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  1. It is more complicated. How many teams have QB openings? How many would have to cut someone already familiar with their system? What is the cost in cap space? What is his salary level? Does he fit with their offense? Does he want to play in a cold weather city? Near home? Does it matter?
  2. Watching them stock-up on talent got me to wondering what else it takes in addition. Like this... O-line, check. RBs, check. TEs, check. WRs, check (?). QB, incomplete. D-line, check. OLB, check. ILB, check. S, check(?). CB, check(?). So, is there enough talent to go 8-8? Then, what else makes you a playoff team? THEN, what else makes you a Super Bowl contender? If you put a superstar QB on this team, what record would you expect?
  3. That's a ton of young D-linemen!
  4. What he did is kneel. The fact that he did not do as YOU wanted caused YOU to embrace hatred. Why? What makes you react in that way? Seriously. How were you manipulated into this emotional reaction? At any rate, he is saying that America would be a better place if we were to actively vet and deny racists entry into the police force. Does anyone disagree with that? Does anyone think that making America greater is un-American?
  5. Hatersgonnahate...
  6. Another difference is that Tebow made zero difference in America, whereas Kaep drew attention to a serious problem.
  7. Back to speculating about (shudder) football... Let's say he signs with Seattle & by happenstance gets to be the starter for (let's say) half the season. What about his on-field play has you thinking he would be successful? Unsuccessful? What are his winning / losing attributes as far as the NFL goes?
  8. LOL!
  9. I have a tangential question for those who would like to address it. Who taught you to be patriotic?
  10. Dan, are there racist cops in America? Why?
  11. I speak out whenever possible. I volunteer all around town. My life is devoted to serving. My bank account is largely depleted. Unfortunately, my impacted is not national.
  12. I dunno if it's "dirty". He DOES seem to be focused in that direction. Kudos!
  13. Yes. If a player is good enough, they will put up with ANY crap. IMO, though, this isn't crap, and people should acknowledge that instead of spinning it, including the filthy rich white NFL owners.
  14. As seen elsewhere in this thread, I couldn't disagree more. The hallmark of a hero is to stand up for people and principles, such as "Justice for All", without regard for personal cost. EVERYONE in America, be they a Mexican starting quarterback or white carpet installer, should take a stand against racism. Everyone!
  15. Nick Mangold?