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  1. My wife reminded me there was 5 days between when she was in contact and when she was tested. My mistake. Still didn't realize that was the case. I assumed wrong.
  2. I took my daughter to get tested the day after another lifeguard tested positive earlier this summer and she was back at work a few days later. They all were.
  3. I have a Panasonic ST60 plasma in my basement. I recently bought a LG C9 for my front room. The plasma easily gets image retention watching CNN or playing Call of Duty. But it goes away quickly. Knock on wood, I haven't seen any image retention on the C9. I've been impressed.
  4. I always thought if you had it, you tested positive. Symptom took days to appear. IF it takes days for the virus to show up in your system (and test positive), then I have misunderstood this virus all along.
  5. With no practice until Saturday, I don't see how they can play a game this week at all.
  6. Watched the first episode of Kingdom. I thought it was ok. How many episodes should I give it?
  7. Picked him up off waivers this week and plugged him in over Gurley. He does look good.
  8. I don't remember ever hating a group in power as much as I do this one. Outside of Tyler, I don't care for any of them. Memphis is the biggest tool of them all. He thinks he is so cool and in control. Watch how much they all cry when they finally start going on the block.
  9. Whoa, hold on. I am not defending Quinn at all. Quinn is worse than Patricia at his job. I mean, it's Quinn who brought him here and let 9-7 Caldwell go. That being said, yeah, the Lions have more talent than the Jets and it's not even close in my opinion.
  10. To me, Gase has no talent to work with. Patricia does.
  11. I'm worried. The Vikings look to be horrible. And he isn't being used in the passing game despite being down so much.
  12. Well they lost, so I would say they did need him.
  13. It's still Patricia and Quinn as the worst Coach/GM combo. Caldwell fired after back-to-back 9-7 season. Patricia has 9 wins total. Quinn has decimated this team. The defensive "guru" Patricia has one of the worst defenses in the league.
  14. I can't stand any of the people mentioned in the article. Doesn't surprise me one bit. They seem like horrible people.