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  1. It seems that you're asking if a workhorse back is likely to get more touches by himself or in RBBC. The answer to that should be obvious to all. On the other hand, if the committee already existed, adding a quality RB may or may not affect his touches. In fact, his touches might increase due to a more prolific offense.
  2. This. Then add in the fact that other people are going to give you trouble just because of your status, money, fame. It's a minefield.
  3. Here's the deal... As fans, we want to jump up & down and shout from the rooftops that OBJ is a Brown. We want to celebrate, to brag. We got a QB that is a winner and doesn't leave you wondering about his attitude -- he's ALL IN! We want OBJ to be that so we can jump on his bandwagon without any worries. Too bad he's not that kind of guy. We would love him!
  4. The few highlight clips I saw made him stand out as a guy who diagnoses quickly & reacts athletically. Looked fast & physical. ETA: this clip
  5. Agreed. I didn't mean to imply that all have equally good chances. There are flaws on every team. I would count out MIA, & CIN. NYJ, BUF, JAX, & DEN have improved but probably not enough. OAK made lots of moves, I dunno. Everybody else, IMO, has a decent shot. NE, BAL, PIT, CLE, HOU, IND, TEN, KC, LAC.
  6. I don't care about the past, either, but there are 9-10 playoff teams in the AFC right now. Let's win the division!
  7. daveR


    So, part 2 of this discussion goes like this... Where do the tiers break? How many truly belong in the "double-digit wins" tier? Who belongs in the ".500 more or less" tier? Who belongs in "will not sniff 8-8"?
  8. This story from ESPN has their NFL beat writers predicting each team's final record. I know everyone's optimistic this time of year, but collectively they have the league at +66 wins. YEESH! Having said that, there is tons of fodder for optimists, and lots of potential around the league. A couple that stand out: TEN at 11-5, unlikely; MIA 4-12, probable; INDY 11-5, maybe. 14 teams are predicted to have double-digit wins!
  9. Anytime there is a rule that mandates anything, there must be a penalty attached. In this case, the commish should be required to know & follow all the rules. If he circumvents a rules, even unintentionally, he needs to be penalized. There should never be a league in existence where the commish doesn't know the rules thoroughly. That's his job!
  10. I can see where this might be a result of vetoing unbalanced trades (something I disdain).
  11. IMO, the HOF is for "the best of the best", so whenever this question arises, I ask myself if said player was ever the best at his position during his era. This usually weeds out the stat-compilers. On the other end of the spectrum are the "shooting stars" -- the guys like Charles who put up some spectacular numbers over a very short time frame (Bo Jackson comes to mind). I'm never sure if it's right to extrapolate or not.
  12. IMO, the commish or AC shouldn't get involved unless collusion is obvious. A lop-sided deal is still a deal. However, if someone asks them for advice AS AN OWNER, no problem, inasmuch as they also wear that hat.
  13. Right. The report seems to say that they wouldn't part with anything of significance, like their #1 or Buckner. I can see why Gettleman might think he was getting nowhere there.