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  1. I usually want to examine things closely for myself. In this case, I'd like to understand why Siebert missed the kicks. Can anyone tell me how I can see a replay of a specific play?
  2. Lots to complain about, but that's nothing new. Anybody got a JPG of an orange helmet with a dog bone on it? I want to give out weekly "Bone Head" awards. Nothing gripes me like veterans committing unforced errors.
  3. If this is the criteria, it's gotta be Kevin Stefanski. 38-6 and .000 win percentage.
  4. Two things that concern me: Will BAL look like the well-oiled machine that KC did (ie picking up where they left off)? What's Jed's timetable look like on his way to stardom?
  5. I doubt there's time to gain Brees's trust, but maybe he & Jameis can build some rapport.
  6. That might be tough. How can you hand out a contract at this point when the season could be in jeopardy (at least more so than 3 months ago)?
  7. Love my sports -- all of them! The lack leaves a significant void for me. I wish everything could be done & back to normal, but it isn't and won't be for a longer time than I want to admit. IMO, we should start trying to wrap our heads around the concept that the virus won 2020, and we can (maybe) get back to normal in 2021. We can deal with a lost season.
  8. FF is a game we take serious and work hard at. That being said, it's still a game. If you want to use your platform to address something REAL, then God Bless you!
  9. I need info for a forthcoming keeper decision. I picked up Boston Scott last year, who did well down the stretch. (We are PPR.) What are the chances he'll have the same opportunity in 2020? 2021? Was 2019 legit or mirage? Is he entrenched as the COP back? What's the chances he doesn't even make the roster? I'd like to keep him based on his 2019 numbers, but I have no feel whatsoever on the organization's intentions.
  10. Landry interview revealed nothing negative. Rehab is on schedule or slightly ahead. When asked about never missing a game, he sounded positive. When asked whether he's glad he had surgery, he was very positive.
  11. A couple things on my mind... If an owner is gonna reject somebody due to race, this isn't going to change that. Probably nothing will. This, I think, is primarily intended to displace the Rooney Rule, which was well-intended but flawed. I heard discussion about trying to get more minorities into the channel to HC by starting at QB coach (who often progresses to OC & eventually HC). This makes sense and, IMO, will take place organically now that college coaches are overcoming their white/black QB stereotypes. My $.02 on "affirmative action" like this... It often fails because it is essentially zero-sum. That is, it becomes a question of making a (very) positive statement vs getting the best hire. The solution, I think, is simple: hire two guys. Create new openings rather than creating artificial qualifications. Get people into the system short term & see if this problem doesn't fix itself.
  12. Haven't heard of any setbacks, but the February surgery came with a 6+ month rehab schedule. The only thing I saw was a very minor positive report. I'll keep looking & post more if I see anything.