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  1. Just my opinion, but I think this is the sort of situation where teams rally together & crush their opponents.
  2. My $.02... Garrett ripped his helmet off -- way short of kicking a guy in the head while he's got 500 lbs on him. Garrett flailed at the guy attacking him (yes, Rudolph chose to re-engaged sans helmet) -- again, IMO, way short of Pouncy's deliberate actions. FWIW, it's important IMO to realize there were TWO events here between Garrett & Rudolph, not just a guy intending to rip someone's helmet off & attack him with it. I am admittedly colored by my fan-hood and the local interviews with Garrett which show him to be quiet & thoughtful off the field.
  3. Good job by the defense last night, especially Burnett and Joe the Show. eta: Baker needs to improve.
  4. Why did Rudolph, sans helmet, continue to pursue Garrett? Pretty stupid decision there.
  5. I'm more than a little concerned that I've seen Bitonio blown up several times lately. Is he 100%?
  6. If they're gonna run 4-2-5, the 5 better be able to plug the gaps and tackle!
  7. That's Landry. You don't even need to talk to him week-to-week. He'll tell you the same thing.
  8. I read a note somewhere this morning (CBS?) that he's likely to play. IMO, Gallup is the guy who will get fed if he doesn't.
  9. Greg Robinson has trouble with speed rushers. He's not the answer we're looking for, but he's decent most times. I can't give up the 2020 #1, but #2 is in play as well as future picks. DBs and WRs could provide a source of additional assets to add to the deal. Timing & size of a new contract has to factor in. 3 years?
  10. You sure that was him? I thought I remembered #84 or #85 or something.
  11. In my 2 leagues, you only need to fill the position. If the player is out, you suffer a zero for his spot. That diminishes your chances of winning, so you have to weigh the cost of taking that path. If you have unlimited waivers and unlimited rosters, your demands make some sense. If not, it makes little sense to me to force owners to jumble their rosters due to injuries, especially when a player will likely return later in the season.
  12. Really depends on roster size and future outlook. In this case, he looks like a significant contributor long-term. Do you use up a roster spot and/or WW position for a one week fix?
  13. Anybody got a link to the Landry goal line "fumble"? I can only find one & it's not very good.