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  1. If that's what really happened, I would agree with you. As irate as Rudolph was though, I doubt he was silent throughout. It seems more likely that something was said and I don't hold it against him regardless of what terms he used. My perfectly worthless guess is that it's 50-50 whether or not he uttered the word versus Garrett hearing what he wanted to hear in the heat of the moment. It's kinda interesting how local reporting gives us some insight into "our" guys which somewhat shapes our opinions and lack of same allows us skip that step for the "other" guys.
  2. I'm not sure, being a white guy, just how angry I would get over this sort of thing. IMO, the whole thing was unnecessary, a little late, and a little "dirty" in that the ball was gone & Garrett persisted in his tackle. I don't usually dis a player for playing until 0:00 if he chooses, but at least err on the clean side. I don't blame Rudolph for being pissed, and his reaction, with or without the racial slur, isn't beyond reasonable, in my eyes. The only thing I suggest is that a whole lot of people reacted emotionally, in a knee-jerk fashion, over the helmet being swung when Rudolph re-engaged. There was a whole lot of dumb by a whole lot of players, and Garrett needs to learn to keep his cool in those situations. Apparently he's a pretty awesome guy when he does -- off the field.
  3. It says in this article that he wasn't silent about it. On the other hand, I'm not here to guess the truth.
  4. Nope. It doesn't. My point is that people rushed to judgment through the emotional lens of that incident and they might want to re-think that judgment. That's all I was ever saying.
  5. The impression I get is that Haslam is tired of the backstabbing and dysfunction, so he's going to put together an organization that "plays nice". I'm worried about their lack of experience and/or results from the previous go-round. Remember Corey Coleman? He was an analytics pick. Great computer numbers, ten cent head.
  7. You are a poster I respect. That being said, I stand by what I said. You, the commissioner, and most of America are looking through emotional lenses. Take a minute or two to review the clip of the incident and then tell me Garrett premeditatedly decided he was going to attack Rudolph with the helmet. Tell me, after they were separated, that he was looking to attack him at all. Tell me what he would have done if Rudolph hadn't re-engaged. My position has never changed. The helmet ripping was provoked, but still unnecessary. The swinging was also unnecessary, but not premeditated -- a "heat of the moment" event. Take your emotional out of it and tell me he's a "goon", cause he's not. To answer your question, Yes, I believe most people in that situation would swing the helmet -- I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be able to regain calm that quickly. Do you know, BTW, where he is & what he's doing right now?
  8. People tend to say, "He ripped his helmet off and tried to kill him with it" as if it was a single premeditated act. If that were true, you might have a case. What actually happened is that AFTER the helmet was removed, Garrett was done. He backed off 7 steps & Rudolph charged him. Dumb move when you have nothing covering your head & the other guy has a potential weapon. I want you to suggest ANYTHING else that was likely to occur. So, my point is... Garrett did what could reasonably be expected by anyone, at that point. Don't call him a goon because YOU reacted emotionally to what you saw. Finally, do you know where he is & what he's doing right now? You'll want to know.
  9. My understanding, from CLE, is that they want both guys back. They have OBJ under contract and both he & the club are moving forward together. Hunt is a little less certain because of his contract status, but they want him back, though they could have done without the recent incident / annoyance. My personal $.02 on Hunt is that he is a top-10 RB. I also see the speeding (75 mph) and minor buzz (weed) as things Joe Average has probably experienced. 75 is a bit too much in that area (70 is where I'd draw the line), but young people frequently lack the better judgment that life eventually provides. Regarding his acknowledged "probable failure" of a hypothetical drug test, I took that to mean weed, and I just don't care if he wants to get high in the off-season. He wasn't sloppy drunk and dangerous to other drivers or he would have been hauled off to the drunk tank. Bottom line: stay closer to the speed limit.
  10. Sounds like what they used to call a "right hand man". That is, somebody to offload a lot of stuff onto.
  11. Of his 236 games played, how many times do you think the opposing DC said, "Oh ####! We're facing Eli Manning!"
  12. When it's all said & done, I'd like to see Haslam say, "The people are in place. They all have 5-yr contracts. There will be no more changes. I'm stepping out of the picture until 2025. Period."
  13. Remember when we acquired LOTS of picks for Julio?
  14. I'm also fearful that we will return to analytics-based drafting. There is no question in my mind that draft picks are over-valued on draft day. That being said, to garner the most value, you must trade down. Real life, however, tells us that elite players win football games. When you trade a #1 pick for a couple 2s and a 4, your ceiling on the playing field is "average". Unfortunately, I think we'll see lots of this. (Hope I'm wrong!)