lose choice. Make it and get a win - don't make it and maintain the #1 pick. Neither is bad. Side note is Tua the #1?
  3. I'm not surprised that they are meh so far. Mayfield is better than what they had but that is not saying much. Add hype and ego (OBJ) to that and sorry no bueno. They should be playing for .500 and a chance at the playoffs not the SuperBowl. Chubb is the best player on the team yet we only hear about the others.
  4. JuJu might be a #1. We don't know yet. 3 different QB's, no running game, no TE, and rotating #2 WR's. He's not AB - but he still flashes WR1 at times. Gurley - ouch. That's why Pittsburgh did not pay Bell. The Giants can definitely do some damage if they get healthy. Guys we should have known..... Chark, Godwin, McCaffrey, R Wilson, NE Def, Sutton, Golliday and on the bad side Gurley, AB, KC with no Hunt and then no Hill. Second half teams - Giants, Steelers, Detroit? There are still a few more waiver pics out there.
  5. At this point it looks like he has real issues. He was a pretty great everything for more than a few years. The change was pretty damn huge - and I wonder at the timeline with the Burfict hit. That was really bad when you think of head and brain rotation dynamics. The people around him are likely telling him to get money when he should be getting help. I'm OK with the NFL making mistakes removing these things from football. There are plenty of non-head injuries to go around.
  6. That sucks. Our cap and draft situation seems to be a mess right now
  7. You are pretending if you think that was the same Steelers O. That ####show is far from over. Steelers O is completely unsettled
  8. I’m a diehard steeler fan but it’s clear they do it better. Brady and Belichick give them an edge but they play the rest of the game better. They throttle offensive and defensive team talent versus the NFL wishes and salary cap way better than anyone else. They get players to play for less, get rid of almost every non football distraction and move on before they get moved on. As a steeler fan we had PLENTY of chances both back with our dominant D AND with our dominant O. Look at what they do and look at what you do. This year is one of the easiest years. Stop the run game. It’s not great. Run the ball. They mostly stop it by being ahead. Don’t #### up. They will kill you quick. And as always..pressure Brady. They are really good at being less imperfect than you.
  9. If you can’t waste a waiver pick on a guy named Gunner Olszewski........
  10. Let’s see the defense continue with the good play and the offense not kick itself in the nuts repeatedly. That strategy has won Super Bowls for us and others. Moncrief was a legit WR2. We paid good money for him. Throw him a few more passes before you discard him.
  11. That is true but we also passed on finding one and stuck w/ Slash and O'donnel way too long. We def. HAD SB talent - and even w/ B$B gone we are close. But Ben is now pretty much immobile and while it may have been the elbow the ball lacks zip or that's what I saw this year until the injury. AB surely masked some of that - he was in fact that good.
  12. Agreed I'm encouraged by the D. We are stopping teams. The O needs help though. TE and a dynamic playmaker are missing. If we could figure it out - 2-3 key additions could really change the team imo. I'd also like to know what we could do next year salary cap wise - and what if we let Ben go? IMO he no longer looks like he can win us a SB. 26 mil + AB dead money buys a lot of talent to put around Mason or whomever we set back there. If I understand it right we have 46 mil tied up in those 2 this year. That's playing with one hand tied behind your back.
  13. Evans and Watkins.... and..Philly D and Watson. Evans still a must start. Watkins not so much. Godwin will pull some coverage.
  14. 10/30 and 3/15 without the long run. Not a terrible floor.
  15. Steelers fan in NC here. I was about to go to the game yesterday - wish I had. CMC Not sure how you got Cockrell - but you cannot have him guarding #1's like Chark. He's a solid defender and smart player but that is it. He played well for the Steelers at times but is over-matched by top tier WR's. I have DJ on my team. Perhaps as the CMC story grows he'll get better looks. Ask Pittsburgh if Allen is starter material btw
  16. Nobody really gets to gloat after that outcome. But MG will get the bulk of the carries - and Ekeler will get a lot of pass targets and some runs. But uh we knew that already.
  17. He most likely won't stay at #1. But pretty damn good to know he could if given the opportunity. FBG has them at an even split this week. I'd take 10 points/week for the rest of the year and be thrilled since he was drafted as a flex/backup. LAC is getting almost 2 TD per game from the RB position. That's the number I want to see continue.