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  1. I'd say yes, with emphasis on "potential".
  2. Pretty sure we are destined to disagree forever, LOL. At any rate, I like RG3 & think there was a marked upgrade in his play from start of the season to the end. It wasn't an overnight process to retool his game. Give Hue credit for "coaching him up". IMO, there is a better than 50-50 chance he is our starter come September.
  3. My $.02 on the draft / QBs... (and it might even be worth that much, maybe) If I could acquire Garoppolo for a second + future 3 + 4, I would do it. I would not trade a first rounder. I would add him to Kessler / RG3, and give him first opportunity as a starter. If he wasn't available for that price, I'd add a veteran & live with what we got. In free agency, I would try to add OL talent, for depth if nothing else. In the draft, I would take Garrett and DBs primarily. I could see drafting a C in round 2 / top of 3. IMO, we don't need a RB or WR & the TEs will go too high. BTW, if I am reading them right, the chances of actually using 1.01 are less than 1 in 3. Its value is wildly inflated & they will take advantage of that.
  4. C'mon. Get serious. I said the NFL is the consummate team game. No one-man-show can win because every passer needs a receiver. Every offense needs a defense. Every on-sides kick need a recoverer. I said nothing about "one HOF caliber player". Please show me how it's not a team game.
  5. Yes. Especially when he recovered the on-side kick & returned the pick-6!
  6. I can't imagine a Super Bowl winning team that has JUST a HOF QB. The NFL is the consummate team game.
  7. Really? Wentz threw for 16 tds, 14 ints and 79.3 rating. Would you accept that sort of performance from a Browns QB? Seriously, what part of that says "franchise qb"? (aside from the grass being greener elsewhere...)
  8. Yeah. That struck me, too. A lot of mediocrity. I think the QBs bust higher because teams reach for them. Also, I think the true franchise QBs are taken 1.01, so any conclusions should be drawn after eliminating that pick from the pool.
  9. I heard that the head coach had taken over the defense mid-way through the season. If true, it only makes sense that they wouldn't be retained.
  10. Or maybe a bad snap or holding penalty like on the pass play. Things DO go wrong, but not during post-game hindsight. That's 20-20. (BTW, when I said "limited hindsight", I meant it was only being used for 3 plays. Sorry. I was unclear on that.)
  11. So, let me see if I understand... The seven pages of 250 posts is all about the hindsight involved in 3-4 plays, and the possibility of accomplishing better results. You choose to name it "situational awareness". I call it limited hindsight. You choose to specify 3 plays that you could have changed to something you assume would yield better results and therefore acclaim Shanahan a "moron". Seems pretty myopic to me.
  12. If they had been successful, gained a first-and-goal, then fumbled a hand-off, would you be criticizing the play-calling? Would you be saying, "They should have knelt at the 5"?
  13. My $.02... If you think a team should kneel three times & take a FG attempt instead of playing football, you're nuts. The difference between the first half & the second was the pressure put on Brady. They ran out of gas because NE had so many more snaps. First half Brady was the goat, after the game he's proclaimed GOAT. It all came down to pressure. (And, since sacks are a QB's fault, I guess he took some smart pills at halftime.)
  14. Ga-pod-a-wund!!!
  15. I tried to talk sense to people during the last election. Most of them didn't care about sense. This thread reinforces the conclusion that people vary widely in their ability to comprehend reality, but it doesn't stop them from posting.