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  1. No problem with XFinity. I will say my speeds INCREASED when I purchased my own modem. Best decision.
  2. Last night was the perfect example of what I don't like. After Miss Monster sings, Nicole makes her guess. When its time for the reveal, she magically changes her guess to the correct person. Thicke follows suit. That has happened a few times. Three celebrity crushes on last night. Leah hasn't aged as well as Nicole and Jenny though. Loved her on King of Queens.
  3. Oh my bad. I thought you were only discussing buying a modem. I assumed most everyone has their own router already. I had the same payback discussion years ago. But buying your own equipment is the way to go without question.
  4. $300?? I bought the Arris SB6183 for $60 on Amazon and it is amazing. No phone connection though.
  5. Give the free trial a shot. I did and found my stream to be a bit jumpy. Watching basketball was a nightmare.
  6. Prilosec Costco brand much cheaper. Take one pill each morning for 14 days and then you're good for a few months.
  7. First 2 episodes were great television. Then, as I said earlier, it seemed to go downhill after Bateman left being in front of and behind the camera. I'm not so sure I will love the ending either, but the wife and I are committed.
  8. I've come to the realization that certain people are just how they are. They feel it's ok to discuss things they find relevant. But choose to mock or make light of things they find irrelevant. They are also the same people who are right about everything and, if you disagree, you're wrong. There is no sense even acknowledging people like that. They are set in their ways.
  9. It made me very groggy. I was literally leaning on my wife throughout the airport. I stick to Dramamine for planes. Won't attempt a ride. But I am very sensitive.