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  1. MSU got completely screwed over. 8 Big Ten teams made it. Most by any conference. Yet the champ gets weak 2 seed? Beat a very good Michigan team three times. Very hard to do. Won the Big Ten regular reason Won the Big Ten tourney. And two ACC teams that both LOST in their conference semis get 1 seeds?!? Then, to add insult to injury, you put them with Duke? That's basically saying you're the weakest 2 seed. Absolute joke.
  2. His tweet about the Cowboys is fantastic!
  3. I could find many things I would rather spend that kind of money on. Seems like a ridiculous price to pay.
  4. Or instead of drafting a TE at #8, if only we had a guy like Ebron on the roster. I don't care how many drops he had.....he was 1000x's better than what they rolled out at TE last year. The only good thing is a part of his contract allowed them to trade for snacks.
  5. I don't mind the signing. 1 year deal. But what I don't like is the tunnel vision toward former Patriots. If former Patriots were any good, they wouldn't be former Patriots.
  6. Looking at the same setup except still toying with Hulu instead of Sling. The HBO free through AT&T was a nice find on this thread. Would really like to follow up on how this setup is working for you.
  7. After reading this thread earlier, I signed up for free HBO though AT&T/DirectTV today. I'm upset I've missed out on this for so long.
  8. She still has two dragons? I thought she only had one?
  9. I had a kid tell me "your trash". I had to correct his grammar.
  10. This looks horrible. Absolutely horrible. Ledger was The Joker in my opinion. At the very least, saying he was overrated is ridiculous.
  11. The color blind issue is a big problem for me. Can't see crap. I've tried adjusting the settings as well.
  12. Paid $95 to adopt a 4 year old black lab when my wife and I got married. Best return on investment ever.