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  1. Dan was the best. Only player to make it to final two twice. That's impressive. When people know how you owned your first season yet allowed you to do it to them a second time is amazing.
  2. Ummmm.....he plays for the best offense in football. ?? Maybe Baltimore is #1 against the run, but the opportunities are still there to score points.
  3. I'm concerned. Only because I feel he sees this as his chance to plant his flag and maybe he's pushing to play when he shouldn't. As an owner, I want to see him become the #1 in this offense. But hurt against a tough Raven defense isn't ideal.
  4. My daughter even realized how dumb Cliff sounded. "Hey, our agreement was you're going to take me to the final two, right? Because I'm not going to do the same with you. Just wanted to let you know....I'm taking Nicole." Wow
  5. Running backs LeSean McCoy (ankle) and Damien Williams (knee) did not practice for the Chiefs to start the week on Wednesday. Before practice Andy Reid was asked about the two backs’ participation: “McCoy might do a little bit, but Damien won’t.” This says a lot to me. There appears to be no pause. "Damien won't". Sounds like it's not good.
  6. Yeah I agree. A few friends and I used to play these when they were plain, vanilla games. This looks like it's going back to the basics and I'm ok with that.
  7. Can't recall this many QB issues after only two weeks. Dropping like flies.
  8. I do. She has won nearly as much as him and did it without being a scumbag. It's more about who will vote against him than who will for vote for the others.
  9. Nicole chose to listen to Cliff and not her gut. And now Cliff will hopefully pay for it. I'm rooting for Nicole and I think she will get the win. "Y'ALL!!
  10. I don't need anyone to tell me.......he seems like a complete jerk. And I'm tired of the "Y'ALL". Shut it. I would hope Holly will get over him as soon as she realizes how immature he is. There is no way he wins even if he did play the best game. Nobody on the jury seems to care for him which speaks volumes. And now the lie about Tommy.
  11. They did? I thought Brown was in and Gurley was shown riding a bike and walking the sideline.